Ballistic (A Vigilantes Novel, #4)

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A life for a life. 

On the streets of Detroit, it’s the code we live by. You take from me, I take from you. A balance of power, and a ceaseless war between rivals.
As a foster kid from the projects, I never had much, besides an unshakable addiction to women and drugs. Only took one glance into the amber eyes of a slave for me to realize my two worst vices could be one and the same.
And the woman behind those eyes quickly became my obsession. 
Nicoleta is more than she seems. An enigma I’m determined to crack before time runs out and our enemies hunt her down. Except, she moves by her own trajectory, an unstoppable bullet on the warpath to track down the men who murdered a girl from her past.
Me? I’m the rogue whose path is less predictable. A junkie, fiending for the one thing I shouldn’t want: the only woman who gets me high. I want to keep her for myself, but when the unstoppable bullet finally hits her mark and secrets begin to unravel, another life must be paid. 
A heart for a heart.

Praise for Ballistic

Ballistic is a delicious twisty, dark and unputdownable book.
Keri has ended this series of standalone books with a BALLISTIC bang.
Her writing has grown with every book, and this one is by far her best.
— Kathy Coopmans, USA Today Bestselling Author
The story is as dark and twisted as you expect when you pick up a book by Keri Lake. Ballistic did not disappoint. It delivers everything and more.
— L. Ann
Be prepared to feel emotions that will get your blood boiling with rage. Keri Lake’s words creep under your skin, tingling, itching, and making you squirm.
— AmuseMe Books Blog
Keri delivers another raw, gritty and suspenseful story that drives us deep into the underbelly of the crime world - where there is no true justice, just vengeance. This is a series that you must read, especially if you love a real and truly gritty suspenseful story.
— Read Love Blog