Flash Friday: Surrender

Flash Friday:  Surrender

It occurred to me recently that aside from my blog posts, I’m not really giving you much of my writing.  So I decided to start a Flash Friday.  We’re gonna try this monthly and if all goes well and y’all like it, maybe I’ll try for twice a month.  These will be picture prompts.  If there is a song that I couldn’t help but play repeatedly while writing, I’ll include it in the post too.  In 1,000 words or less, I’ll attempt to suck your eyeballs out of the sockets and glue them to your computer screen with an intriguing story.  Sound good?  And I’d LOVE to hear your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Song:  Twilight Galaxy


I open my eyes to blackness.  Blindfolded.  The rope bites into my wrists.  Oh God.  My nightshirt has been removed, leaving me in nothing but a bra and panties.  Drafts blowing in through the window prickle my skin with goose bumps.  Chills travel the length of my spine.  A sense of dread consumes me.  Not again.

“Calix?”  My voice reverberates off of the empty walls.  Dead silence echoes back.  “Answer me, damn you!”

I wriggle against my binds, kicking my feet that have been left untethered.  It’s no use, the restraints are as immovable as my captor.  I fall back on my pillow and attempt to calm the frantic thrumming of my heart.  He’s found me.

“I’m sorry, love.  You’re far too irresistible.”  The voice that carries through the air is deep, and its sultry nature carouses me like a potent wine.

I hear his footfalls across the floor.  My breathing hastens.  Panic sets in and I tug at the rope.  Strong hands clasp my arm, silently commanding me to stop moving.  I can’t help but comply.  Struggling against him is futile.

A delicious smell pervades my senses; musk and manly.  Mouthwatering.  Fingertips skim the length of my arm and I writhe at his touch.

“It’s been too long since I’ve had my hands on you.  I’ve forgotten how soft your skin feels.”

His finger traces the contours of my body.  My muscles tighten.  Down, down to my legs and I pull my knees together when he reaches my inner thigh.  His hand lodges between them, fighting against me.  “Perhaps I should have tied your ankles as well.”

“Let me go!”  The rope nips me once again with my struggle.

He chuckles.

“You promised!”

“You want me to leave, kitten?”


Having him stay with me guarantees pleasure the likes of which I will never know with another human being.  But Calix isn’t human.  He is a master at his craft; amply equipped to satisfy.  An incubus.  Spawn from the depths of hell; his sole purpose:  to satiate his wicked desires.

“Leave – “  My voice trails off.  He’s loosened the binds, setting my wrists free from the ropes.  But I’m still imprisoned by his strong grip.  Pinning my arms above my head, I feel him climb over me.

I turn away and whimper when his lips find my neck.  Warm breath falls light against my sensitive skin.  Fight it. Much as I want to resist him, I know what he’s capable of and it’s been far too long since I’ve felt this.   The consequences frighten me, but the aching need welling inside of me battles in protest. 

Touch me.

Sating him means sacrificing my life.  Denying him is perpetual torment.

His fingertips slip beneath my blindfold.  I grab his arm.  “No.”  My tone is flat and his body turns rigid.  I move up onto my elbows.  “My way or it ends now.”

“Don’t you want to look into my eyes, baby?”

Oh those beautiful eyes.  I can already see them; piercing blue that penetrate to the very core of my soul.  That is, after all, what he hopes to take with him.  My soul, trapped in his netherworld existence.  “No.”

“Very well,” he says, slipping back to the crook of my neck.  “For now.”  I feel his voice rumble against my throat and I tilt my head back.  He moves up my body.  The silver chain draped around his neck tickles while it dangles over my breasts.  The stubble of his cheek grazes my taut skin, inciting a shiver.  Only inches from my face, his mouth taunts me, light as a butterfly’s wing.

Kiss me. 

My lips part, melding with his and he feasts on them like a ripe fruit.  He dips his tongue to deepen the kiss.  I lie back against the pillow, dizzy with want.

Pulling away, he begins his descent.  Down my neck, between my breasts, his tongue follows the path to my navel.  I bite my lip, a faint moan escapes me.  Mmmmm.  He pauses and smiles against my skin.  My pulse quickens with panting breaths of anticipation when his teeth find the delicate fabric of my panties.  The sound of tearing makes my stomach clench.

A wave of terror washes over me.

“Calix, wait.”

“Not a chance.”  He continues.

I reach for his hand already poised to resist me.

Scrambling from beneath him, I remove my blindfold and kick back against the wall.

He crawls toward me like a voracious lion stalking prey.  His gorgeous face brands my memory: spikes of black hair and perilous eyes that carve into me.  “Come with me, Ava.  Let me take you away from all of this.”

