And the Golden Halos Award Goes to...

One of the toughest tasks for any author, but particularly the self-published author, is achieving ‘reach’.  We tweet, we blog, we practically shout our Facebook status and if we’re lucky, sometimes it rouses some interest in the book.  What we need is a vehicle to carry the message to the farthest edges where our voices can’t be heard.  Or better yet, many vehicles…hehehe.  Enter my best friend, Diana. Now if you’re a regular to my blog, you’ve seen this post.  If you haven’t, I’ll wait until you read it.  Because there is another agenda for this one, but I have to let you know just how awesome this person is and how important she is to me.    Without a doubt, one in a million. 

I ain't one to brag...but this is definitely brag-worthy...

When I released Somnium last month, Diana contacted me and asked if I could send down a bunch of books – signed. 

“Sure!  What’s up?”  I asked.

“I’m throwing you a launch party here in Texas,” she responded. 

“Um…Diana, I would love LOVE to come down there, but it’s really not a good time to do that.”

“You don’t have to,” she said, and I could hear the smile in her voice.  “I’m throwing it without you.”

I felt like a pin had deflated every bit of air inside of me.  Humbling is a good word, but not even that truly captures the gratitude I felt for such a gesture.  Diana has always been a giving person; so thoughtful and kind.  You know, that friend who ALWAYS picks out the perfect card for an occasion and chooses the exact words that will turn you into a blubbery mess.  Yep, that's my Dee! 

So hells yes I sent down a package filled with books, bookmarks, poster and t-shirt.  Diana got to work and gathered up her best troops.  She had invitations made, using the signature black and gold of the book and website.


 Awesome!!  Next, Diana donned the black Halos t-shirt I sent her, tailored to her trendy style of course...hehe (look closely at the ripped neck of the t-shirt)

She set out autographed copies of my book and bookmarks for guests to grab.


She made sure that no guest would go thirsty, offering a nice variety of wine and vodka (diet tonic of course).  Light snacks were also provided - Kahlua fruit dip and fresh cut fruit, a veggie tray, cheese tray and hummous. 

Then the guests started to arrive...



These wonderful ladies not only purchased copies of my book, but also volunteered to help spread the word to their parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, book clubs and colleagues.  And as if that isn't generous enough, they offered to leave reviews for the book!

Everyone had a good time!


And as is customary for one of Diana's bashes, the party moved outside...

  Um...since I didn't see, 'bring a swimsuit' on the invite, we'll just give you a peek at the digs and assume they all sorted out the swimming attire...

So I want to extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks to these angelic ladies and especially to my best friend, Diana.  You guys get the golden Halos for most rockin' fans of the week!!  So glad you had a good time!  And I understand those who've read Somnium are jonesin' for some more yummy Colton Briggs??  Ho ho!  I promise to deliver.  Working on book 2, Requiem, and hoping for a summer release!  You'll meet some more of those sexy Halos soon...


Got a book club or think you might be interested in hosting a Halos party?

Contact me via email at  for details and I'll hook you up with some Halos swag including autographed books, bookmarks, poster and t-shirts.

And If you have any fan pictures, send em my way!!  I would love to feature them on my site!  :) :)

I'm curious, how awesome is your best friend?