Soul Resurrected Scavenger Hunt Winner!!

Happy Humpday! Ordinarily this would be just another Wednesday in my week.

Not today though.

Today it is THE DAY that I get to announce the winner for the Soul Resurrected Scavenger Hunt and FINALLY reveal what’s in that mysterious black box!

After going through the answers, which honestly made me feel like a teacher grading papers – kinda cool – I narrowed it down to a handful of submissions that had 100% correct answers, including the bonus questions!

Man, you guys know your Sons of Wrath trivia!

If you’d like to check out the answers and compare to your own, I’ve uploaded the answer key here (it’s an Excel file):

[wpdm_file id=10 title="true" ]

So as I said, a handful of submissions scored one hundred percent.  Unfortunately, I can’t award this prize to all of them – as much I wish I could because they rock for tracking down these answers!

Instead, I turned to my beloved to pick a winner for me.

And so … the winner is …



{{drum roll please}}





You’re probably wondering what you’ve won, eh?

Here’s what’s in the mystery box:

1 - $40 Amazon gift card

1 – Limited edition print signed by Julian Christian & Keri Lake

1 – Signed copy of Soul Avenged

1 – Signed copy of Soul Resurrected

1 – Bookmark

And in addition to this, I’ve got a special prize just for you …

First, you’ll need to pick a sLoganism.

Say what?

A sLoganism is your favorite ‘Logan’ line from Soul Resurrected or Soul Avenged.  You know Brother Logan says some messed up shiznit on occasion, well, he also has some sweet melt-your-heart-and-panties lines too.  So take your pick.

Not only will I send you one of the t-shirts, but whatever sLoganism you choose will be included in my Sons of Wrath store for others to purchase!!

Miki, I’ll be emailing you soon with all the details, so keep an eye out for that.

Thank you so much to all the bloggers who participated in the Scavenger Hunt!

And huge thanks to all the hunters who tracked down the answers to the questions!  This was a lot of fun – definitely something I’d repeat.  Although … might have to make the questions a bit more challenging.

The Cover Model Contest is coming up next and trust me, you’ll wanna be signed up to my newsletter because ONLY newsletter subscribers will get sneaky peeks of all those drool-worthy contestants.

Sign up is easy!

Just go here:

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday!

Soul Resurrected Release Party & Contest!!

Today I'm over at Bitten by Books for a Release Party & Contest!  Stop by to chat with me.  I'll be here all day long so if you can't make it right away, no worries! Grab your drink of choice and come hang out!  The party starts at 1pm EST.

Here is the link to the post:

I'll also be giving away a $50 Amazon gift card just for this event!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope to see you there!!


You're Invited to the Soul Resurrected Release Party!!

On Thursday, December 12th, I'll be over at Bitten by Books for a Soul Resurrected Release Party!!  A $50.00 Amazon gift card is up for grabs just for this event.

If you click on the link below and RSVP, you get 25 extra entries when you show up to the event.


Be SURE to TWEET and FACEBOOK this link: so your friends can RSVP too!

Hurry!  Open to readers worldwide!  Hope to see you there!

Winners of the Soul Resurrected Tour-Wide Giveaway!!!

Awwww man!! The Soul Resurrected blog tour is just about over.  {{insert pouty face}}

BUT … the fun is still ongoing!  The last stop is December 10th over at Close Encounters of the Night Kind where I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of both Soul Avenged and Soul Resurrected.

Yes, the tour-wide giveaway is over and I’ll be announcing the winner below.

Ah ah ah!!!  No peeking yet!  Patience …

First, I gotta thank all of my rockstar bloggers on the tour because without them, I’d be sitting here twiddling my thumbs, hoping someone would read my books.  If you love romance, go follow these bloggers!  They won’t steer you wrong and some of their reviews are downright entertaining to read.

