RICOCHET - New Update!

*Crawls out of writing cave and covers eyes to block the blinding sunlight* Holy hell.

About two weeks ago, my very first beta reader—the ONLY woman in the world brave enough to read my first drafts—sent back some changes for Ricochet.  A few of them were total rewrites for me.  But instead wallowing in misery and drowning myself in alcohol, I tightened the cuffs chaining me to the computer and prepared to buckle down for what would ultimately be one hell of a rough ride.  Call me a masochist, but I love brutally honest feedback.  Love a challenge.  Whatever it takes to make this sucker shine.  I had one week to get this bastard cleaned up, and that was in the thick of the day job and a few family-related events. 

My muse likes to toy with me when there’s a deadline looming overhead.  He likes to hold back and taunt me, feeding me bits and pieces of the story at a time.  Unfortunately for him, I didn't have the time to f**k around.

Within a week, I finished the edits and sent the manuscript to both my editor and a few betas.

I’m floored at the speed my betas have gotten back to me.  This book is longer than I’d originally planned – I know, stupid for me to ‘plan’ a short book, right?  So I kind of expected a couple of weeks before I’d hear back from them.

Definitely not THE VERY NEXT DAY.

One of my betas read the book in two sittings!!

Another beta has already posted a very early review based on her read-through and created some fantastic little teasers to go along with it!  Check out her spoiler-free review here, and be sure to add Ricochet to your TBR list:

“This book is what would result if The Punisher and V for Vendetta ever had a baby.”  READ MORE

So what’s next?

Well I have a few minor tweaks to make and it’ll be with the editor for the next few weeks.

Once she’s finished, it’ll go on to formatting and be available on NetGalley.  I have a list of bloggers who’ll be approved for the ARC.

I cannot wait to share Nick’s story with all of you!  So exciting!  Stay tuned for more updates!