Cover Reveal: THE FALLEN

It's here!!! Man, I've been DYING to show this sucker off!  As I've mentioned in previous posts, at the request of a very awesome reader during the Bitten by Books party, I decided that Xander's story had to be told.  This book will be a prequel to Soul Avenged, a spinoff of the Sons of Wrath world, but NOT part of the overarching storyline that spans the series.

It can be read as a standalone.

I'm labeling this an erotic novel based on the content.  Yes, I said NOVEL because when I set out to write a NOVELLA, it just doesn't work.  This book is looking to be 60K words--short for me, but still considered a novel.  Therefore, I'm dubbing it a short novel.  Ha!

Even though it's longer than I originally planned, it's still going to be FREE.  There will NOT be paperback copies available for purchase, but if you're signed up to my VIP email list, there will be opportunities to WIN a signed paperback!  Get signed up today and you'll be able to view ALL FOUR candidates in the Cover Model Contest for Soul Enslaved and vote for the two finalists!!  A special perk for all my wonderful email subscribers.

As I've said before, this is the first time I've had to slap a warning on the book based on content. In all fairness though, this is Xander we're talking about.  If you've read Soul Resurrected, you know he's a character who kind of walks a very fine line between good and baaaaaaaad.  He was not originally created to be a hero.

You've been warned.

Huge thanks to my ridiculously talented brother, Ryan, for the design of this cover.

If you could share this post to get it out there in the blogosphere, I would be incredibly grateful! ❤

Okay, enough of the blah blah blah.  Without further delay, allow me to present, THE FALLEN (A Sons of Wrath Prequel):


To catch the Fallen, you have to become the very evil you were bred to slay.

Show loyalty.  Be willing to go deep into the gritty underbelly of the world, where the vilest acts of human carnage thrive and seep into your mind like a black poison, consuming every part of you that was once good.  Ignore your dark cravings and keep to the most important rule of all: never save the mortals.

This is the life of a Sentinel.

Some call us the toughest angels in the heavens.  Unbreakable.  But even the strong can break in the face of temptation.

Human females have always been the forbidden fruit for our kind—an enticement I’ve resisted for centuries, until she came along.

Karinna lusts for vengeance.

She wants inside the darkness, where the Fallen own the corrupted streets of Detroit—the perfect bait to take down the biggest crime ring the city has ever known.

I want her.  To have her, though, I’ll have to break the rules.

For one taste of the forbidden, I’ll have to commit the most heinous sin of all …


An exact release date for this book has not yet been determined but will likely be April 2014!!  In the meantime, add it to your Goodreads shelf:

The Fallen (A Sons of Wrath Novella, #0.5)


I'd love to have you assist with The Fallen Release Day Blast!!  If you've got openings in April, please sign up below:

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Upcoming Events n Stuff

It’s September. Sep



Where the hell did this summer go??

A minute ago I was celebrating 4th of July with the fam, hanging out in the pool all day long and now I’m drinking pumpkin spice latte while my TV flips back and forth to all the football games!

I can’t complain though.  It means I’m that much closer to the release of Soul Resurrected. 

OCTOBER 31ST, 2013

That’s right … the kiddies won’t be the only ones scoring a Halloween treat.

The blog tour for Soul Resurrected will follow and run from November 6th through December 6th.

I’ve got some mad love for all the bloggers too because nearly every open slot is filled.  It’s going to be a full calendar of fun!

Know why?  Know why?

I’m sending you off on a scavenger hunt!

That’s right …

In addition to some awesome prizes that I’ll be giving away via Rafflecopter, one lucky winner’s gonna score a MYSTERY PRIZE.  I’ve been putting together some cool stuff to give away for the tour.  Be sure to get caught up on your reading!

More details to come so sit tight!


Mark your calendars because the Night Owl Review’s Halloween Scavenger Hunt begins!  Participating authors are giving away pretty awesome prizes!!  I’m giving away some Sons of Wrath Love.  So be SURE to come back for that.