Talk Supe  PRUFReads  Lola’s Reviews  Romancing the Dark Side  The Autumn Review  Paranormal Cravings  Reading Between the Wines  Reality Bites, Let’s Get Lost  A Tiffyfit’s Reading Corner  J.A. Belfield Blog  Reading Infection  The Darkest Reader  Book Lovin’ Mamas  I Smell Sheep  The Jeep Diva  That’s What I’m Talking About  Herding Cats & Burning Soup  Scribbler’s Sojourn  The Reading Cafe  A Simple Love of Reading  Hesperia Loves Books  The Demon Librarian  Paranormal Reads Reviews  Rabid Reads  Awesomesauce Book Club  Book Soulmates  The Raven’s Quill  Live, Read & Breathe  The Book Nympho  Moonlight Gleam’s Bookshelf  Under the Covers  Booked & Loaded  Gravetells News & Reviews  Keepin It Real  Fictional Candy  My Random Muse  Pages of Forbidden Love  Rumor Has It  Bookaroo-Ju-audio interview  Paranormal Book Club   Smexy Bookaholics  Love N. Books  Cocktails & Books  Love N. Books  Jean Booknerd- Vlog Post  Hook Me Up  Close Encounters of the Night Kind

Second, all of you readers who followed the tour, left comments at each stop, tweeted, shared, recommended and helped me spread the word about my book – thank you.  I adore each and every one of you.  And like the bloggers, I’d never get the word out about my writing without you.

I got nothin’ but love for all y’all.

Moving along …

I still have those scavenger hunt responses to go through.


Come back to the Scavenger Hunt page right here on my website on DECEMBER 11TH, 2013 when the Google doc will go live and you can submit all your answers at the same time.

(if there’s any confusion with this, just shoot me an email and I shall do my best to explain)

The MYSTERY PRIZE is still up for grabs!


You’ll be receiving an invitation to my Virtual Release Party, hosted by Bitten by Books on DECEMBER 12TH.

Grab your favorite drink (I’ll be sure to have a margarita on hand) and head over where I’ll be hanging out, chatting with all of you about the Sons of Wrath and whatever else you wanna talk about.

I’ll also be giving away a $50 Amazon gift card so make sure you pop in and say hello!


I know what you REALLY came here for.  So you wanna know who won the tour-wide giveaway???

Well you’re all winners to me.  But here are the two chosen by the Rafflecopter gods, who walk away with the prize packs:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’ll be emailing both of you for all the deets.

Thank you again!



Happy Halloween!!

I don’t know what it is about release day … it’s like having a second and third birthday throughout the year—and oddly enough, NEVER GETS OLD.

Today SOUL RESURRECTED, the second book in my Sons of Wrath series, releases on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and will soon be available on Kobo and other channels as well.  Nab a copy in ebook and/or print:

Amazon (Kindle) | Amazon (Print) | Barnes & Noble (Nook) | Signed Print

During the blog tour (see below for more info) that begins next week and runs through December, for anyone willing to leave an honest review of the book on Amazon or Goodreads, I’ll be randomly drawing a name for an Amazon gift card!  Long or brief, EVERY review is appreciated.

Okay, so on to the BLOG TOUR deets …

I have about 50 wonderful bloggers participating in the blog tour and tour-wide giveaway.  Score points on the Rafflecopter form at each stop!  There are some fun Sons of Wrath snippets, a couple posts on writing these crazy characters and just a few interviews thrown in.  I’ll also have my Top 10 Muses of All Time and songs that the Sons like to listen to when they’re getting down and dirty.

Here are the prizes I'll be giving away (OPEN INTERNATIONALLY):

 Once again, I'll be lurking through the blogs, awarding swag to random folks who leave a comment!

Grab your favorite cocktail and stop by the Bitten by Books release party on DECEMBER 12TH!

You can check out the links to the blogs here:

In addition to the Blog Tour ….

This time, I’m conducting a tour-wide Scavenger Hunt.  Of the 50 bloggers on the tour, approximately 25 will be participating in the hunt.  Dates and bloggers are listed HERE on the Scavenger Hunt page.  Print off the answer sheet and HANG ON TO IT.  On each scheduled hunt day, stop by the participating bloggers’ sites.  Answer the question included in the tour post.  The questions will be taken from my site.  You may need to look at past blog posts, book pages, glossary pages, but all answers will be available right here!!  I do have some bonus questions taken from SOUL AVENGED.

ON DECEMBER 11TH, once the tour has ended and all your responses are recorded on the sheet, I will be activating the answer submission form.  Come back to the Scavenger Hunt Page and you’ll be able to type in your (in most cases) one-word response and click ‘submit’.

