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Oh man, feels like I’ve waited an eternity to release this sucker!  After the exciting cover reveal back in September, it’s been absolute torture!

And now the day has FINALLY arrived!! Read more…

Christmas Cracker Scavenger Hunt!

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Welcome to my stop on the Christmas Cracker Scavenger Hunt!! 

If this is your first stop, here’s how this is going to work:

From each of the participating blogs, you’ll collect a letter, which will form an anagram, of sorts, to something related to Christmas.  At the bottom of this post, you’ll find the link to the next stop.  Hop from blog to blog and collect the letters.  If you arrange the letters correctly and figure out the mystery word, the prizes up for grabs are: Read more…


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The book blast for SOUL ENSLAVED is over and the winners for the prize packs have been chosen by the Rafflecopter gods!

First, I just want to say thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers and readers who helped me out and who’ve stuck with this series from the very beginning.  You’re my rockstars! ❤❤❤

Okay, on to the winners … Read more…


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Not only is it Humpday—which means I have a delightfully long staff meeting to look forward to later this morning—but it’s also the start of the Read more…


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It’s October!

Know what that means??? Read more…

Make Monday Not Suck Giveaway!

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Well, in spite of the 2 hour meeting I have to look forward to later and a LONG day ahead of me, you guys managed to make my Monday pretty damn sweet.  Not only do I get to give something away (always fun!!), I get to add some hot new faces to my Eye Candy Board on Pinterest.  Yum.  Nice picks, ladies!

The winners for the Giveaway (also listed on the Rafflecopter below) are:

Linda L

Tammy D.

Congrats!!  I’ll be emailing you for shipping addresses and other details.  Thanks for making my Monday rock!


There’s just something about Mondays … ugh.  It’s that whole beginning of the week thing that has me dragging through my morning routine.  Well, I decided to do something about it, because for once, I’d like to say my Monday rocked!!

I have been running a few giveaways here and there on other blogs, but it’s been a LONG time since I offered up a giveaway on my own.

So here’s the deal … Read more…

Giveaway and Interview – #SoulAvenged

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Happy Hump Day!  To celebrate, I’m editing some pretty steamy scenes this morning for Sons of Wrath #2, so I’ll make this a quickie post …

Okay so the party is over now that the blog tour has ended, but that doesn’t mean the fun & giveaways are done!  Think you might like a signed paperback copy of Soul Avenged? Read more…

SOUL AVENGED LAUNCH DAY!! #SoulAvenged #LaunchDay

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It’s Launch Day!!

I’m so damn excited today!  First, my niece was born yesterday afternoon–Baby Jillian ❤  And second, I finally get to share the story and the tough-as-nails protagonist I’ve had chained and locked up for over a year now.  Yep, Soul Avenged is NOW AVAILABLE in both ebook and paperback! Read more…

Indie Author Giveaway

Indie Author Giveaway

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AND THE WINNER IS…. Read more…

Keri’s Friday the 13th Birthday Giveaway!!  #fridaythe13th #giveaway

Keri’s Friday the 13th Birthday Giveaway!! #fridaythe13th #giveaway

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Savannah Miller!!!

Huge thanks to all of you who participated in this giveaway.  Continue to check back for future contests and goodies.

This contest is closed.


I’m not a person who likes to make a big deal about my birthday.  At all.  But I couldn’t resist this year.  I was born on the 13th which means there’s been a COUPLE *cough* of times that my birthday has fallen on a Friday. Read more…


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