I’ll have an announcement post but see that Halloween graphic on the side bar? >>>  click on that and it’ll take you right to the hunt.

I’ll also be participating in the All Hallows Eve event hosted by Book Chick City.  This begins October 1st and runs through the 31st.

Lots of stuff coming up …

You see why I’ve been MIA?  Sheesh!  I can hardly keep my head straight.

In addition to that, Soul Enslaved is underway!  And that means another Cover Model Contest is right around the corner!

Poor me … I’ll have to weed through muscles and cute smiles again.    *sigh* how ever will I get through the day?

Man, Gavin’s gonna be a tough one too … perhaps the model gods will drop a smooth and sexy alpha right into my lap.  *bites lip and prays*

I’ve teased out some of his backstory and this one’s going to be hard to write.  The guy's gone through a whole lot of hell.  Little out of my comfort zone, but hey, ya gotta push yourself, right?

Finally, for those of you interested in the audiobook version of Soul Avenged, I’ve received lots of auditions and I think I may have found the voice to handle all these crazy ass demons.  I’ll keep you posted on this as well.

Okay, quick recap:

  • September 15th:  Night Owl Review Halloween Scavenger Hunt begins
  • October 1st:  Book Chick City’s All Hallow’s Eve Event begins
  • October 31st:  SOUL RESURRECTED RELEASES!!!  <<Are you ready for this??
  • November 6th-December 6th:  Soul Resurrected Blog Tour

Wishing all of you a fandamntabulous week!


Grab a copy of Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1) here:

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And The Winner Is ...

Yeah, okay I said I was going to post the results tomorrow, but ya know?

Who’s gonna complain that they’re a day early???

Man, I’ve never been so eager to calculate a spreadsheet full of numbers in my life!!  I attended a wedding on Saturday and all I could think about, aside from the relentless loop of AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long playing in my head (thanks, Cheeks!), was how badly I wanted to get home and do my homework.

For months I’ve been going through portfolios, searching for the face of Logan and now, I finally get to announce him!!

Before I do, just want to quickly thank some people who were an integral part of this contest and made it a successful venture:

To all of the models:

Not just the final five, but ALL the guys (over 200 candidates) who submitted their portfolios. Thanks so much for the daily distraction and for taking an interest in the contest!

To my top 5 candidates

(Michael Ceorgoveanu, Julian Christian, Jon Mahoney, Ajdin Sefer and Adriel)

I had no idea what to expect with this contest.  You guys made it fun and exciting, not just for me, but for readers as well.  Your drop dead good looks combined with your bios and interview responses brought such variety to all the different traits of this character—from cocky bad boy, to Logan’s tortured side.  Thank you so much for taking the time and participating.  And uh … for giving me something to stare at the past few months, of course.  *coughs*

Definitely something I’d repeat.

To the bloggers who helped me spread the word:

Love my pimps!

Booked and Loaded, Bookaroo-Ju, Reality Bites Let's Get Lost, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Reviews & Goodies, Paranormal Book Club, Prufreads Blog, Book Lovin Mamas, Under the Covers, Reading Between the Wines Book Club, Romancing the Dark Side, Got Fiction, Fictional Candy, Herding Cats & Burning Soup, Talk Supe, Reading Infection, The Drunken Pervy Creepers, The Autumn Review

Thank you so much!

Finally, to my readers:

I wanted to find a way to make you a part of my next book, to give you something fun and entertaining as you patiently await Logan’s story.  Even if your guy didn’t win, you own a part of this story because you got to know the character, you participated, you provided your input, you spread the word and your name will be included in the acknowledgments (if you opted to be included)!

I can promise you that there will be more opportunities throughout this series for all of you to own a part of my stories.  Thanks so much for reading them and giving me a big reason to love what I do.

YOU made this contest a success!!

Okay, on to the winners of the $50 Amazon gift cards and t-shirts:

Congratulations to Elizabeth K. H. and Judith C.!

I also picked another winner from the comments on the voting page for a Sons of Wrath Swag Pack:

Congratulations to Veronica de Luna!

