Top 5 Reasons To Come To SaSS in Norfolk!

Backfire released, as you know, which means it's back to work this week.  I really should be writing right now.  Well, I’m writing this post, so technically I AM writing, so I guess I should be plotting.  Anyway, the Norfolk signing is coming up, and and now that I’ve had my first signing and learned just how much fun they are, I’m REALLY excited for this one!

So I came up with FIVE reasons you should come see me in Norfolk this July (in no particular order, but I have no shame in admitting that I hope, as a whole, they'll entice you).

1.     I get to meet you and tell you how amazing you are and how much I love that you read my books ❤

2.     I’m going to be signing with two super sexy cover models who are dying to meet you and sign your books and take pics with you.  I mean, look at these guys … how could you possibly deny them?  

The answer is you can't.  Don't even try.

Need more?  Go visit CHRIS and JOHNNY on Instagram.  You're welcome.

3.     I’m giving away a tote filled with a Tshirt, a gift card and one of these gorgeous quote bracelets. 

Bracelet pic.jpg

4.     It’s in Norfolk, Virginia, which is only about 20 miles from Virginia Beach!  And where there's a beach, there are a lot of under-dressed bodies walking around.

I'm totally kidding - please don't try to walk this.

5.     Two words:  FREE.  SHIT.  It's a swag jackpot! 

6.     Yeah, I know, I said five, but let’s not forget the most important:  BOOKS!!  There’s going to be like 80 authors at this signing!  Holy hell, that’s A LOT of books to decorate your shelves, my friends. 

If you’re already planning to go and have your ticket, I can’t wait to see your beautiful face!  If you’re not, all I’m saying is, think about it.  Take these five, no, SIX reasons to bed with you tonight.  Dream about them.  (hello, I did say two sexy cover models too)  Subconsciously talk yourself into coming down.  Because I really, really want to meet you ❤❤❤

Here's more info, including the Facebook group (click the pic) where you can ask questions, talk books and see all the fun stuff going down at this signing.