Sons of Wrath Glossary

Glossary of terms from the Sons of Wrath. This glossary will be continually updated as the series progresses.

Alexi – an army of soldiers bred to slay lycans

Aecorisz Demon: Demons with red skin tone and horns resembling those of a bull.

Alterrealm: An opening that allows access from the human realm to the demon world.

Amec: An intense emotion, stronger than human love, of deep affection and loyalty

Amegation: The illegal impregnation of an un-bonded female

Basiliaj: A very rare female Wrath demon, born sterile; often bond with princes.

Berserker – violent genetic mutations as a result of failed human Lywa trials

Brozszius – a demon advocate for prisoners of Obsidius; willing to endure half the punishment.

Brutesz Demons: Boorish hit men of the underworld; shady and untrustworthy

Cartazmus: An ancient book of demon history, which resides within a crypt in Orcosia

Casting: Energy given off by an aroused succubus.

Catatones – Ghouls that inhabit the catacombs of the demon manor; guards

Deceleration:  The rapid mental and physical decline of a starved incubus.

Demortis – the metal of the gods; the only known element that can kill a demon; not commonly found in the human realm.

Divine Matrons – governesses to children born of demon princes

Du amec:  Demonic phrase for I love you.

Du et gloriasz: Demonic for I honor you.

Enforcers – bounty hunters of the Underworld

Eradis: The binding of souls, after which, the couple becomes tazschla and servosx

Fallen: Former angels who seek to corrupt humans, known for violent sexual appetites.

Feshjule – demon equivalent for ‘fucker’

Gambis demons – demons whose most notable talents are thieving and gossip

Gaszla – evil woman, black arts witch

Guardians: Fierce angels of the heavens who protect humans.

Halfling – a recently bitten human awaiting the full change to a lycan

House of Bereavement – a tomb for the grieving found in the Underworld, demons call it Mortuadium.

Impetusi Demon:  Bulky demons who are mostly docile and used for hard labor, but can become violent when provoked.

Imprinting: The transfer of a victim’s memory to another following a lycan bite.

Incubi – breed of male demon that feeds off of sexual energy; they have the power to erase short-term memory; unearthly good looks

Lamb – the derogatory Alexi term for weak human beings (those who do not carry the antibody to lycan venom)

Lenovidus Demons: Pimps assigned to succubi at a young age; collect souls for the underworld

Lycan – a supernatural species that can take the form of any animal; most turn to wolves

Lywa Antibody – a powerful concoction designed by biochemist, Gen. Jackson Wade that confers resistance to lycan venom after a bite.

Mortuadium – House of Bereavement

Obsidius – Underworld prison for the damned

Optevyl: The demon equivalent to the KKK. They believe in pure demon species

Orcosia – the Underworld realm, otherwise known to humans as hell

Orcosii – Council of Elders in Orcosia

Progenitors:  The eldest and purest Sang, and the only ones capable of producing offspring.  They possess bat-like features, including wings.

Pureblood: A lycan created as a result of natural birth as opposed to having been bitten.

Raptorzhus: A bird, similar to a falcon, found in the underworld; symbol of the Optevyl.

Red Queen:  A modified form of Abyzz that uses the blood of the succubi and brings hallucinations to life.

Renoshza – sexual maturity of a succubi after her first orgasm with a victim.

Sanctuary – A bar and casino in downtown Detroit owned by the wrath brothers

Saevious demons – Violent sexual predator demons

Savidon – a demon male’s sexual prime wherein he’s forced to choose a mate for life

Sanctisz: A plea of innocence

Sang: Short for Sangexzha Sangexzha: An ancient species of the underworld, extinct for centuries, with an appetite for blood

Savidon: A demon male’s sexual prime, wherein he’s forced to choose a mate for life

ScalWags: Slug-like snacks of the underworld, often served with alcohol at supe bars.

Scelius Demon: Violent breed of demon that roam in packs and pick up women to share among themselves

Semptresz: A seamstress to royalty in the underworld

Sentinels: The most violent angels in the heavens who hunt the Fallen.

Servosx – male demon mate

Shine – a hallucinogenic drug popular in the Underground scene

Stygius: The realm of absolute death for the damned.

Succubi – breed of female demon that, at one time, were bred as sex slaves to demon lords; typically mother many children from different fathers; most male demons avoid the succubi.

Sucorosz: Flesh eating, spider-like insects of the underworld.

Sudesz – suicide, a serious crime of the Underworld

Szexus organ – an organ in mature male demons responsible for bonded sex

Tazschla – female mate

Trolls – employed by demons as security guards

Umbraki: Warriors known for their fearless military prowess and guerilla warfare.

Underground – parties held in the basements of abandoned buildings

Verbrizh: The most painful form of punishment in the underworld, carried out with a specialized whip designed to inflict severe injury.

Veneficiusz Demons: Manipulative demons who can probe the mind for memories to use against a victim.

Vitiusz Demons: Potentially violent demons with severe facial deformities

Wrath demons – warriors of vengeance; sons of the demon prince, Wrath; punishers to those who’ve wronged.  Each specializes in a form of mental or physical pain.

Zedrigast: Motorcycles of the Guardian angels.

Zshula – midwife for lost souls, she brings them back from the otherworld