NaNoWriMo Wrap Up

It’s December 1st, which means the NaNo craziness is over.  Writers are climbing out of dark and cramped caves to participate in the real world again.

So how did I do?

Well … my final word count as of last night was about 63,382.  Yes, this is beyond the 50K word challenge, but I’d honestly hoped to write more than that.  I decided to use the sequel to Soul Avenged as my NaNo project.

The storyline has been incredibly easy to write!  I don’t know what it is about this series.  It’s addicting—being immersed in this dark place--like I’ve taken all the favorite parts of my head and thrown them together in a world as familiar to me as real life.  I adore every one of the sexy characters in this book.  They’re very distinct in my mind, which makes channeling their voices so easy.

What kept me from writing more?

Well, November itself is a crazy month.  Not only is it the month of my hubby’s birthday (though thankfully we celebrated his big 40th bash in October—a surprise party to throw him off), it’s also my daughter’s birthday month, my best friend’s, my mother’s and my grandmother’s.  Let’s not forget Thanksgiving was thrown into the mix as well.  And … I’ve been crazy busy with the cover of Soul Avenged—specifically, the nasty blurb that I’ve had to shrink from about 350 words down to 150.

Ugh.  Not easy.  My brain has been a little bit scattered.

But I should be finishing the first draft of SoW2 by the second week of December!!  Yahoo!

This story is even darker than Soul Avenged—creepier, steamier.  More supes.  And a whole lot more of the Wrath brothers.  Yum.

Just check out my Pinterest boards:

Hot dayum

What’s going on with the sequel to Somnium?

After having gone back and forth for a while, I finally made the decision to publish Soul Avenged before Requiem (Halos, #2).

Requiem is still coming, but its publication will be a bit delayed. 

In the meantime, I’ll soon be announcing the release date for the Witch Hunt anthology in addition to Soul Avenged.

AND!  Cover reveal for Soul Avenged is next week!!

Stay tuned!

Soul Avenged #snippet

Between editing Soul Avenged, working on Requiem and writing for an anthology, my blog posts have been suffering!  At least I'll have something to show for it soon.  In the meantime, I decided to post just a short snippet from Soul Avenged.  Once my plate clears a little (there's a light at the end of the tunnel!), I'll go back to writing some flash stories.  I have yet to write Logan and Zeke's from Soul Avenged. Speaking of Zeke...

(I promise I'll get to the snippet) I found a couple of things I love this week that I want to share.  First, while perusing Amelia James' (Trashywriter) Pinterest board titled 'Man Candy', I came across something that made my coffee taste a little sweeter.

When it comes to a guy's hair, I'm typically a short-crop kinda girl.  However, in Soul Avenged, I gave Zeke a little bit longer hair.  I've seen very few guys who can pull off this style, so I had to go with a LOT of my own imagination.  Zeke looks like a god in the book - he's big and brawny and beautiful.

Although I don't like to put existing faces to my characters while I'm writing them, I'd say this guy's probably the closest I've gotten to what I had in mind for Zeke...just need to photoshop a few tats on him ;)


So, can ANYONE tell me who the hell the guy is in this photo?  Because I think he is just about the best looking long-haired hottie I've seen yet.

The second thing I came across is a couple of bands whose music I've been listening to non-stop.  Blood Red Shoes is one worth checking out.  Bonus points for the lady rockin' the guitar.  My favorite song so far is Cold  <<must listen to this one!

I've always been a fan of The XX, and I'm so looking forward to the new album, Coexist, coming out September because I have absolutely fallen in love with their sneaky peek song, Angels .  I'll just come clean and admit that it's played a couple of times while writing Requiem (Halos #2).

Another favorite from The XX is Shelter.  This one I've listened to a few times while writing Soul Avenged.  Birdy did a nice version of it too...but I remain a fan of the original:

OK!  OK!  Now on to the snippet:

In this scene, Kane wakes up from a nightmare to find Ayden standing over him...

A raging storm emanated from the woman’s gunmetal eyes, almost palpable, as she held him captive with no more than the weapon in her hand.

So beautiful

In spite of the blade at his throat, his breathing slowed, heart calmed.  He fell back against his pillow as she held tight to the hilt.