I shall be emailing all of the winners today.


to find out which sexy candidate I’ll be drooling er, will serve as my muse for book two.

The votes have been aggregated, calculated, obsessed over.

And I’m incredibly excited to announce that ...

JULIAN CHRISTIAN will represent the face of Logan for Soul Resurrected!!

If you happen to recall from his spotlight (did anyone read what I wrote or …) I mentioned that it was this photo that got me all tingly about advancing him to the finalists:

 I can't help it ... now every time I look at this photo, the song pops into my head.  Thinkin' its his badass expression ...

This is good.  Very good.

After all, it was this song that inspired the character.

Guess what?

The genius photographer behind this photo, David Wagner of WagnerLA Photography, will be working with me on the cover design, which means, (not that he needed any help, mind you), Julian will be looking dayum good when it’s all said and done.

I mentioned in a previous post that David also photographed the sexy Italian model who will be the face of Calix in book four.  And um … wow.  I’ll share those as soon as I can.  Excuse me ... *picks jaw up off the floor*

And since Soul Resurrected (Book Two) is slated for fall publication, y’all get to see the final results very soon as I’ll be scheduling the cover reveal next!


Gonna need something hard-hitting to tone down my excitement a little!!

Quickly, I’ll just mention that I’m nearly finished with my edits.  I know, I know.  WTF?!  Well, more than anything, I want to give you guys a great story.  I can’t bring myself to throw out a bunch of shite for the sake of a deadline.  So I’m slightly behind but will be handing off the manuscript to my betas next week.

Betas … I’ll be hunting you down soon!

Lastly, if your guy didn’t happen to win this particular cover—and I’m asking that all voters please be respectful to all candidates in the contest—fret not, for there are plenty of books and novellas plotted for this series.  You might just see his handsome face on a future cover!

Gavin’s book is next … and I can’t WAIT to begin looking for the gorgeous face that will represent him in Soul Enslaved.

Thank you again for helping me choose the guy.

All five of the candidates are absolutely drool-worthy, and if left up to me, would've been squished together onto one cover.

Come to think of it ...

What a smokin' hot mess that would've been!

Grab a copy of Soul Avenged here:

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Soul Avenged is Only 99 Cents This Weekend Only!!

In just a couple of weeks, voting for my next cover model will begin!  YOU, my lovely readers, will pick the sexy face of Logan. I’m so excited for these cover model reveals, I might just piss off my neighbors by screaming at the top of my lungs for the next hour!

I'm in the mood to celebrate.

So because I want YOU to know this character before you vote, I’m lowering the price of Soul Avenged (digital format) for 3 DAYS ONLY.

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Soul Avenged, now’s your chance to nab it while it’s less than a buck!!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can buy the first book in my Sons of Wrath series for 99 cents!!

Spread the word because this deal ends Sunday night!

Remember, bringing a friend to vote increases your chances of winning one of two Amazon gift cards I’m giving away during the contest.  Share the news and get to know Logan before the voting begins.

Go, go, go!!!

I'll be posting an excerpt from Book 2 soon so stay tuned y'all!

Grab a copy of Soul Avenged here:

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Cover Model Teaser #4!! #CoverModelContest #SonsOfWrath

It’s happening again … I’ll blame it on the fact that Soul Resurrected is written, in edits, and I can’t really torment my characters much, that I feel the need to take it out on all of you.

My diabolical half has, once again, coerced my (otherwise angelic) self into serving up another inbox teaser from the Cover Model Contest.  By now, you know the drill:  a cropped, blurry, pixelated, ripped body—cruel on my part, I know.

I’m certain you haven’t even bothered with my ramblings this time and have scrolled straight for the goods.

For those who haven’t bailed on me yet, thanks for sticking it out.  You have incredible willpower because, yeah, I’d have skipped the first half of this blog post too and zeroed in on what’s really important here.

