Male Call: Fun and Exciting News!!

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I had this great idea for a Cover Model Contest.  I’ve been keeping this kind of low-key because it’s somewhat experimental for me.  See, there were many unknown variables in this venture and I didn’t want to go all public and get caught up in something that I’d end up regretting. Like what?

Well, when I sent out flyers to local gyms and college campuses asking for photos of sexy alpha male types, that could’ve very well been a disaster—an open invite to some, uh, interesting entries…


I’m thrilled to say that the entries are coming in and they are very nicely done, very professional.  Kudos to all the entrants who’ve submitted pics so far.  Not that I needed any more reason to love this job, but you just added a whole new level of fun to the daily grind.

Man, it’s my turn to be professional and try not to act like a giddy schoolgirl over these muscly bods…

So here’s how this thing is going to work:

And to set the mood for this post--I hope you don't mind--I've sprinkled some Mancandy throughout ... add a little sugar and spice.  The ones I've received for the contest are not included in this mix, but I have to say--they are just as yummy!

I’m running the contest until midnight on June 7th.  Once all entries have been received, I will begin drooling over er, I mean, narrowing the contestants down to about two or three that I think closely resemble the character in book 2.  Depending on how many entries are received, there may be up to five or six finalists selected.

What’s next?

I’m putting the vote to my readers!  That’s right!  YOU will pick the next hunky alpha to appear on the cover of book two!

*coughs*  You're welcome for that one ...

As I’ve mentioned throughout the Soul Avenged blog tour, Logan’s book is next.  Pick up a copy of Soul Avenged to learn more about his character and help me select the right guy for the cover!

Excuse me a moment ... *dabs drool at corner of mouth*

You’ll want to catch up on your reading anyway because I’ve got some pretty fun giveaways coming up.

I’ll be accepting entries all the way through June so if you happen to KNOW a sexy alpha type who might be trying to build his portfolio—physically fit, between the ages of 21-35—have him send a head and torso shot to .  Indicate ‘Model Search’ in the subject line and be sure to include contact information.

If he’s got the look, he might just land himself on the cover of the book!  <<hey, I’m a poet and didn’t know it, check that out!

Rope ... *zones out*

And if you know of a gym that’s just teeming with these drool-worthy Adonis types, shoot me an email and I’ll see about having flyers set out there.  Just think, the guy who catches your eye and makes your pulse rate fly could be sitting snug in your palms.  Just sayin!  Don’t be shy…  <<I'm on a roll here, people!


Anyone you refer who makes it to the final round is going to earn YOU a sweet little prize ...

*long stare*  you see?  I get WAY too distracted.  I need your help to choose!!

Whataya say?  Are you up for the task?

Now go back and read this blog post again because I'm certain you have no idea what I said ... hell, I don't even remember what I said so I'll surely be re-reading this.  Again.  And again.  And again.