The hunter with the most correct answers will win a MYSTERY PRIZE.

I won’t tell you what it is …

I’ll just say, I’ve made it worth your time to participate in the hunt.

Click below for the Scavenger Hunt Page and to see the participating blogs:

And finally ...

I just want to finish this post by saying thank you to all of my readers.  The messages, the emails, the kind comments and reviews mean more than you know.  And so, I've dedicated Soul Resurrected to you:

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.  It's dark, violent, steamy, and really tore my heart out at times, but it was an absolute labor of love.  Logan's a pretty cold and damaged guy.   I think he'll surprise you though, because he sure as hell surprised me.

BE SURE to check back here on November 6th when the tour begins!

You can sign up to my Newsletter (right sidebar) and receive pre-release notification of my books.  PLUS … just for signing up, you’ll receive exclusive sneaky peeks at Cover Model Contest contestants and links to upcoming episodes I’ll be posting from a serial I'm working on, titled Naphil.  I’m dubbing it a new adult, post-apocalyptic urban fantasy with angels and demons.  More information to come.  The links to these episodes will ONLY be provided to newsletter subscribers!


Grab a copy of Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1) here:

Amazon (Kindle)Amazon (Print)  |  Barnes & Noble (Nook)






The Soul Avenged Blog Tour has officially ended and I'm actually kind of bummed about that.  Not gonna lie--it’s been a lot fun hopping around from blog to blog!  Like I've been partying for the last month and now the hangover's setting in. So you probably want to know--who won the big giveaway?? 

Here are the winners: a Rafflecopter giveaway


I did a bit of prowling through the posts and Holly Collins was selected as winner of the $10 Amazon gift card!

Congratulations to all and thank you for following the tour.

But now that the tour is over, what’s to come?

I’ll give you an update on what I’ve got going on in my secret lab (and a little sneak preview of Sons of Wrath #2).  Before I do that though, I have to thank all of the FANDAMNTABULOUS bloggers who spent the month pimping my book.  You are just too wonderful for words.  Some of you tweeted and shared FB updates for other bloggers as well and I'm just amazed by the camaraderie of the blogging community.  I’m so glad to have met all of you and I look forward to talking books and working with you on future releases!  Some of you also left very humbling reviews as well and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that!  Bloggers are my heroes!  Seriously, I love LOVE you guys.

For readers who want to keep up on the latest in paranormal romance and urban fantasy, these are some of the best blogs on the net to check out: (click on the links)

Lola’s Reviews Bookaroo-Ju Delphina Reads Too Much Romancing the Dark Side K-Books Scribbler’s Sojourn Talk Supe The Raven’s Quill J.A. Belfield Bawdy Book Blog Reading Infection Bianca2b Booked & Loaded Reading Between the Wines I Smell Sheep Readaholics Reviews PRUFReads Blog The Jeep Diva Rabid Reads Jocelyn Adams Paranormal Reads Bitten by Paranormal Romance Book Monster Reviews Carolyn Brown Blog The Autumn Review GraveTells Reviews News Twimom227 Steve McHugh Blog Paranormal Itch Reviews Jean BookNerd Paranormal Book Club Urban Fantasy Reviews Moonlight Gleam Bookshelf The Reading Cafe Bitten by Books – Virtual Launch Party! Book Lovin’ Mamas Synchronized Reading DemonLover’s Books & More Pages of Forbidden Love Awesomesauce Books Herding Cats & Burning Soup Paranormal Cravings Under the Covers A Simple Love of Reading Fictional Candy

In addition to these kickass bloggers, I have to say thank you so much to readers who:

  • Stopped by the blogs to check out the book
  • Left comments
  • Read the book
  • Liked me on Facebook
  • Followed me on Twitter
  • Left a review for Soul Avenged on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble
  • Added Soul Avenged to your TBR lists
  • Chatted with me at the Soul Avenged Release Party

I appreciate your interest in the series!  I've got some fun and exciting things on the horizon so stay tuned!

Okay so WHAT'S NEXT???

First, if you missed them on the tour, I’ll be posting all of the Wrath Brother snippets right here to my website with links to the original blog posts.  Those fun little snippets will give you a peek at the banter that you can expect from these guys.

