Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday - Halos: Somnium #3

It's that time again!  I'll be choosing another six sentences from my upcoming release, Halos:  Somnium, available December 16th. In this scene, Allie Lynch drives up to the gate on Seavey's Naval base, where she's been assigned for the next four months.  From her car, she spots sexy Colton Briggs, the military guard:

Elation doesn't quite describe how I feel watching him ascend from the booth.  It's as if I am watching the sun rise again.  While he stands half in and out of the doorway, I savor his athletic frame.  Why couldn't fatigues be made of spandex?  With a flick of his wrist, he beckons me to the gate.  My heart thrums erratically with excitement as if he's beckoned me to a tryst.

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