The Soul Avenged Blog Tour has officially ended and I'm actually kind of bummed about that.  Not gonna lie--it’s been a lot fun hopping around from blog to blog!  Like I've been partying for the last month and now the hangover's setting in. So you probably want to know--who won the big giveaway?? 

Here are the winners: a Rafflecopter giveaway


I did a bit of prowling through the posts and Holly Collins was selected as winner of the $10 Amazon gift card!

Congratulations to all and thank you for following the tour.

But now that the tour is over, what’s to come?

I’ll give you an update on what I’ve got going on in my secret lab (and a little sneak preview of Sons of Wrath #2).  Before I do that though, I have to thank all of the FANDAMNTABULOUS bloggers who spent the month pimping my book.  You are just too wonderful for words.  Some of you tweeted and shared FB updates for other bloggers as well and I'm just amazed by the camaraderie of the blogging community.  I’m so glad to have met all of you and I look forward to talking books and working with you on future releases!  Some of you also left very humbling reviews as well and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that!  Bloggers are my heroes!  Seriously, I love LOVE you guys.

For readers who want to keep up on the latest in paranormal romance and urban fantasy, these are some of the best blogs on the net to check out: (click on the links)

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In addition to these kickass bloggers, I have to say thank you so much to readers who:

  • Stopped by the blogs to check out the book
  • Left comments
  • Read the book
  • Liked me on Facebook
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  • Left a review for Soul Avenged on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble
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I appreciate your interest in the series!  I've got some fun and exciting things on the horizon so stay tuned!

Okay so WHAT'S NEXT???

First, if you missed them on the tour, I’ll be posting all of the Wrath Brother snippets right here to my website with links to the original blog posts.  Those fun little snippets will give you a peek at the banter that you can expect from these guys.

Second, Sons of Wrath #2 is already written.  But because I want to give you an even better story than Soul Avenged, I’m really tearing this sucker up in the edits before the editor stabs it with a sharp pen.  Next it will go to my lovely beta readers, who I’m hoping will claw the hell out of it.  After that, it’ll begin its journey toward publication.  All nice and shiny.  I’ll tell you--this one's a little bit darker than Soul Avenged and is probably my favorite story so far.

Here's a quick little snip (super short) from book 2:

Virgin.  The purity of the word cast a chill down his spine, like a stark white page about to be spattered with black ink.  Yeah, no lie, it kind of made him want her more.  Tasting her would only be the appetizer to what he had running through his mind—the main course, he’d spend hours savoring.  And she’d sure as hell be de-virginized by the end of it. 

Many times over.

Who?  My lips are sealed!

I will keep you updated on progress.  If you liked my Facebook page, you’ll find I’m pretty active there, keeping readers informed of what’s going on.


I have an idea in mind and I'd thought about doing a separate post but because this is going to be totally experimental on my part, I'm actually keeping it low key for now.  I'm running a Cover Model Contest for the Sons of Wrath #2!!  So I've been dropping off flyers at various locations where I might find a hunky guy to represent one of these sexy alpha brothers.  At first I wasn't sure how this would go, but the entries are coming in!  So I decided to open the contest up a little bit.

Do you know a physically fit male between the ages of 21-35 who is looking to build his modeling portfolio?  Send a head and torso shot (no full-on nudity please) to: .  Please indicate 'Model Search' in the subject line and be sure to provide contact information.  All entries will be reviewed and if a particular entrant has 'the look', he will be contacted with further details.

Okay...that's it for now!

I love chatting with readers and bloggers so if you have questions or just want to say hi @mention me on Twitter or post on my FB wall!