Indie Author Giveaway

Indie Author Giveaway

June 13, 2012 in BlogHop, General, Giveaways, HALOS: Somnium - 3 comments

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Just A Little Update…

May 30, 2012 in General, HALOS: Somnium, Sons of Wrath: Soul Avenged, Writing - One comment

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged…anything!  I thought, since I’ve gotten a few questions in real life, asking ‘When’s book 2 coming?’, that I should provide a little update; letcha know what’s going on in this head of mine. Read more…

Sexiest Couple Award!!

April 1, 2012 in General, HALOS: Somnium, Interviews - 2 comments

The 2nd Annual Boogity Boo Awards are going on now through the month of April over at I Smell Sheep blog.


Please stop by and vote!

Phew!  The competition is tough.  I’m truly humbled by the nomination.

The best part…

A sheep will be donated in the winning authors’ names to a third-world family through the organization, World Vision.  How cool is that?!?!

And…. If you leave a comment on the site, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $20 giftcard to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or the Book Depository.  More books!

Go go go!!!  CLICK HERE

And the Golden Halos Award Goes to…

January 23, 2012 in Fans, General, HALOS: Somnium - 7 comments

One of the toughest tasks for any author, but particularly the self-published author, is achieving ‘reach’.  We tweet, we blog, we practically shout our Facebook status and if we’re lucky, sometimes it rouses some interest in the book.  What we need is a vehicle to carry the message to the farthest edges where our voices can’t be heard.  Or better yet, many vehicles…hehehe.  Enter my best friend, Diana. Read more…

RELEASE DAY: Somnium (Halos)

December 16, 2011 in General, HALOS: Somnium, Writing - 5 comments

I had this crazy notion a few years back:  to write a book.  I’d written enough of the small stuff (flash, poetry, short stories) for a while.  It was time for a REAL commitment.  It’s so easy to find resolution by the end of a short story, but attempt that in a novel, and well, that requires a bit more than just a few minutes jotting down a storyline.  I’d written chapters, scrapped them, saved some on floppy disks somewhere.  Is there a computer in the world that can read a floppy nowadays?  This was going to be it for me.  My novel.  The one I’d publish.

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Step Inside My Head – An Author Interview

December 15, 2011 in General, HALOS: Somnium, Interviews - Leave a reply

The very awesome Colin F. Barnes, author of The City of Hell Chronicles, interviewed me on his blog and asked some very interesting questions…

Curious to know why I decided to self-publish?  What 5 books I’d like to have if stranded on a desert island?  Where I plan to be in 5 years?

Click HERE to check it out!  I’d love to know your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment.


December 9, 2011 in General, HALOS: Somnium - 4 comments

I remember when I was little, I had a book of addresses to different companies that I could have, what I considered prizes, sent to me (though most mothers would probably consider it junk).  It was completely centered around the experience of receiving something in the mail.  And we all know how much kids LOVE to get mail.  It’s sad that such excitement changes over time…those letters from cousins, cards from grandma and stray Christmas presents from loved ones across the country suddenly morph into the mortgage bill, a summary of winter taxes due, the water bill, the plethora of magazines you never signed up for but mysteriously get sent anyway, etc. etc.  The shine of getting mail begins to dull.

And then you publish your first book…

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They’re Here!!!

November 28, 2011 in General, HALOS: Somnium - 4 comments

So I’m sitting here at my computer earlier this afternoon when I hear a knock at the door.  Who the hell?  I get up to check and see nothing through the front door window.  So I open the door.  There, on my front porch is a medium-sized box.  Now, I just went crazy over the weekend with Black Friday purchases…but this is a bit too early to be expecting any of THOSE goodies.

My heart begins to pick up the pace.  I check the return address to confirm my suspicions.  Yep.

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Halos Somnium Book Trailer!

November 26, 2011 in General, HALOS: Somnium - 8 comments

I think it’s pretty safe to say that a book trailer is one of the thrilling moments of publishing a book.  You condense everything you’ve written into one enticing little preview. It’s a moment, aside from actually holding a copy in your hands, when the book becomes more than just an idea that you’ve written on paper.  It becomes a vision of so many other things.  A visual representation of something you’ve created.  Like a movie that’s been playing out in your head the last few months (years) on display for everyone else to see.

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November 16, 2011 in Cover Reveal, General, HALOS: Somnium - 3 comments

Okay…so every time I think I’m going to post one of my flash stories, there’s a new development with my book!  And this one has been very difficult to sit on because I’ve been dying to show you the cover. 

Somnium is going to be available in paperback and e-book.  The wraparound cover for the paperback is pretty darn awesome too!  I had two designers on this that did one kick ass job:  my brother, Ryan, and Nick from Everything Indie.  If you haven’t yet checked out Nick’s site, you must:


And here is my lovely (which is a little bit difficult to see against the background of the website): 

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