Flash Fiction – Imprisoned

Flash Fiction – Imprisoned

So if you follow my blog then you know I’ve been working on a new series titled SONS OF WRATH.  I wrote a flash piece a while back that inspired two of the characters in the series, Calix & Ava, titled SURRENDER.  Last fall, I wrote this flash story, which gave rise to two more SoW characters. Gavius is one of my favorites to write.  He’s smart and urbane, but can be fierce at times.  Poor guy, I think I’ve tormented him the most.  I’ll make it up to him…eventually.

I always feel bad for leaving my characters hanging

Here is the song that I played while writing this piece:  HERE WE NEVER DIE


Chains rattled against the impenetrable walls.  His muscles flexed, attempting to break the steel links.  Futile. This wasn’t typical steel; it had been designed specifically with his breed in mind:  wrath demons.  So many things I would do to her right now.  Curses echoed throughout the cold, damp cell.  He called out her name.  “Sabelle!”


Smooth satin brushed light against her slender legs as she stretched and yawned.  Images of the night before ran through her mind: his violet eyes, gazing heavy-lidded and drunk off her relentless teasing.  The first time she’d ever seen her demon so tempered.  She squirmed at the memory of his tongue tracing her inner thigh.  A pleasured moan passed her lips.

Seducing a wrath demon wasn’t easy, particularly a high-rolling one like Gavius.  But the moment her raging alpha set foot inside her home, Sabelle knew he’d be in her bed by evening’s end.  She’d worn a white, cotton sundress; the one that would shred every bit of his restraint.  That is, after all, what she’d hoped for; a demon unrestrained.  Purity and innocence were unconquerable temptations for Gavius.  The very thought put a smile on her face.

It would be hours before she’d see him again.  I miss you, Love.

Sucking in a deep breath, Sabelle slid off the edge of her bed.  Long, auburn locks cascaded over her bare shoulders.  With a lazy saunter, she made her way to the bathroom and turned on the shower.  Plumes of steam rose over the top of the curtain, leaving her anxious to step inside.  Rivulets of water trickled down like the touch of fingertips across her skin.  Sabelle’s palms followed their wet trail, roaming her body as she imagined Gavius’ strong, naked form filling the recesses of her every curve; his lips at the nape of her neck.  Mmmmm.  The scent of jasmine permeated the room.  A lingering sensation of his kiss incited a shiver against the warmth of the spray.


Gavius writhed against his binds, more enraged by the minute.  This woman, infiltrating his mind with her sexy little body, drove him to madness.  “Where are you Sabelle?!  Free me!”  Flames licked his face; wrath rising inside of him with the passing of time.  She’d taunted him with that white dress; playing his desires like a wily feline with a ball of catnip.  How could I be so foolish? 

He’d been summoned by Sabelle – a request that he was not permitted to refuse.  Business.  But one glance at her perilous beauty is all it took to own him.  A pawn for her pleasure.  He cursed himself for being so weak.  Those toned thighs, begging for his tongue.  Long, flaming hair and that delicious scent – flowers and her very own irresistible nectar of lust and summer sweat.  A drug, anesthetizing his senses.  Exquisite.  He’d come undone the moment she touched him; reason and logic giving way to an intense hunger for gratification.  I will have you.


Sitting at her desk, Sabelle stared off at the spreadsheet flickering on the screen.  She’d constructed a complicated little matrix of numbers that would surely impress administration.  Not that she cared to impress them.  Her true passion didn’t come in the form of calculations and politics.

His face flashed in her mind.  Gavius.  Dangerous eyes, a striking contrast to his ink-black hair. Intricate demon script, tattooed with expert precision up his arm and neck.  Cords of muscle, contracting with every movement, forced her to cross her long legs.  Visions of licking those muscles made her stomach clench; the salty flavor of his sweat on her tongue.  The wait was tortuous.  Tonight.  I promise you. 


