'What If' Game! #3 #whatifgame

OK, so I missed the first Monday of this month...a lot was going on.  I will attempt to be more timely in posting my What If games in the future.  If you've not played this game yet, the rules are simple and fun... I’m going to give you a brief scenario.  You imagine that YOU are the character in the scene and write what YOU would do as the MC of the story.

You do NOT have to be a writer to participate!

This is all just for fun...

Here’s your scenario:

You step through the remains of the abandoned building, now a haven for crack addicts and prostitutes.  A horrible stench assaults your nose, like piss, sex and rotted meat.  Eyes are on you; watching every step, but humans pose no threat to you.  Black leather covers your body and acts as a beacon in the moon’s light.  Full moon.  But it doesn’t matter.  These bastards can transform at will.

Your weapons include a Beretta, armed with silver bullets and a silver parrying dagger at your hip.  You move past comatose bodies and decaying corpses.  Feeding grounds, like a bait pile.  Some stay awake, choosing to face danger rather than kick their addiction.  They’re already dead.  They just don’t know it yet. 

At last you reach a darkened staircase.  The door is stiff but you possess exceptional strength.  It gives with one heave.  The smell grows stronger.  They’re close.  As you investigate your surroundings, looking upward at an empty spiral of stairs for any signs of movement, it occurs to you that not long ago, men and women in suits walked this building; a bustling business tower now reduced to ruin.  When it seems all is clear, you descend, deeper into the depths toward the basement.  The Lycans Lair. 

You wish your heart would thrum wildly the closer you get; your pulse rate would surge.  These would be human reactions to fear.  But what little piece of you that was once human became a distant memory the night they made you one of their own.  What remains is a mixed breed.  A killer, designed to eradicate in one sweep.  Fear is a weakness and you have no weaknesses.

A noise erupts from below.  Your sensitive ears are picking up sounds from two flights below you.  Could be the skittering feet of a mouse pounding against your ear like a base drum.  The sensation returns; a mix of adrenaline and something else.  Something that came with your change – an intense craving to destroy.  Your feet move on impulse, carrying you closer to the sound.  Further into hell you sink. 

And then you find it.

In the corner of a landing it sits; convulsing.  Half naked, its torso gleams with sweat and blood.  The moon through the window is a source of energy, like an iron fist, pounding its power into the vulnerable body lying hunched on the ground.  A halfling, awaiting its change.  Half human, half lycan; bitten recently, lost to fever and whatever else now has it in its grips.  You tip your head.  In spite of the itching desire to rip its throat out, you’re curious.  You’ve never witnessed the change before.  With cautious steps, you approach.  Its muscles grow, becoming more defined with each passing second.  You crouch beside it; a dangerous position for any other species.  Lycans require the full moon for the first change and can transform spontaneously after.  Your hands tremble; anxious to take life.  Tamp it down.  You struggle to wait. 

Something about this creature is…beautiful.  Its face is the perfect combination of flawless and bronze; its body, chiseled and proportionate.  Black hair, drenched in sweat, covers its eyes.  You reach to swipe the hair away.  It grabs hold of your wrist and you’re suddenly caught in its transitional strength.  Still, you could snap its arm from its shoulder, but you don’t.  You pause.  Image after image floods your mind.  Memories.  Of childhood.  Of love and loss.  Every one of them human.  The creature’s eyes, stunning and grey, stare back at you, pleading. 

“Help me.”  It rasps.  “Please.” 

Your mouth hangs open; you’re paralyzed.  The killer instinct begs you to take its life.  It taunts and beseeches every muscle in your body.  But your mind is in a state of shock.  My life; what it once was.  You’ve never sensed this before.  All your memories had been erased, leaving you to wonder at times in this new existence, was I ever human at all?  But here, this creature, this halfling that you’re meant to destroy, has somehow given you that which you’ve yearned for.  Your heart beats with vigor for the first time in centuries.  The halfling releases its grip and falls limp, still convulsing all the while.  The grey disappears as its eyes close; passing out.

Sounds reach your ear once again.  Claws against concrete.  They’re approaching.  But a new sensation takes hold of you.  Confusion swirls in your head; two motives battling each other.  The one that dominates takes you by surprise.  You rise to face your enemy…