INTREPID IS LIVE!  I'm so excited to (finally!) be able share my daredevil vigilante, Ty!  💀

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Intrepid is part of my Vigilantes series but can be read as a complete standalone. 

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Intrepid (A Vigilantes Novel)

Genre:  Romantic Suspense, NA
Cover Design:  CT Cover Creations
Photographer:  Rafa G. Catala



In the corner house of an empty street, there is a boy inside a box.  In that boy, there lives a secret, one so dark, it’s sealed with locks.

Nearly ten years have passed since the night I was captured. Tricked and betrayed, I suffered the hours of brutal torment with death’s cold whisper across my skin. And when the nameless faces that haunted my nightmares took everything and everyone I loved, I feared I’d never be free of the darkness.

But that's the thing about fear.  Over time, it breeds anger, and when anger fills the box, vengeance bleeds out.

It's been almost a decade since I escaped their hell, staying in the shadows, hiding my demons, and God help them now that I've tasted retribution and crave more of it. 

Blood is the price for pain, and I vow to take everything and everyone they love.  I’m no longer a frightened boy, but the intrepid vigilante, a ruthless executioner, who will stop at nothing to punish the depraved few that stole my life and walked free. 

The plan is perfect, except for her.  The one woman I'm forbidden to have, whose soothing touch settles my fractured mind.  My angel of mercy sent to silence the voices. Yet, not even she can save me from the black void wherein my skeletons lie buried beneath the truth. Because in order to feed my thirst for revenge, I have to destroy the very thing that gives me purpose.

Tooth for a tooth, heart for a heart.



With just the right touch of sexy, Intrepid was brimming with violence and overflowing with passion. I loved every deliciously depraved page of it.
— Dirty Girl Romance Blog
Everything about this book was perfect. I loved the characters so much … Ty was so bad and dirty in this book, it was to die for.
— Priscilla, Tongan Book Lover Blog
A highly engaging page-turner that is much more than a simple romantic suspense. This story is dark, gritty, disturbing, but with hope, one that makes the characters determined to survive and keep going.
— The BookishMedialite


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Eye for an eye, heart for a heart.


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