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I’ve got some prrreeeetty exciting news about Soul Avenged … Read more…

Sharing The Love ❤

February 4, 2014 in General - 2 comments

If you’re not from Michigan, then you probably don’t know how f**king C.O.L.D. it can get here.  I mean, eyes-watering-then-turning-your-eyelashes-to-icicles cold.  Look at this, taken just last week: Read more…

Winners of the Soul Resurrected Tour-Wide Giveaway!!!

December 7, 2013 in General - 4 comments

Awwww man!!

The Soul Resurrected blog tour is just about over.  {{insert pouty face}}

BUT … the fun is still ongoing!  The last stop is December 10th over at Close Encounters of the Night Kind where I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of both Soul Avenged and Soul Resurrected.

Yes, the tour-wide giveaway is over and I’ll be announcing the winner below. Read more…


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Not only is it Humpday—which means I have a delightfully long staff meeting to look forward to later this morning—but it’s also the start of the Read more…


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Happy Halloween!!

I don’t know what it is about release day … it’s like having a second and third birthday throughout the year—and oddly enough, NEVER GETS OLD.

Today SOUL RESURRECTED, the second book in my Sons of Wrath series, releases on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and will soon be available on Kobo and other channels as well.  Nab a copy in ebook and/or print: Read more…

Contest & Signed Paperbacks

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Hello lovelies! The date is getting closer and closer!!

This week, I’ve been busy cranking out some Wrath brother snippets and other fun posts for the upcoming Soul Resurrected blog tour. I’m also prepping the questions for the big scavenger hunt. So excited!! Man, October, I must say, is probably one of my favorite months. So that brings me to the actual release of Soul Resurrected … Read more…

Snippet: A Night in Obsidius

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With the upcoming release of Soul Resurrected, I thought I’d share the snippet that I wrote for J.A. Belfield’s stop on the Soul Avenged Blog Tour last February.  For those who may not yet be familiar with the story, Obsidius is the much-feared prison in the demon realm where tortures and punishments are doled, mostly by these big scary ass Enforcer demons.  Even the toughest supes have nightmares about this place. Read more…

Feeling Brave: Vlog #2

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So in preparation for an upcoming vlog scheduled during the tour, I decided to do a practice run.  Here’s a few updates and uh … hopefully I don’t sound like a complete ass.  By the way, what cruel and twisted being decides on the thumbnails for these damn things? Read more…


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It’s October!

Know what that means??? Read more…


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I had a whole intro in mind for this post …

Ya know, something along the lines of how few things are more exciting than seeing your characters come to life.

Blah blah blah.

NOTHING I would’ve said could’ve possibly trumped the absolute coolness of what lies below. Read more…

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