My heart hammers.  His words beckon tears.  “Dr. Pierce says you’re nothing but a figment of my imagination.”

He smiles his haunting, crooked smile.  “Am I?”

“She told me to focus.  The hallucinations will disappear.”  I squint then open my eyes.

He prowls forward.  “I’m not going anywhere, love.”

“Please, Calix.”  Placing my hand against his chest, I force myself to look away from those eyes.  I focus on the small window and the white walls that encase the two of us together in this silent tomb.  “I want to get better.”

“You want to forget about me?”

“You’re dead.”

“I need you Ava.  Give me what I need.  And I promise to take you away from all of this pain.”

Tears spill onto my cheeks.  I glance at the door, knowing what lies on the other side:  medications; therapy; solitude; doctors; all designed to rid me of my obsession.

Here before me is a ticket to everlasting hell, coaxing me with its insatiable hunger.  There lies more.

I catch his eyes that shimmer in the moon’s light streaming through the window – a promise.  I slide down beneath his bare muscled chest.

His hand caresses my cheek.  “I’ve missed you.” He whispers in my ear.

I close my eyes and slip away.

Take me.


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  1. Colin F. Barnes September 30, 2011 at 8:10 am

    HI Keri,

    I liked this very much, the twist is superb and really added another layer to an already well written story. I look forward to reading more of your work.


  2. jabelfield September 30, 2011 at 8:31 am

    Whoa! This is pretty intense, lady. I love the setting and the way it wasn’t revealed until the end, which then made the reader want to encourage her to just go with him, dammit. Even he–despite being a hellish-spawn–is extremely enticing and commands the reader to pay attention as well as your MC. And you were worried about your intimate scenes in Halos? Damn, woman, you’re worrying over nothing. :)

  3. Sarah Allen September 30, 2011 at 8:36 am

    Wow Keri! This is amazing! And the paranormal aspect has me so intrigued!! Great job!

  4. Krista Walsh September 30, 2011 at 9:41 am

    Mission accomplished, eyes glued to screen. Disappointing that it was limited to 1000 words, because I could have stuck around for 1000 more. Would definitely be interested in reading more of your work, Keri!

    • Keri September 30, 2011 at 10:01 am

      Thank you Krista :) I will be posting these monthly! Would love to have you come visit me again! Thanks so much for your feedback….very much appreciated :)

  5. Angela Addams September 30, 2011 at 10:46 am

    Very gripping! Well done…I too, loved the twist at the end.

  6. T. James September 30, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    Hot, sensual, and written so much better than some, “He took his **** and rammed etc.”
    I don’t usually read ‘sexy’ stuff, not my thing, but there was enough subtly and finesse in the writing that it was engaging. Breaking with the stereotype of ‘romance’ writing, it was also intelligently done.

    I’m looking forward to your next bit of writing…

    • Keri September 30, 2011 at 12:41 pm

      Thank you TJ! I’d say romance has it’s challenges in keeping some originality. Glad I could snag someone outside of the genre ;) I look forward to seeing your comments on future posts! Thank you m’dear, much appreciated!

  7. Ren Warom September 30, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    Superb piece of subtle erotica. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I also can’t resist a demon. Yum.

  8. Kelly Said October 1, 2011 at 9:37 am

    Wow, I really enjoyed reading this. I think you created a most successful piece of flash fiction, because you built a world that I could instantly immerse myself in, a world with characters I want to folllow for much longer than your 1k limit. Most excellent ending, it left me wanting to turn the virtual page – awesome work! And at first, I questioned how she knew he was wearing a silver chain (btw, GREAT pic at the top of your post), because she was blindfolded, but as I continued reading, I realized that this isn’t the first time she’s seen him. :) You pulled me in from the first line and held me captivated until the last sentence. Wow, now I really can’t wait to check out Halos! ^_^

    • Keri October 1, 2011 at 9:15 pm

      Thank you Kelly :) So glad you liked it! Yes, you’re right, she has seen him before and knows every inch of him ;)
      The 1K limit was tough…believe me, I had WAY too much fun writing this one. Lol Thanks so much for stopping by and mucho thanks for leaving a comment!!

  9. T. Crosby October 2, 2011 at 9:07 am

    Hot hot hot!!! WANT MOAR!!!!! Loved the twist and your words read like butter. Lovely.

  10. Nomar Knight October 4, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    This is awesome! Such a sweet and sexy read! You rock! Keep them coming.

  11. N.B. Charles August 30, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Positively, brilliant, as usual. Well done. When is your next book coming out? :)

  12. Timitra August 27, 2015 at 7:39 pm

    Wow! I need more asap


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