Her hands were steady, unmoved by him - a relief after the nightmare he’d had.  She didn’t speak a word as she lowered her weapon and retreated to the chaise beside him.

He wanted to watch her for longer.  Wanted to study the lines of impassiveness in her face.

Sleep dragged her from his view.


Wishing all of you a great week!


Most Interesting Interview in the World...

Today I'm on the very lovely Aimee Laine's blog, discussing some important topics like how I'd like to be prepared by cannibals, why spiders scare the hell out of me and my most embarrassing moment.  This is your opportunity to ask a question!  Leave your question in the comments section :) :) Come check it out!!  Click HERE.

Post Release

It's been a couple of days now since I released Somnium.  Some folks are waiting on copies while others have already received them and begun reading.  And here I sit...waiting for the reviews to roll in.  I had the pleasure of spending time with family over the weekend at a Christmas party.  Many times I was asked, "How does it feel to be published?" How does it feel? 

Of all the words swirling in my head, only one comes to mind:  humbling.

I've managed to distract myself with preparations for the holidays, but there is a looming thought in the back of my head:  what are people going to think about it?  Isn't this what all writers agonize over, after tossing a nice juicy t-bone out there?

So I decided to study some reviews, to get an idea of what kinds of things people say about books that they love or hate.  I perused quite a few reviews on Goodreads from best-selling traditional to Indie work.  Contrary to what I originally assumed, there doesn't seem to be a distinction for rating a self-published work over traditionally pubbed.  People voice their thoughts without much regard for the manner in which a book comes into being.  Of the books I checked out, I didn't get a sense that the reviewers were thinking, that was crappy, but it was self-pubbed, so I'll cut them some slack.  And they shouldn't.  If I'm bold enough to put my self-pubbed work out there, I should be equally prepared to take the criticism that goes with it.

I won't say which title, but I've read one book that I so wanted to fall in love with based on its concept, and simply could not.  In fact, I reread certain parts of this book, just in case I missed something that could overshadow my distaste for it.  In my mind, there were too many things wrong with the storyline.  This is a NYT bestselling series with quite a following.  I scrolled through the many many reviews, noting quite a few 5* ratings with some exuberant commentary to go with it.  There are some people out in this world, a lot actually, who LOVE this book.  But I also came across some 1* ratings with rude and tactless remarks.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion, no doubt (I think it does a disservice to the author if every rating is glowing with stars).  But come on, have some consideration that this is a public forum - particularly if you're another writer who'll be jonesin' for some positive feedback soon.

The problem with Goodreads is the black hole that one can get sucked into while reading these things.  You can't help but check out other books these people have rated to see how they rate books in general.  This leads to a neverending maze and before you know it, you're off in some other galaxy wondering how in the hell you got there.  Eventually, I had to stop looking at them.  But one thing occurred to me...books are not necessarily categorized into good and bad as I originally thought in my narrow-minded head.  It all comes down to taste.  Genres exist for a reason - people have preferences.  And even within those preferences are more preferences.  The parts that I cringe about in my book might be golden to someone else who reads it (let's hope).  Even the worst self-pubbed books, pursued without much thought or regard for the industry and loathed by the majority, can garner some fandom (a horrifying thought).

It's not even been 3 whole days since my release and I can't get over how much I've learned already.  I don't even have the reviews back yet to guide this level of understanding, so I can't say for certain where it comes from.  Maybe just the frightening and humbling experience of exposing myself to the world.  I now have a pretty good idea what I'm going to do for book 2.  It's not just the publication and marketing piece that will be easier.  It's the writing.  For weeks, months, I've tried to tease out what had to be fixed with the manuscript, what didn't sound right to me.  It's not that I thought it was perfect by any means, but just that I couldn't SEE what another reader might look at as a negative.  Like a black cloud in front of my eyes the whole time that suddenly gave way to sunlight.  What moved it?  I'll go back to - the power of publication is profound.

I know for certain, with the second book, I'll take advantage of the editors and the many brilliant writers found on writing workshops.  I did this for part of book 1 and it helped tremendously.  It's kind of funny, when I first started writing and allowing people to read my stuff, I was so paranoid.  Like a true amateur, I would add the little copyright to the bottom of my MS whenever I sent it out.  And I had this really foolish idea that I shouldn't send my work to other writers in the event they take the storyline and run.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!  *cough*  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!   If I could draw worth a damn, I would come up with the expression on a writer's face when another writer asks them to beta read something.  A cross between, 'I'd love to' and 'wait, you mean right now?'