I'll keep this brief.  A reminder:

JUNE 10-14   COVER MODEL SPOTLIGHTS (Get to know these guys)


And just for stopping in to vote, you'll not only exercise the power to choose my next cover model, I'll also include you in the acknowledgments of book 2 on a special 'Contributors' page AND you'll score VIP access to nab the book before its released!

I’m still going through all of the entries, as they continue to come in.  Keep in mind, the contest runs until June, meaning there will be lots of perfectly sculpted abs and pecs (and biceps ... mmm) to keep my salivary glands in working order.  And lets not forget those lady-killing smiles to go along with them!


Oh wait … you guys haven’t seen those yet.  Sorry.  *snicker*

I’ll keep at it though, because I want to give you one kickass cover for the next book.  One you’ll hold in the palm of your hand, biting your lip as you ponder what exactly a washboard stomach tastes like.

All right.  Enough of my blah-blah-blah.  I know what you really want.

Believe me when I say, it hurts to have to mess with these pics.

Here's today’s teaser:

And if you're reading this at work, make sure your boss doesn't catch you licking the screen …

Le sigh.

Somewhere in the world, this body, hidden beneath a perfectly normal t-shirt, is leaving behind a wake of distraction in every female he passes.

(Source: )

The Cover Model Contest runs until June 7th and YOU will vote on the final guy for the cover.  Book two is Logan's story.  Want to know more about him?

Grab a copy of Soul Avenged here:

Amazon (Kindle)Amazon (Print)  |  Barnes & Noble (Nook)

Cover Model Teaser #3!! #CoverModelContest #SonsOfWrath

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I have another finalist for the Cover Model Contest. First though, a little blah blah blah and then I’ll give you what you came here to see.

The entries continue to trickle in for this contest—from all over the world, which is actually pretty cool.  The challenge is weeding through all these entries to find ‘the one’ most aligned with my character from book two.

This is not an easy task.  Sure, it sounds fun as all hell to drool over chiseled bodies and handsome faces.  The fact remains, I’m on a mission to find the most fitting guy for the cover.  And I can’t speak for all writers, of course, but I happen to be one picky biotch when it comes to my muse.  So to have found four suitable candidates is nothing short of a miracle.

I mentioned it before, but here is what I have in mind for this contest:

During the week of JUNE 10TH – 14TH, I will be spotlighting the candidates.  This is when you’ll FINALLY get to see their faces in addition to those muscly bods.  (I promise to lock away my inner tease who likes to torment you by blurring and cropping the pics).  They’ll provide more pictures, bios, as well as links where you can like/follow them and get to know who these guys are before you vote.

Voting will commence on JUNE 14TH and continue through the 28th.  I’ll be running a giveaway at that time as well, and anyone you bring along with you to vote will increase your chances of winning.  So if you KNOW someone who likes paranormal romance, tell them to check out Soul Avenged to get themselves all cozy and acquainted with this character before the voting begins!  And if your friend pops in to vote, you’ll score a bonus entry into the drawing.

Okay okay.  Enough with the deets.  Let’s move on to the candy, shall we?  You know the deal—cropped, blurred.  Sorry!  I promise you’ll see much more in those spotlights.

I happen to know today is his birthday too, so let's show him some love.

I give you today’s teaser …

Too bad you can’t see the cute smirk to go along with this pose.

*evil, taunting laugh*


Oh yes, that's ink on that muscled bicep!

No doubt, this guy is raising temperatures wherever he goes ...

(Source: )

The Cover Model Contest runs until June 7th and YOU will vote on the final guy for the cover.  Book two is Logan's story.  Want to know more about him?

Grab a copy of Soul Avenged here:

Amazon (Kindle)Amazon (Print)  |  Barnes & Noble (Nook)

Cover Model Contest Teaser #2!!

Ever get in one of those really wicked moods?  The kind that insists you stir up a little trouble? Yeah, I’m feeling that right now … so I decided to channel this mischievous energy and torment all of you with another teaser for my Cover Model Contest.  haha!

I’m telling you, somewhere deep inside of me is a dark and deranged scientist just itching to escape and raise some hell…

After all, it takes a twisted mind to morph a perfectly good photo of a muscled body into a maddeningly blurred version of the original.

