Q:  I’m a blogger, how can I get an ARC of an upcoming release?

A:  Please send me an email at keri (at) kerilake (dot) com.  Include your name, email address and blog url.


Q:  I’d like to participate in the next book blast or blog tour!

A:  Awesome!  Please send me an email at keri (at) kerilake (dot) com. Include your name, email address and blog url.


Q:  I’m a new author, can you please read and review or critique my book?

A:  No, unfortunately I can’t.  Between the day job, writing, and home life, my time is very limited, and I have to reserve beta reads for my small group of crit partners.  However, there are a number of blogs out there, many of which, are happy to take a chance on a new author.  Look for bloggers specific to your genre on BookBloggerList.  If you're looking for a critique of your work, Scribophile is a great site to have your story read by other writers and editors.  It's where I met my wonderful writer buds!


Q:  Can I get a copy of Somnium (Halos, #1)?

A:  I'm actually in the process of removing this book, in all formats, from all of the sites. I do intend to revisit this trilogy, but not for a while, as the overarching storyline needs some reworking.  Sorry to have to discourage you from grabbing it, but you'd be left with many unanswered questions at this point.


Q:  How many books do you plan to write for Sons of Wrath?

A:  I originally had 8 books plotted, but with the introduction of new characters in each book, who knows!  Could be some side novellas thrown in the mix.


Q:  I heard The Fallen is very dark.  Do I need to read it prior to Soul Avenged?

A:  No.  Chronologically, The Fallen takes place prior to the events in Soul Avenged, but it’s not part of the overarching storyline that spans the series.  It can be read as a standalone.  I wrote this book at the request of readers who were curious about the fallen angel, Xander, introduced in Soul Resurrected.  The story is very dark and contains very graphic violence and sex.  The end is written as a HFN.


Q:  Will there be more of Xander and Karinna?

A:  Yes, I do plan to explore more of their story in the future.


Q:  Will Ferno get his own book?

A:  That’s the plan!  I think the poor guy could use a HEA.


Q:  Logan and Calla’s book is written, but will we see more of them?

A:  Yep!  There is an overarching storyline and their relationship will continue to unfold as a side story, throughout the remaining books.


Q:  Is Ricochet a paranormal romance?

A:  Nope!  Ricochet is my very first contemporary romance.  However, it will still carry the dark and edgy tone of my PNR series … uh, but with humans instead of demons.

Got a question?  Shoot me an email!