Sons of Wrath #2 Snippet

So as you know, I'm introducing some new characters in Sons of Wrath #2, including a couple that unexpectedly popped up in the story: “Nice job." Gavin's lips tightened as he nodded. "But I think we’re going to need to up our security. First that little shit who broke in earlier and now this.”

Lifeless, black orbs of the ghoul met Gavin's stare.

“I’d wanted to avoid this, but I think it’s time to call on Xander.”

The ghoul’s shoulders slumped and he rubbed a mutilated hand down his face. “Ah hell, boss. Sure about that? I mean, with all these ladies you got staying here.”

“We know nothing of these creatures. Xander is a loose cannon, but I know whose side he’s on. Let’s not forget it was a nephilim who armed our trespasser earlier. Until we find the kid, our security is at risk. Time to fight fire with a goddamn blowtorch.”

“Sir, nephilim at least have human motivations. The fallen …”—the ghoul swallowed a harsh gulp—“well they’re worse than demons. No disrespect to ya, boss.”

“I understand. Right now I have two brothers overseas and one out of commission. Having him here will only be temporary.” Gavin pointed at the ghoul. “And you’re still head of security.”


“Prepare the others.” Gavin huffed, his gaze trailing over each of the ghouls surrounding him. “This place is about to get shaken and I am not looking forward to sharing the news with Ben. Nothing spells a shitty night on the horizon quite like a pissed off troll.”

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