Contest Update & Announcement!

Happy Friday!

We’re now one week into voting for the Cover Model Contest with one more to go!

If you haven’t yet read Soul Avenged, no worries!  I added a short Slice of Life featuring Logan on the voting page to get a taste of what this character is all about.

Man, this has been such a blast, reading your comments, sneaking peeks at the votes, haha.

So who's winning so far???

I don't know.

(Oh c’mon, you didn’t think I was going to give away hints in this update, did you??)

I haven’t aggregated anything yet because, well, I kinda don’t want to touch the results until its time to touch the results.  For the last week, I've been plagued with NIGHTMARES about losing all this data!  But I will say, it’s awesome that some of you have ‘your guy’ and keep showing him the love.

I’m incredibly humbled by the comments you’ve left on the page.  Thanks so much for the love you’ve shown me as well!  Based on your feedback and the overall experience so far, I think I’m definitely going to do this for Gavin’s book.

Oh yeah.  His is next, by the way.  Make sure you add Soul Enslaved to your Goodreads shelf!

Soul Enslaved (Sons of Wrath, #3)

And that’s all I’m gonna say about the results until next week!


And you don’t have to enter your name and email address every time if you’ve already done that once.

Also …

If you’re willing to change your Facebook cover photo to my cover photo (just right click save and you can upload it), then either paste on my FB wall or email me the link, your name will go into another drawing for an autographed copy of Soul Avenged.

Here's my email:

Spread the word!!  Don’t be shy.

Only one more week to pick the right guy!

Wait … did I just rhyme?

And now on to MORE very exciting news:

During the course of this contest, I mentioned that I’ve stumbled upon some really stunning men.  In fact, I have even MORE MORE news that I’ll get to in a moment.

But first …

Yeah I think I pretty much went on ad nauseam that one of the most difficult tasks in cover design, is trying to find the face that matches the character in my head.  Its damn near impossible because there are so many non-physical details involved.  Blah blah blah.

While busy searching for the face of Logan, I happened upon a gem though.

One that I just couldn’t pass up.

In the series, Calix is one of the seven Wrath brothers, half incubus, described as having dark hair with cerulean eyes.  Easy to match you say?  No.  Not really.  Not as I imagine him anyway, because he’s more than those relatively simple features.  He’s brooding and loyal and sexy and has a certain swagger.  Okay so wait, I found a t-shirt on Pinterest that pretty much describes him:


I’m incredibly excited to announce that I have chosen a model for Calix’s cover, who happens to be getting photographed for it TODAY.  Yes today!!  And at some point, I get to see a sneak peek of him, so I’ll be biting my nails until then …

Because I want enough word count to gush about these two, I’m going to discuss the frickin’ uh-MAZING photographer and the smokin’ hot Italian (yes ladies, he’s from Italy!) model in a future post.  For now, I’ll just say …

I am OUT-OF-MY-MIND excited about this!!

To have a character come to life is just thrilling.  To bring TWO to life in one summer is enough to warrant some heavy tranquilizers just to calm down.

Now one more thing before you go …

For all those handsome faces (and bods, good God, let's not forget those bods) that I drooled over during the model search -- I’m dedicating a page on my site with links to their portfolios.  So any of you authors out there who might be looking for some really HAWT guys to add to your covers, check them out because they’ve expressed an interest in cover model work and I’m pretty damn sure they’d love to hear from you.

This page will go live after the contest!

Okay that is all.

Now go vote for your guy one more time before you leave!!  Go go go!


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