Something New Is Coming!

Happy Friday!
I have some exciting news! 
As some of you already know, J.A. Belfield has been my editor since Soul Avenged, whipping my stories into shape and fixing my seriously horrible grammar. Collaboration comes pretty natural to us – I don’t burn down cities when she tears apart my manuscripts and she doesn’t stab her eyeballs out with sporks when I make suggestions to hers.  (Well … not her eyeballs anyway, she needs those to edit my books.  Maybe she’s stabbing something else, but I’m not aware of it, if she does).
So a WHILE back, we decided to put our minds together and write a story.  How great would that be to have someone guiding me along as I go!  The problem?  She writes front to back and I write back to front (yes, I know … I’m completely back asswords).  Co-writing a book wouldn’t work because we approach it completely different.

Then one day we were both discussing the direction of our writing goals and it so happened, we were on the same page, so to speak.   Again, we chatted about co-writing, but again, came to the understanding that I would probably leave her bald from pulling her hair out, and feeling stabby.

(she's the blonde, I'm the dark-haired one)

So we decided to collaborate a different way—write separate books under the same label.  There’d still be collaboration and brainstorming, but no stabbing or need for hair loss replacement therapy.  Yay!
I’m happy to announce a separate branch of my writing that will be dark and … steamier. It’ll be called Midnight Flings. 

I know what you're thinking ... "Keri, your books already have graphic sexual content.”

Yes, they do, but it in this case, sex will play a bigger role in the storyline. It’ll be an erotic romance, so you’ll still get the romance, HEA, etc., but the sex will happen quicker and is integral to the plot.

Imagine 50 Shades without the sex …

Yep, same thing here.

These will be published in episodes of anywhere between 20-30K words.

Best part?  ALL episodes will be available for preorder at once.  They will be spaced 2 weeks apart, so you won’t have to pull YOUR hair out, waiting for them.
Why episodes?

  • They’re easier to write and edit around our existing deadlines
  • They allow for more visibility on Amazon, as they’ll be priced at only 99 cents
  • I could use some practice in writing shorter books, don’tcha think?

Going back to the first point, I want to assure you, this will not affect any existing deadlines I have for my PNR and contemporary series.  Calix IS coming.  Dax IS coming.  Er … you know what I mean.
These books will include a number of genres too, from dark to light and contemporary to PNR and dystopian.
So for those who like the short and dirty reads, this will be right up your alley.  For those who don’t, you can expect all other titles will release as promised.



Happy reading ❤