Second, Sons of Wrath #2 is already written.  But because I want to give you an even better story than Soul Avenged, I’m really tearing this sucker up in the edits before the editor stabs it with a sharp pen.  Next it will go to my lovely beta readers, who I’m hoping will claw the hell out of it.  After that, it’ll begin its journey toward publication.  All nice and shiny.  I’ll tell you--this one's a little bit darker than Soul Avenged and is probably my favorite story so far.

Here's a quick little snip (super short) from book 2:

Virgin.  The purity of the word cast a chill down his spine, like a stark white page about to be spattered with black ink.  Yeah, no lie, it kind of made him want her more.  Tasting her would only be the appetizer to what he had running through his mind—the main course, he’d spend hours savoring.  And she’d sure as hell be de-virginized by the end of it. 

Many times over.

Who?  My lips are sealed!

I will keep you updated on progress.  If you liked my Facebook page, you’ll find I’m pretty active there, keeping readers informed of what’s going on.


I have an idea in mind and I'd thought about doing a separate post but because this is going to be totally experimental on my part, I'm actually keeping it low key for now.  I'm running a Cover Model Contest for the Sons of Wrath #2!!  So I've been dropping off flyers at various locations where I might find a hunky guy to represent one of these sexy alpha brothers.  At first I wasn't sure how this would go, but the entries are coming in!  So I decided to open the contest up a little bit.

Do you know a physically fit male between the ages of 21-35 who is looking to build his modeling portfolio?  Send a head and torso shot (no full-on nudity please) to: .  Please indicate 'Model Search' in the subject line and be sure to provide contact information.  All entries will be reviewed and if a particular entrant has 'the look', he will be contacted with further details.

Okay...that's it for now!

I love chatting with readers and bloggers so if you have questions or just want to say hi @mention me on Twitter or post on my FB wall!



SOUL AVENGED LAUNCH DAY!! #SoulAvenged #LaunchDay

It’s Launch Day!!

I’m so damn excited today!  First, my niece was born yesterday afternoon--Baby Jillian ❤  And second, I finally get to share the story and the tough-as-nails protagonist I’ve had chained and locked up for over a year now.  Yep, Soul Avenged is NOW AVAILABLE in both ebook and paperback!

Grab a copy here:

Amazon (Kindle)Amazon (Print)  |  Barnes & Noble (Nook)


Add it to your Goodreads shelf  HERE.


Launch Day also means the official Kickoff of the Soul Avenged Blog Tour!!

In addition to some fun guest blogs, interviews and Sons of Wrath snippets, I’ve got some fantastic prizes to give away.  Check it out:

Grand Prize:

1-Kindle Fire HD (approximate value $199) OR $199 Paypal Cash

1-Sephora Bath & Body X’s and O’s Gift Set

1-Signed Paperback Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1)

1-Sons of Wrath t-shirt

1-Sons of Wrath coffee mug

1-Soul Avenged Notebook

1st Runner-Up:

1-$25 iTunes giftcard

1-Signed Paperback Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1)

1-Sons of Wrath t-shirt

1-Soul Avenged coffee mug

1-Sons of Wrath notebook

2nd Runner-Up:

1-Signed Paperback Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1)

1-Sons of Wrath t-shirt

Participating blogs will have a Rafflecopter form where you can enter to win one of these great prize packs!  This giveaway will run throughout the month of the tour.  ONE of the ways you can enter to win is leaving a comment on the blog.  And you WILL want to do this.


Because you never know where or when I’ll be lurking and decide to randomly give something away!  Yeah, I'm sneaky like that ... So be sure to include an email address where you can be contacted as well.

You can check out the full BLOG TOUR Schedule HERE.

There are some fandamntabulous bloggers participating on this tour, so if you’re a book lover, be sure to sign up for their blogs because they give some entertaining and informative info on the hottest new releases.  They’ll keep you up-to-date and in-the-know!

On February 28th, I’ll be over at Bitten by Books for a Virtual Launch Party!  One winner will be selected to win a $50 Amazon gift card (open internationally).  Here I’ll also be doing a Q&A in the comments, so feel free to ask me whatever you like!