I've always loved science.  There's a reason - the courses in college always came with a lab.  Sure I could study microbes in a book, but it wasn't until I had gone through the experience of seeing these invisible organisms through the microscope (following the painstaking trouble of incubating them and producing pure cultures), that I could really grasp a full understanding of them.  I guess I'm more of a hands-on kinda gal.  So it makes sense that the lightbulb would go on now versus prior to publication.  I'm writing book 2 now with less clutter in my brain.  With each book I write, I'm hoping to sharpen my skills and better organize my thoughts.  I'm finding the writing is faster this time around; the thoughts forming easier.  Perhaps I would have learned this with time.  A long time maybe.  But regardless, I'm glad I did it.  It's been a great experience.

RELEASE DAY: Somnium (Halos)

I had this crazy notion a few years back:  to write a book.  I'd written enough of the small stuff (flash, poetry, short stories) for a while.  It was time for a REAL commitment.  It's so easy to find resolution by the end of a short story, but attempt that in a novel, and well, that requires a bit more than just a few minutes jotting down a storyline.  I'd written chapters, scrapped them, saved some on floppy disks somewhere.  Is there a computer in the world that can read a floppy nowadays?  This was going to be it for me.  My novel.  The one I'd publish. So I sat and wrote every chance I could steal:  before work, in my car at lunch, after work, on the weekends.  I even wrote on Christmas morning before my kids got up.  And we all know how early kids get up on Christmas morning.  Yes, I loved writing that much.

I attempted to send out a few query letters.  The truth is, I had no idea what I was doing.  In fact, I don't even know if I sent them to approrpriate agents.  I got the impersonal stamped rejection letters, did a little research, sent out a few more and had a couple of nice handwritten letters come back.  Rejected of course, but kind.  Not realizing that this was all part of the process for writers, I gave up on the project and figured perhaps I wasn't meant to write a book.

Then a new idea hit me...

The second book was an urban fantasy and I was so incredibly excited about the storyline, I found even MORE cracks in my day to write.  I'd keep notecards next to me on my desk at work and jot ideas while I was waiting for reports to generate.  I would steal moments in the elevator, by myself, daydreaming of a scene to write.  There were times I'd be reading a patient chart and be struck by dialogue that I'd have to quickly scribble on a scrap of paper tucked somewhere in my labcoat.

Same routine.  I wrote up, what I considered, a very spiffy query letter.  Researched a list of agents.  This time, I was much more organized about it.  I had contact names and even used red font to strikethrough them when my query came back rejected.  What am I doing wrong?  Is my writing that horrible?  Well, maybe it wasn't my best, but I still hadn't learned anything about the slush pile.  Whoa!  I know what you're did you even get that far?

So for kicks, I stopped writing for a bit and studied the publishing industry.  I bought books on the topic and familiarized myself with some bestselling authors.  I had always liked reading, but I never paid attention to what was really popular.

My sister called me out of the blue one afternoon.  Now, for those who know nothing about my calls with her can be incredibly entertaining.  As a matter of fact, I just recently had a phone call that I was pretty sure would land me in the ER, I was choking from laughing so hard.  Some of her stories are not even intentionally funny - just her naivete.  Don't get me wrong, the girl's a bit genius (she's the engineer that Allie, in Somnium, is based off of), but she has her moments.  Going back to the phone conversation, in a matter of minutes, she detailed her interactions with some of the men she worked with and the military guard on base that she was sort of crushing on.  I cracked up at some of the thoughts that would go through her head when she saw this guy.  And then we hung up.

I don't even know when it happened, but sometime in the night, Colton materialized in my head and began speaking to me in that smooth and sexy tone.  I realized, he was the guard at the gate.  Sure military guys are cute, but I never really fantasized about one...until now.  For a moment, I felt that familiar spark of excitement as he whispered sweet nothings in my ear.  I fought against it.  Criminy, I have to get up in the morning.  I am NOT starting another book.  But he persisted.  Okay.  But just a short story.  That's it.  So I woke up the next morning and began to write.  And I wrote during lunch.  Then when I came home that evening I wrote some more.  Dammit.  I'm writing another novel.  If you can believe it, I managed to squeeze even more time out of my day.  In meetings, I could hardly concentrate...which landed me in some pretty embarrassing moments.  Picture a love scene playing out in your head at about the same time the CMO asks a direct question.  "Uh.  What?"  Sorry, I was licking a tattoo on a nice juicy bicep a second ago.

