Interview with the Holloway Brothers

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with author J.A. Belfield, and she’s brought along the sexy Holloway brothers from her novel Darkness & Light. *gives Sean and Ethan a once-over*  So excited to have y’all here.  Was that said too breathy?  It was.  Chillax, Keri...  

Howdy boys!

Ethan, I do believe I’ve met you before.  Hehe  When you took over a certain someone’s blog a while back.  Ring a bell??  The English accent is still hot as hell, by the way.  *winks* 

Ethan: *stares hard* So which intelligent question did you ask then? Actually, don’t answer that.

*grins* So let’s get down to business, shall we?

Ethan, your brother’s woman, Jem, has recently returned to the pack.  It’s been a while, how does it feel to have a shot of estrogen in the Holloway household?

Ethan: Weird … to begin. She’s not bad, though. For a female. She’s fun to wind up—which keeps me entertained. *smiles*

Any chance you might be looking for a lady wolf of your own?  *toys with necklace and bites lip*

Ethan: You mean an unwed or unattached one? Not really.

Right!  Right.  *cough*  An unwed one…as in definitely not me.  *shifts in chair* Okay moving on…

What is your idea of a perfect date?  *rests chin on palm with a dreamy stare*

Ethan: Date? You asking about venue and activities or personality? ‘Cause I’m only willing to answer the latter. *shrugs* Someone unafraid to be themselves, I guess.

Oh me!  *clears throat*

Sean, we know you’re spoken for.  What is it that you find sexy in your little lady?  Make us swoon, honey.

Sean: *glances at Ethan before taking a deep breath*Jem smells amazing. She has a scent that can cut through a crowd even during rush hour foot traffic. And she has this way of gazing at me when we kiss. I don’t even think she knows she’s doing it. But, damn, it is enough to make a guy har—melt … make a guy melt. *cough*

Ethan: Yet again, too much information.

Hahaha!  Melt.  Right.  *shakes head*  I don’t know how Jem manages to keep her paws to herself.  You’re smokin’ hot! 

Sean: *another glance at Ethan, eyebrow arched*

And speaking of Jem, she seems to be quite the popular catch…particularly among other packs.  It must be incredibly frustrating trying to keep her safe.  How do you do it without tying her…up?  *shivers*

Sean: The only way to keep Jem safe from other packs is to take them out. End of story.

As for tying her up? Tell me: Do you really think she’d stand for that? Would you like to deal with her after the fact? Try it … and then let me know how that turns out for you.

Ethan: You can let me know before hand, though. Some things’d be worth watching. *smiles*

True that.  She’s seems quite the little pistol! 

*Both brothers snort and exchange a glance*

And your love spans centuries, as detailed in the upcoming release, Instinct.  How do you keep things fresh and fun in your relationship?

Sean: Wouldn’t you like to know. *chuckles* Okay, more seriously. When you lead the kind of lifestyle we do, there is no time—no reason—to claim boredom. We have our jobs, we have our family, we have extended kin in the rest of the pack, we have the forest a stone’s throw away … and I have Jem on top of all that. See? Every day is a fresh day, and every damn second is fun.

Ethan: And if all else fails, there’s Movie Premiere and Snickers.

I want some dirt, boys.  Any secrets you wanna spill on J.A. Belfield? 

Ethan: She’s a pain in the arse. Bloody female drives me crazy.

Sean: She’s not that bad. You’re just fed up with being in the sidelines.

Ethan: Actually, I’m fed up with being disturbed at stupid hours to listen to her mumbling out conversations that haven’t even happened yet. Not all of us sleep like the dead, Sean.

I’m with Julie on this one, guys.  When inspiration strikes, ya gotta go with it. 

Ok onto the next question…How does a female…er, one, not necessarily me per se, become a member of the pack?  Just curious.  *dodges eye contact*

Ethan: They don’t. That’s all there is to say on the matter.

Sean: Even Mum wasn’t a pack member when she was still around. Jem’s special circumstances.

Ethan: And an accident.

Sean: Definitely an accident.

Ethan: Even if it was an inevitable outcome.


Julie, how do you keep these boys in line?  I’ve heard whips are quite effective.       

Julie: Hehehehehehehe. Whips and threats of bad stuff happening to them. They usually forgive me for all the c*** I put them through, though, so long as I promise a happy outcome at the end.

Yes, I found my boys are very forgiving as well.  Promise a little happiness in their otherwise tormented lives and they suddenly succumb to our demands…well.  You know what I mean.  *cough*

What’s your drink of choice?

Julie: If you want my favourite I’d say cappuccino but when I’m writing throughout the day, I allow myself three cups of coffee (preferable before lunchtime) and then switch to clearer drinks for the rest of the day in the wonky hope of flushing out the intake of caffeine.

Ethan:  Glenmorangie

Oooh!  Whiskey!  You are a tough guy, aren’t you? 

Ethan: Actually, I’m just a male with good taste.

Sean:  If you say so. I’d much rather treat myself to a decent mug of coffee

Julie you are much more disciplined…I’ll sneak a Starbucks late in the day from time to time. 


Boxers, briefs or commando?

Julie: Briefs.

Sean: Boxers.

Ethan: Mind your own damn business.


Oh I could ask you a million more questions…just to stare at your perfect, chiseled faces, but I know you’ve got places to go and people *winks at Sean* to see.  Thank you Sean, Ethan and Julie for a super fun interview.  I look forward to seeing you again.  *tries not to stare at Ethan’s tight backside as he rises from the chair*

Craving more of these fine-looking brothers (and I can attest they do look fine), or the very talented J.A. Belfield?  You can find them here: