Juniper Unraveling


Papa says everyone has a story that deserves to be told. 

Most begin years ago, after the second bomb hit, unearthing a deadly contagion that divided the population into the pure, the infected, and the Ragers. 

Many recount the moment we rose up from the ashes and started anew.

Others tell of the day we built a wall to keep them out.

For some, they’re nothing more than the vestiges left behind—a simple name carved into the knotty bark of a Juniper tree.

My story begins with a boy. A mute, from the other side of the wall, known only as Six, who touched my heart in ways that words never could, and gave me the courage to face my darkest truth.

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Praise For Juniper Unraveling

There’s some genuine moments where I was so moved with compassion and emotion. The story, the characters will pierce your heart and slowly, so slowly, rip it out. The character development was simply superb.
— Olga, Lina’s Reviews Book Blog
I’ve long believed that humans are inherently good but, Juniper Unraveling will make you think, it will test the limits of your humanity and it will deliver you to the other side feeling reflective.
— Diane, Goodreads
The characters will draw you in baring their souls within the first chapter. Stay with them even when the ride gets rough, you’ll be glad you did. Juniper Unraveling will challenge your current beliefs and hopefully leave you changed for the better.
— AmuseMe Books Blog
In all honesty Juniper Unraveling was probably one of the most fantastic books I have ever read. It was so raw and visceral I felt every emotion and the connection between the main characters. I felt it deep in my gut. I could not get enough of them and this story.
— Bookgasms Blog
It’s violent, twisted and brutally disturbing, but there is also a beautiful story of hope and a gorgeous romance, and with wonderfully descriptive writing I feel like I’ve been on an adventure with these characters …
— The Escapist Book Blog
I was enraptured, captivated, and completely hooked. If you’re looking for a read that’s just the right amount of different from the norm and will keep you up all night, this is a book that needs to be on your TBRs.
— Dirty Girl Romance Blog
Juniper Unraveling is an epic dark dystopian romance with sprinkles of light that is not for the faint of heart but I truly believe should be experienced by everyone.
— Timitra, Goodreads