Cover Reveal: Witch Hunt: Of the Blood

It’s Monday again.  And while I normally dread this day of the week, I’m actually pretty excited today.  I mentioned a while back that I've contributed a story to the Witch Hunt: Of the Blood anthology.  Well, today I get to show you the face of the book.  And man, it’s one pret-tay looking cover… Sue Campbell, one of the contributing authors, is also the talented designer behind this gorgeous cover.  It is the follow up to Devin O’Branagan’s best-selling novel, Witch Hunt.

So I’m going to shut up and step aside.  Because you came here to see a cover, not endure a ramble of incoherent, sleep-deprived, NaNo nutcase wordiness, right?

More details about the release date for Witch Hunt: Of the Blood to come!


Five novellas based on Devin O’Branagan’s bestselling novel, Witch Hunt

You’ve closed the cover on Witch Hunt, but the story isn’t over … yet! Devin O’Branagan has handpicked writers to take up her characters’ stories and explore what happens next. 

The anthology begins with O’Branagan’s own novella about Hawthorne matriarch, Vivian. Vivian and her fellow British witches work together to prevent a Nazi invasion during World War II. Then there is Colonial maiden, Bridget, who struggles with the guilt of failing her family in Salem, 1692. Her younger sister, Prissy, mysteriously disappears and finds another magical world. Julia, torn by family loyalties, love, and her spiritual quest, pays a huge price to continue the bloodline. And Miranda uses her powers against the great influenza outbreak of 1918—but finds the ultimate foe is prejudice against her kind.

Discover what was left out of Witch Hunt and revisit your favorite characters with these exciting novellas. The story isn’t done until the battle’s lost and won.


So what do you think?