I decided not to bother much with agents.  I wrote out a query letter and sent to a couple of agencies.  But I STILL haven't heard back from them.  Pretty sure that was a year ago now.  I joined a writing group and met some great people that I now call friends.  A blog followed soon after that and I sat, hands trembling, writing my first blog post.  This is going to be out in the public!  The public, Keri!  People will see this!  I agonized all the while.  I joined Twitter and found myself scared shitless.  How the hell am I going to read all of these tweets everyday??  There's thousands of them!  And more just keep popping up!  *clears throat*  A Facebook account and fan page came after and I sat for hours trying to figure out what the heck to call myself.  Author?  No.  Writer?  I guess...but, what's the difference between author and writer?

Then came telling friends and family I wrote a book.  Here's how that went:

Me:  Um.  So I uh...wrote a story.  Well, not really a story.  It's longer than a story.  It's actually.  Well, I guess you'd call it a novel.

F&F:  Awesome Keri!  What kind of novel is it?

Me:  Uh.  Romance.  *voice suddenly cracks* Paranormal romance

F&F:  So is it like people having sex with ghosts?

Me:  Well.  *lightbulb*  Maybe at some point.  But this one has angels and demons

It's been one thing after another since then.  Blogposts that became easier over time.  Chats on Twitter.  Postings of my writing.  Interviews, giveaways and now...publication.

Such a strange little path with odd twists and turns along the way.  But it's been fun and I can't wait to see where the next bend in the road leads.

Step Inside My Head - An Author Interview

The very awesome Colin F. Barnes, author of The City of Hell Chronicles, interviewed me on his blog and asked some very interesting questions... Curious to know why I decided to self-publish?  What 5 books I'd like to have if stranded on a desert island?  Where I plan to be in 5 years?

Click HERE to check it out!  I'd love to know your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment.

Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday - Halos: Somnium #4

Thank you for checking out my little snippets each week!  I appreciate it :)  This one comes from my soon-to-be-released novel, Halos: Somnium, out December 16th! In this scene, Allie is being chased through an open field by something massive.  She doesn't know what follows her.  It catches up.  She trips, falls to the ground and lies cloaked in the grass, waiting with her eyes closed.

I can hear it taking in my smell, savoring the scent of its spoils.  A whimper escapes me.  It's breath is hot and oddly sweet-smelling, just short of my face.  I open my mouth to scream and feel a rigid hand against my lips.

"Shh..." he whispers.  "Don't move."

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I remember when I was little, I had a book of addresses to different companies that I could have, what I considered prizes, sent to me (though most mothers would probably consider it junk).  It was completely centered around the experience of receiving something in the mail.  And we all know how much kids LOVE to get mail.  It’s sad that such excitement changes over time…those letters from cousins, cards from grandma and stray Christmas presents from loved ones across the country suddenly morph into the mortgage bill, a summary of winter taxes due, the water bill, the plethora of magazines you never signed up for but mysteriously get sent anyway, etc. etc.  The shine of getting mail begins to dull. And then you publish your first book…

Excitement bubbles inside of you, like a lonely house pet that turns hysterical when its owner approaches the door.  You watch through the window like a true stalker as the mailman climbs out of the vehicle.  Your heart hammers.  Which house is he going to?  Mine?  The neighbor’s?  He rounds the back of the little…mail car.  The salty taste of blood coats your tongue where you’ve bitten your inside lip too hard.  He pulls out a good size box and glances at the house across the street.  No! 

He turns to check out the address on your mailbox, comparing it against the number on the great mystical parcel in his arms.  Yes!  Yes!  A smile lights his face and he does one of those cheesy nods that only television commercials can pull off…as if every mailman gets a thrill out of delivering a big package.  In slow motion, he makes his way up the driveway.  A gust of wind blows through his comb-over, tipping it completely upright on his head.  What an ass.  He climbs the stairs to the front porch.  You stand behind the curtain with a ridiculous grin on your face; your hand balled into a fist, caught between your teeth.  He drops the package on the porch, winks at no one in particular, then skips down the stairs…all still in slow motion.