The door of her apartment burst open.  Sabelle rushed to deposit her workbag and purse onto the console table.  Alone with him at last.  She raced up the stairs to her bedroom, removing heels, stockings, her skirt and blouse along the way.  I’m coming.  Donning nothing but a simple white t-shirt, she closed her eyes and breathed deep to calm the flutter of her heart.  Her demon awaited her.


Gavius hung limp from the chains, eyes rolled back as he rubbed his horns against the steel, imagining Sabelle’s hands wrapped around the sensitive base of them.  His resolve crumbled with her expert fondling.  Will she come back to me tonight?

Light footfalls broke him.  He lifted his head, catching sight of her willowy frame in the shadows.  A surge of electricity rocked his body.  Rage?  Desire?  No! Not after what she’s done to me.  Her skin glistened in the moonlight; soft and smooth.  Tantalizing.  His fangs, fully protracted, grit together with angry snarls.  Mine.  A sweet scent quickly abated the storm battling inside his bones.

Sabelle approached with cautious steps.  He jumped against his chains that held tight, tearing into his thick flesh.  Blood trickled at his wrists.  Placing a gentle palm against his chest, she grabbed hold of his horn with her other hand.  Growls rumbled in his throat and gave way to a harsh groan.  Tighter.  Her touch, pure ecstasy.

Warm breath tickled his ear as she whispered.  “Don’t be mad at me baby.”

“Release me Sabelle.”  His voice was ragged.

A grin flirted across her lips.  “I promise Love.”

“You will let me go now woman!”  He bellowed; a blend of fury and pain in his eyes.

“Never forget that I can erase you from this world.”  Strong words, considering she was desperate to sate him.  So irresistible.  Sabelle leaned into his body, lightly petting his exposed skin.  She began grinding her hips against him.  He pulled tight against the chains, undulating with her.  Planting open-mouthed kisses on his chest, she drifted down to his chiseled abs and onto her knees.  “Are you ready?”

“Yes.  Please.”  He beseeched.  Restless, Gavius bucked against the wall, the rhythm of his temper beating out a slow and steady percussion.  Words, sexy and seductive, detailed the many things he would do to her.

The intoxicating echo of his voice swirled in her mind, filling the blank void.  Dizziness swept over her.  She smiled.  A shiver traveled her spine.  More.  She stroked him, slow and deliberate.

Gavius, content with her ministrations, purred in her ear all the while.  So good. 

With every caress, her demon’s chains dissolved to dust, unleashing him.  The images pervading her mind, so vivid and real, made her greedy for more.  Quickening her pace, she worked him gradually to fever pitch.

His body tensed.  Don’t stop.  The finale, so close.

With abrupt disconnect that shattered his concentration, Sabelle paused and glanced down at her watch.

“No!  No!”  Gavius thrashed.  “I need to finish!”  His jaw clenched; eyes, wild with need.  “Finish me!”

Sabelle sighed.  “I have to get up early for work.”  Nibbling her bottom lip, she stared off for a moment.  Almost finished though. 

Sabelle, Gavius’ calmed voice resonated inside her thoughts.  Please.

“Screw it.”  She expelled a forced breath and shook her head.  Her fingertips hovered, teasing, before she finally picked up where she’d left off.

Gavius fell back into reverie, his blissful moans urging her toward completion.

Tension mounted.  His whispers hastened.  Yes.  That’s it.  Keep going. 

A fortissimo of his release spilled into her hands, the relief overwhelming.  At the last stroke, her breath hitched, admiring what she’d done.  A masterpiece.

Gavius stilled, quieted; Sabelle’s beloved muse, sated.  She had finally finished.

Your pleasure is mine.

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  1. Krista Walsh (@krista_walsh) April 12, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    As usual, Keri, your work leaves me breathless. In Sabelle’s first paragraph alone, every description was like silk – sensual and perfect. Simple artistry.

  2. Raelyn Barclay April 13, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    Love it! And I so can’t wait to read more :)


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