Some Progress...

As my projects are beginning to round out a bit more, I thought it’d be a good time to give another update on progress.  Forgive any nonsensical ramblings that may occur along the way, I had the horrible experience of waking up to find I’m out of coffee this morning.  This is my pre-Starbucks run version of a blog post.

So I finally came up with a title for my novella that I’ll be contributing to the Witch Hunt anthology.  Kinda smacked me upside the head one day - wasn’t really thinking about it at the time.  I happened to be perusing some websites when The Banishing just sort of popped in my head out of nowhere.  It fits the story perfectly so I’m incredibly happy about that.  Second draft has been submitted and the project is coming together nicely.

Requiem (Halos, #2) is underway.  Some exciting little twists going on with this book!  You’re either going to love me or hate me.  My hope is, you’ll just keep reading and trust me.  No matter what.

Thanks to my beta readers, who were eager to know more about the dark and crazy world I’ve created for Soul Avenged, I’ve added a glossary to the book.

If you’ve read some of my tweet and FB updates, you’ll see that I’ve gotten some reviews back for Soul Avenged.  How the….?

I’d sent some ARCs to a few book reviewers/bloggers who were awesome enough to give some feedback.  What I hadn’t expected was coming across kickass ratings they left on GoodReads for it.  Hot damn!!  If you haven’t seen them yet, take a lookie:

Even though it’s not yet available, you can still go ahead and add it to your shelf!  So by all means, do so.

You might be wondering why the boring looking cover?

Well…that’s because, my lovelies, it's in the works!  I’ve been locked away in my secret laboratory cooking up something really sexilicious!  It’s all sketched out.  And the BEAUTY of not being a graphic designer is that I have no comprehension of what complexities are involved in this.  So I've handed it off and moved on to the next exciting piece of design – finding that gorgeous face to match the one in my head.  Pretty sure I’ve gone through about a thousand pictures of half-naked bodies in the last couple of weeks.  Erm, not that I’m complaining…

I’m on a hunt.  And I’m determined.

So once the face has been chosen, I shall release my secret monstrosity onto the world!!  Uh…in other words, cover reveal to come.

If you are a blogger/reviewer and think you might want to participate in the cover reveal, please sign up here:

[gravityform id=3 name=SoulAvenged Cover Reveal Sign Up]

I’ve got some interesting blog posts planned, another flash story for one of the Soul Avenged characters and I’m thinking about posting my playlist for Soul Avenged too.  Busy times!  So be sure to keep checking back...

Hope you all have a fandamntastic week!