You wait.  Mustn’t open the door while he’s still in view.  You’ll look too much like a scavenger.  Desperate.  A bit nutty. 

He putters off down the block and you shoot across the living room to the front door; a sprint that would have made your track coach proud.  A golden light shines down on the package, sitting magnificently on your doorstep.  You reach down to nab it up and shake it a little.  Yep.  YEP!!  They’ve arrived.  Without bothering to close the front door, you race to the kitchen and scour your junk drawer for a box cutter.  Damn it!  When the hell did I use it last?!  So you grab one of your abnormally sharp Cutco knives from the block, nearly removing your fingertip as you slice through the packaging.  Honestly, would you have felt any pain?  Probably not.  You’d have dug a bloody, fingertipless hand inside the box and still held up one of these beauties in all its gory (glory):


Yeah baby...the bookmarks arrived!!  Thanks to Su at Earthly Charms Graphic Design and Printing, they turned out, BETTER than I imagined!!  If you need bookmarks, she's reasonably priced, does a nice job and collaborates on the design.

And so I decided to see if any of the local businesses would be willing to set them out.  I recruited a couple family members to help me out with this.  Well, turns out a lot of places were willing to set them out and I want to give them a big HUGE thank you! 








You guys rock!!  Also thank you to Caribou Coffee in Ann Arbor, Panera Bread in Green Oaks and Grand Blanc, and Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Grand Blanc for setting out my bookmarks.

So...think you might like to have some Halos bookmarks for your local coffee shop, books store, or even hair salon?  Let me know and I'll send ya some!  Fill out the form on the Contact Me page :)

Interview and Giveaway!!


Please take a moment to stop by the very lovely J.A. Belfield's blog!  I'm giving away a SIGNED print copy of my upcoming release, Somnium, AND a bookmark.  All YOU have to do is leave a comment and you are automatically entered into the drawing!  But you only have until December 11th, so hurry on over!

Stop by and check it out!  Just click  HERE


The very kind MC has interviewed me on her blog as well!  Leave a comment and you'll be in the running for a FREE ebook (Kindle or epub format)!!!

The deadline for this contest is December 15th, so get your comment posted before then!

You can find MC's blog by clicking  HERE

Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday - Halos: Somnium #3

It's that time again!  I'll be choosing another six sentences from my upcoming release, Halos:  Somnium, available December 16th. In this scene, Allie Lynch drives up to the gate on Seavey's Naval base, where she's been assigned for the next four months.  From her car, she spots sexy Colton Briggs, the military guard:

Elation doesn't quite describe how I feel watching him ascend from the booth.  It's as if I am watching the sun rise again.  While he stands half in and out of the doorway, I savor his athletic frame.  Why couldn't fatigues be made of spandex?  With a flick of his wrist, he beckons me to the gate.  My heart thrums erratically with excitement as if he's beckoned me to a tryst.

Be sure to stop by next week for another Six Sentence Sunday!  And click on the picture at the top of the post for snippets from other talented authors!  Thanks :)

They're Here!!!

So I'm sitting here at my computer earlier this afternoon when I hear a knock at the door.  Who the hell?  I get up to check and see nothing through the front door window.  So I open the door.  There, on my front porch is a medium-sized box.  Now, I just went crazy over the weekend with Black Friday purchases...but this is a bit too early to be expecting any of THOSE goodies. My heart begins to pick up the pace.  I check the return address to confirm my suspicions.  Yep.

They're here!!!!

Check 'em out:





Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday - HALOS: Somnium #2

This week’s six comes from my debut novel, Halos: Somnium that will release on December 16, 2011.  In this scene, Allie’s nightmare returns. 

The sunlight twists and morphs into the reflection of dark mirrored sunglasses belonging to a man with brown hair and a thick brown mustache to match.  In the mirrors, the face of the blond girl stares back in sheer horror.  My heart hammers frantically against my chest and suddenly I’m choking on each short breath.  His voice, dauntingly smooth, taunts me from the nothingness that I’m desperate to escape to.  “That’s it, darlin’, just relax.”  Dread seeps into my bones.