If you love the book, spread the word!

I’m building My Beautiful Readers page and would love to add you!  Take a picture with one of my books (cover page on ereader is fine), wearing Halos or Soul Avenged swag or just the book itself in your favorite reading spot if you’re camera shy like me.  Tell me what you enjoyed about the book.  Voila!  You’re officially part of the crew!

Now go, go, GO!!  And don’t forget to leave those comments!  Muahahahahahaha!

Just Breathe by Kendall Grey - Blog Tour: Musical Inspiration

A couple months ago I asked to be a part of the amazing Kendall Grey’s Just Breath Blog Tour.  For the post, I wanted to do something fun, so I asked Kendall if she could prepare a vlog about music—specifically how music inspires her writing.  For me, this is such an exciting topic because music is a HUGE part of my writing routine.  I cannot type a single word without getting in the zone first, and getting in the zone requires some musical inspiration.

Characters, scenes, entire novels have blossomed from a single song.  And I often wonder if other writers experience the same.  So I’m gonna zip my virtual mouth and let Kendall talk about what role music plays in her writing:

Haha!  I'm so with you on the pop music ... yeah uh, not my thing either.  I need something to get my adrenaline pumped when I sit down to write.  Loved the responses Kendall!  So glad to have you on the blog today.

The Just Breathe trilogy is getting great reviews on Amazon & Goodreads, ranked in the top 100 for urban fantasy and romance, and Kendall has built quite a following for her unique and kickass characters (Elementals).  Want to pick up a copy?  Of course you do!  Not only are you supporting a great author, you're supporting a great cause because Kendall has generously donated proceeds from the sales of her trilogy to whale education.

In case you missed it, check out my earlier blog post where you'll find more information about her new release.

You can purchase Just Breathe on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Be sure to leave a review!  Readers are essential to an author's career and every opinion counts!

That's not all!!  Kendall has a pretty awesome giveaway going on right now for a Kindle Fire HD or $199 in cash!  Fill out the rafflecopter form via link below for your chance to win:

Soul Avenged Blog Tour Announcement! #SoulAvenged

First, I want to say thank you again to all the bloggers who helped with the Soul Avenged cover reveal.  Pimpin' ain't easy ... You guys are the bestest!!  As I mentioned in my cover reveal post, Soul Avenged will be released February 6th, 2013

Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath #1)

I’m reaching out to all of my blogger friends to help spread the word about the release of Soul Avenged.  A "First in the Series" Kickoff!!

Over the last year, I’ve established a wonderful relationship with many of you and am humbled by the love I’ve received.  You guys rock my world!  So for any blogger who signs up for the blog tour (and would be willing to leave me a review of the book on Goodreads or Amazon), I will provide you with an ARCpass that will give you access to a FREE ebook download of Soul Avenged two weeks before it’s released!  ARCs will go out January 23rd

Just indicate on the form (below) that you are interested in the ARCpass and that you’d be willing to leave a review.  Voila!


You guys are so fandamntabulous, that I’m giving away some Sons of Wrath swag to ONE randomly chosen blogger who signs up for the blog tour!

If you think you’d like to participate, please fill out the following form:

The blog tour will run February 6th – March 6th

[gravityform id=4 name=SoulAvenged Blog Tour Sign Up title=false description=false]

Be sure to let me know what kind of post you’d like to do and give me at least 3 dates (your first being the preferred date).  I will do my best to accommodate your first choice.  A media kit will be mailed to the email address you enter on the form.

Sign up ends January 10th, so get those dates in ASAP! Gotta have time to prepare the posts before the madness begins.


  • The tour will run February 6, 2013 - March 6, 2013.
  • Please provide alternate dates in addition to your preferred date
  • I will email a media kit to the email address provided on the form
  • This is an adult Paranormal Romance
  • Release day for Soul Avenged is February 6th.
  • If you sign up for a review blog post, please be willing to leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon
  • Author will provide an ebook ARC to any blogger wishing to review the book for the blog tour
  • ARCs will be released on January 23rd – you will receive an email with an ARCpass that directs you to the page where you can download a free ebook in ePub or Kindle format on January 23rd.


Any questions?  Shoot me an email: