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As a science geek, I find research to be interesting and fun.  Digging into textbooks, websites and journals has always been the best part of studying in college.  I would venture to say, it's an inherent part of my DNA, to love investigation and experimentation.  In fact, I think I've mapped out the exact genetic sequence.  Have a VERY close look:


Currently, I'm working on book two of my Halos trilogy, titled Requiem.  For those who have read Somnium, you know that the story is set on Seavey's Island.  I chose this location because my sister was based there for a project (for those who don't know, my MC is loosely based on my sister).  But, I couldn't have anticipated stumbling across the history behind the island and Kittery.  The big question many have asked after reading Somnium is:  what the hell is going on at that base?  Well, I'm certainly not going to answer that in this blogpost.  That would be crazy.  But what I can tell you is I'm busy unraveling that little mystery at...well, not THIS very moment because I'm writing this post...but AFTER the post is written, I'll get back to it.

I do, however want to pass along this little gem.  Something is going on at Seavey's...and this is one of the facilities that I'll be writing about.  Prime haunted real estate smack dab in the middle of my beloved little island.  Check this out (and I'll just tell you, I did not shoot the video for this.  Kinda noisy in the background):

I've been trying to get my hands on as much as I can about this naval prison and it's been an absolute blast.  There is still so much I have to look into.  The ideas are flooding my brain and I can't seem to type fast enough.  Known as the "Alcatraz of the East", Portsmouth Naval Prison boasts a long-standing history dating back to 1905 when construction began.  It used the same tidal current model as Alcatraz to deter escape of inmates.  And was effective - there were no confirmed escapes.  As if this isn't enough coolness to write about, check out these images:

The difficulty and perhaps intriguing piece of researching this facility is that it is not open to the public, unlike Alcatraz.  Access to the grounds is restricted.  Therefore, it will be up to my wildly imaginative mind to come up with visuals of what the inside must look like.  I think the outside of the building, coupled to its haunting stories is enough to get me started.  Muahahahaha!

As an added bonus, I have an excuse to watch a Jack Nicholson film.  The Portsmouth Naval Prison is featured in The Last Detail, a 1973 comedy about Navy sailors assigned to escort a young sailor to the prison after he is caught stealing.  Whooohoo!  All in the name of research...

What research have you conducted for a book?