Flash Fiction – In Dreams

June 1, 2012 in Flash & Shorts, General, Sons of Wrath: Soul Avenged - 3 comments

As promised, here is another flash piece based on characters from my newest WiP, Soul Avenged.  I really need to do something nice for Zayne, because even though his part is small in the first book, I somehow managed to take everything away from him… Read more…

Funeral for a Fish

August 7, 2011 in Flash & Shorts, General - One comment

Throughout high school and college, I’d been given many opportunities to test my hand at nurturing.  I think it was then that I decided I should never have children.  I recall a plant given to me once – one of those hard-to-kill types.  I was delighted to see it live beyond the first week.  When the second week went by and it was still green and full of life, I figured it was time to start celebrating some milestones.  For every week that passed, I rewarded myself with a little shopping trip.  It was my incentive to keep the thing watered and happy.  I didn’t go all out, maybe a pair of shoes, a dress or some make-up.  It was always just something little to keep me wanting more, which was ultimately good for the plant.

Read more…


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