Snippet: A Night in Obsidius

October 4, 2013 in Flash & Shorts, General, Sons of Wrath: Soul Avenged, Sons of Wrath: Soul Resurrected - Leave a reply

With the upcoming release of Soul Resurrected, I thought I’d share the snippet that I wrote for J.A. Belfield’s stop on the Soul Avenged Blog Tour last February.  For those who may not yet be familiar with the story, Obsidius is the much-feared prison in the demon realm where tortures and punishments are doled, mostly by these big scary ass Enforcer demons.  Even the toughest supes have nightmares about this place. Read more…


September 19, 2013 in Flash & Shorts, General, Sons of Wrath: Soul Resurrected, Updates - 8 comments

Based on a request from one of my lovely readers, I haz decided to share an excerpt from Soul Resurrected.

The book releases October 31, 2013.

In the meantime you can add it to your Goodreads shelf:


Enjoy! Read more…

Sons of Wrath #2 Snippet

May 6, 2013 in Flash & Shorts, General, Sons of Wrath: Soul Resurrected - 2 comments

So as you know, I’m introducing some new characters in Sons of Wrath #2, including a couple that unexpectedly popped up in the story: Read more…

Sneaky Peek of SoW: Soul Avenged

June 22, 2012 in Flash & Shorts, General, Sons of Wrath: Soul Avenged, Writing - 4 comments

I’m pretty damn excited today for two reasons… Read more…

Flash Fiction – In Dreams

June 1, 2012 in Flash & Shorts, General, Sons of Wrath: Soul Avenged - 3 comments

As promised, here is another flash piece based on characters from my newest WiP, Soul Avenged.  I really need to do something nice for Zayne, because even though his part is small in the first book, I somehow managed to take everything away from him… Read more…

Flash Fiction – Imprisoned

Flash Fiction – Imprisoned

April 12, 2012 in Flash & Shorts, General - 4 comments

So if you follow my blog then you know I’ve been working on a new series titled SONS OF WRATH.  I wrote a flash piece a while back that inspired two of the characters in the series, Calix & Ava, titled SURRENDER.  Last fall, I wrote this flash story, which gave rise to two more SoW characters. Gavius is one of my favorites to write.  He’s smart and urbane, but can be fierce at times.  Poor guy, I think I’ve tormented him the most.  I’ll make it up to him…eventually. Read more…

Flash Fiction- Savior

December 20, 2011 in Flash & Shorts, General - 4 comments

I was going to post this as a Flash Friday, but I’ve got another post scheduled that day…so I’m going to post this now.  I absolutely love Florence and the Machine.  When I heard this song, a story instantly formed in my head.

Read more…

Short Story: Promise

October 14, 2011 in Flash & Shorts, General - 17 comments

Well, I debated whether or not I should post this short story.  It’s not pararomance.  But then I thought, what the hell?  It’s just a blogpost.  And probably more interesting than reading one of my rants!

Next, I debated how to post it.  My limit on this was 4K…it is precisely 3,997 words.  I considered breaking it up into two posts, but that didn’t really seem fair to leave a short story hangin’ like that.  So I’m posting the entire thing.  Just a warning – a few explicit words sprinkled in.

Thanks for stopping by to read!  And please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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Flash Friday:  Surrender

Flash Friday: Surrender

September 30, 2011 in Flash & Shorts, General - 25 comments

It occurred to me recently that aside from my blog posts, I’m not really giving you much of my writing.  So I decided to start a Flash Friday.  We’re gonna try this monthly and if all goes well and y’all like it, maybe I’ll try for twice a month.  These will be picture prompts.  If there is a song that I couldn’t help but play repeatedly while writing, I’ll include it in the post too.  In 1,000 words or less, I’ll attempt to suck your eyeballs out of the sockets and glue them to your computer screen with an intriguing story.  Sound good?  And I’d LOVE to hear your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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Funeral for a Fish

August 7, 2011 in Flash & Shorts, General - One comment

Throughout high school and college, I’d been given many opportunities to test my hand at nurturing.  I think it was then that I decided I should never have children.  I recall a plant given to me once – one of those hard-to-kill types.  I was delighted to see it live beyond the first week.  When the second week went by and it was still green and full of life, I figured it was time to start celebrating some milestones.  For every week that passed, I rewarded myself with a little shopping trip.  It was my incentive to keep the thing watered and happy.  I didn’t go all out, maybe a pair of shoes, a dress or some make-up.  It was always just something little to keep me wanting more, which was ultimately good for the plant.

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