The Last Day of 2011

December 31, 2011 in General, Writing - One comment

Weeelllll, I know there’s a lot of these reflective posts going around, but hey, a lot’s happened this year for some of us…monumental events that we’ll never forget as long as we live (unless we end up suffering from some medical affliction that makes us forget and in that case, better to have written it down somewhere).  Besides, I’m a writer.  I love to ramble on paper.

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RELEASE DAY: Somnium (Halos)

December 16, 2011 in General, HALOS: Somnium, Writing - 5 comments

I had this crazy notion a few years back:  to write a book.  I’d written enough of the small stuff (flash, poetry, short stories) for a while.  It was time for a REAL commitment.  It’s so easy to find resolution by the end of a short story, but attempt that in a novel, and well, that requires a bit more than just a few minutes jotting down a storyline.  I’d written chapters, scrapped them, saved some on floppy disks somewhere.  Is there a computer in the world that can read a floppy nowadays?  This was going to be it for me.  My novel.  The one I’d publish.

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Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark

July 24, 2011 in General, Writing - 2 comments

Following a bit of a hiatus, I’m back to blogging.

In a previous post, I discussed my indecision about which route I’d like to take for publishing my HALOS manuscript.  Sorry to say, I’m still undecided weeks later.  But while I continue to toil away at edits and attempt to create a social network following, I’ve also been reading blog after blog, and discussing the pros and cons of each route with a variety of personalities.  Recently, I came across this blog post:  Don’t Throw In The Towel:  E-pub/Self-Pub is Not The Easy Fix  written by Scott Eagan, an agent of Greyhaus Literary Agency.

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