What's New For 2015

Wow!  I can’t believe this is the last day of 2014!  The year FLEW for me.  This time last year, I was visiting my bestie in Texas, which to me, feels like only a month ago. A few things will be coming up in 2015 and I thought I’d take a moment to answer some questions and let everyone know whazzzz going on, since I’ll be hitting the writing pretty hard in the upcoming months, and cutting back on social media a little.

I also have some amazing people to thank for making 2014 such a great year, but I shall get to them in a moment.

First, I’m not sure if you’ve heard the buzz, but it seems FB will be FURTHER reducing the number of posts you see from the pages you’ve liked.  Apparently, they’re under the impression that you want to see more of the Suggested Posts in your newsfeed, like credit card companies, department stores, and less of what you chose to follow.  <<insert eye roll>>

To keep up with the newest releases, cover model contests and giveaways, your best bet is going to be to sign up for my newsletter.  In fact, some of you have asked about a future book for Xander and Karinna, and well, I’m thinking I might just offer that as a free download to my newsletter subscribers, once its written.  I’m also going to do a monthly drawing for newsletter subscribers, beginning in January.

If you’ve already signed up, thank you bunches!  You’ll be hearing from me soon.  If not, and you'd like to get in on that, here is the link >>>>  VIP EMAIL LIST

And no worries, I will NOT flood your inbox with daily spewage – I hate when I sign up for something and get shit sent to me EVERY damn day after.  Something I like to call Sign Up Remorse.  Nope, you’ll hear from me once a month, maybe 2-3 times, if there’s a new release or some mancandy to show off.

I'm also on TSU, though I have yet to figure out this site.  Seems to be very similar to an early version of FB, though, and posts actually get seen.  If you're on TSU, connect with me!

In case you missed it, SOUL ENSLAVED released on December 5th and the reviews have been absolutely humbling.  My greatest fear is failing my readers and I wasn’t sure what y’all would think of Gavin and Sabelle together.  It’s GAVIN, ya know?  If you haven’t picked up a copy, one click below!

SOUL AVENGED is still on sale for 99 cents!  Grab a copy before the sale ends.

So what’s next????

I’m stepping outside of paranormal and into the human realm for a while, to tackle my first romantic suspense, titled RICOCHET.  Writing has commenced!  This book will not be as long as my PNR books, but it’ll definitely have that gritty, edgy feel you’ve come to expect—some dark elements, but not as dark as The Fallen.

I’ve had a few bloggers email me about a blog tour.  I’m actually going to have more of a book blast for this one, but if you’re a blogger and interested in participating, sign up here:   RICOCHET SIGN UP

Add RICOCHET to your Goodreads shelf!

After Ricochet, I’ll jump back into the Sons of Wrath world to write Calix’s book, titled SOUL REDEEMED.  Things aren’t looking good for Ava … if you thought her brother, Ryke, was sick and twisted—sit tight, her nightmares have only just begun.

I want to thank ALL of you for making 2014 such a wonderful year!  Looking forward to a productive 2015 full of writing.

Also, I just want to take a minute to thank some amazing people who’ve been a wonderful source of support throughout the year:

Julie Belfield  ❤ Terri Rochenski ❤ Krista Walsh ❤   KL Schwengel ❤ Colin F. Barnes  ❤ Naomi L. ❤ Sammy @ Smitten With Book Heroes ❤ Kimberly B. ❤ Anne C. ❤ Angela C @ Under the Covers Book Blog ❤ Lana @ Dirty Girl Romance  ❤ FranJessca @ Book Lovin Mamas ❤ Alexis @ Reality Bites  ❤ Carmel @ Rabid Reads ❤ Braine @ Talk Supe Blog  ❤ Texxie @ PRUFReads Blog  ❤ Meli Mel ❤  David @ Wagner LA Photography

Wishing all of you a safe, healthy and prosperous new year!!  Have fun tonight!


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