Thanks for checking it out!  Be sure to stop by next week for another Six Sentence Sunday !


Halos Somnium Book Trailer!

I think it's pretty safe to say that a book trailer is one of the thrilling moments of publishing a book.  You condense everything you've written into one enticing little preview. It's a moment, aside from actually holding a copy in your hands, when the book becomes more than just an idea that you've written on paper.  It becomes a vision of so many other things.  A visual representation of something you've created.  Like a movie that's been playing out in your head the last few months (years) on display for everyone else to see.

So for this project, I teamed up with my brother (who is also the designer of my site) and asked for a bit of help.  I directed.  He designed.  I provided details and elements from the book and my brother so brilliantly projected them into a 60 second trailer.

I recommend making it full screen by clicking on the 4 arrows at the bottom right of the video (click play first and hover over bottom right of image).

Check this baby out and tell me what you think:

Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday - HALOS: Somnium

Okay, for those who have not seen this before, I've decided to give you some snippets each week.  ONLY six sentences at a time!  I'll have you know...this isn't easy.  When I decided to sign up, my mind instantly boggled.  Which six sentences do I choose?  Ugh.  Like my little sister in a shoe store.  We could be here a while...but, I've picked my six for the week.  So here we go! In this scene, Allie arrives in Kittery and decides to pull off for gas at one of those strange, outdated stations.  While paying inside (because the pumps don't have one of those fancy convenience pay thingamajigs), she is greeted by two creepy locals.  A missing persons poster plastered to the wall grabs her attention:


She looks to be about my age with sandy brown hair and brown eyes, radiantly smiling back at me. Her expression, so vibrant and happy, is haunting. How long has she been missing? My stare must be obvious when the clerk hands me my change with his grease-stained fingers, then glances back at the flyer himself. He turns back toward me; his turbulent eyes meet mine. “Watch yaself.”


Oh man, that's it!  Be sure to stop back next week for another Six Sentence Sunday.



Okay…so every time I think I’m going to post one of my flash stories, there’s a new development with my book!  And this one has been very difficult to sit on because I’ve been dying to show you the cover.  Somnium is going to be available in paperback and e-book.  The wraparound cover for the paperback is pretty darn awesome too!  I had two designers on this that did one kick ass job:  my brother, Ryan, and Nick from Everything Indie.  If you haven’t yet checked out Nick’s site, you must:


And here is my lovely (which is a little bit difficult to see against the background of the website): 

For a better look, go to my Facebook page:



And the book blurb:


A work assignment in Kittery, Maine should be routine for Allie Lynch; nothing more than to prove herself as a brilliant engineer. Instead she finds herself torn between two men: a gorgeous military guard, Colton Briggs, and her devilishly handsome colleague, Drew Costa. To resist temptation, Allie does the only thing she can: she throws herself into her work.

But fate has other plans for Allie. Women are going missing all around her, Allie is struck with a series of life-threatening mishaps, and she becomes the obsession of a local deranged psychopath.

Thrust into a dark world that she can hardly fathom, Allie must fight for her very survival, open her mind to new realities – and open her heart to the possibility of love. Because both of these men are trouble – but one is a greater danger than she could ever imagine …


So excited I could combust right here, right now!!! 

And as I mentioned in my last post HALOS: Somnium comes out DECEMBER 16, 2011.  Continue to check back for more details and giveaways!

I Have an Announcement...


December 16, 2011. 

What’s so special about this date??

Is it my birthday? 


My wedding anniversary?


A due date?

Yep.  Wait.  WHAT?!?!!!!!!!!!


Settle down.  I’m not expecting another mini-me on this date.  No, no.  This is something that took much longer than nine months to produce.  And I’m hoping the delivery is far less painful…

It is the date that I’ll be releasing my debut novel.  The first in the HALOS Series, titled Somnium.

That’s right.  You’ll soon be able to purchase your very own copy!  Whoooohoooo!!!!  Mark your calendars!  Keep an eye on the blog!  In the next few weeks, I’ll be revealing cover art and giving away some goodies. 

Spread the word.  Tell your family.  Tell your friends.


DECEMBER 16TH, 2011.