Who does that?!

Only a crazy person.

But in my defense--again--can’t show off these tasty mancandy treats until the day of the contest, so you’ll just have to salivate over what little bits and pieces I can offer until then.

I promise you’ll not be disappointed when it comes time to vote.  I’ve been toiling away, hand-selecting the finalists from over 100 entries that I’ve received over the last couple of weeks.  And they keep trickling in!  Remember, this contest runs until June, people!


Say what you will, its NOT easy picking through images of half-naked men whose pecs and abs look like they were chiseled to perfection by an old master.

Anyway, I know you didn’t come here today to read my ramblings, so I’ll just cut it short and show you the goods.

Go ahead … brush your fingers across the screen.

It’s okay to touch.  *snicker*

Imagine these abs cloaked behind the white button-down shirt and tie, sitting across from you at the next Board meeting.

Le purrr ...

That visual ought to make even the most painful three-hour meeting a little more tolerable (if not downright exciting).  Just make sure the object of your ogling doesn’t catch you sitting there biting your lip the whole time.

Although, maybe that's not such a bad thing, come to think of it.

*raises coffee cup*  Cheers!

The Cover Model Contest runs until June 7th, after which, I'll be narrowing down the contestants and YOU will vote on the final guy for the cover.  Book two is Logan's story.  Want to know more about him?

Grab a copy of Soul Avenged here:

Amazon (Kindle)Amazon (Print)  |  Barnes & Noble (Nook)






My First Vlog


Okay I'm going to keep this post short this week.  Just wanted to take a moment to share a first experience for me:  vlogging.  I know for many, it's not a big deal--sitting in front of a camera with no one around and chatting is just a natural thing for some people.  For me though, it's absolutely frightening.

But I'm all about facing fears, so here goes ...

This is a vlog that I was asked to prepare and discuss the characters of Soul Avenged, but since there was a bit of a mix-up, I'm just gonna give you a sneak peek.  I can now cross vlogging off the list ...

Next up on that list of to-dos?  Jumping out of an airplane.

Male Call: Fun and Exciting News!!

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that I had this great idea for a Cover Model Contest.  I’ve been keeping this kind of low-key because it’s somewhat experimental for me.  See, there were many unknown variables in this venture and I didn’t want to go all public and get caught up in something that I’d end up regretting. Like what?

Well, when I sent out flyers to local gyms and college campuses asking for photos of sexy alpha male types, that could’ve very well been a disaster—an open invite to some, uh, interesting entries…


I’m thrilled to say that the entries are coming in and they are very nicely done, very professional.  Kudos to all the entrants who’ve submitted pics so far.  Not that I needed any more reason to love this job, but you just added a whole new level of fun to the daily grind.

Man, it’s my turn to be professional and try not to act like a giddy schoolgirl over these muscly bods…

So here’s how this thing is going to work:

And to set the mood for this post--I hope you don't mind--I've sprinkled some Mancandy throughout ... add a little sugar and spice.  The ones I've received for the contest are not included in this mix, but I have to say--they are just as yummy!

I’m running the contest until midnight on June 7th.  Once all entries have been received, I will begin drooling over er, I mean, narrowing the contestants down to about two or three that I think closely resemble the character in book 2.  Depending on how many entries are received, there may be up to five or six finalists selected.

What’s next?

I’m putting the vote to my readers!  That’s right!  YOU will pick the next hunky alpha to appear on the cover of book two!

*coughs*  You're welcome for that one ...

As I’ve mentioned throughout the Soul Avenged blog tour, Logan’s book is next.  Pick up a copy of Soul Avenged to learn more about his character and help me select the right guy for the cover!

Excuse me a moment ... *dabs drool at corner of mouth*

You’ll want to catch up on your reading anyway because I’ve got some pretty fun giveaways coming up.

I’ll be accepting entries all the way through June so if you happen to KNOW a sexy alpha type who might be trying to build his portfolio—physically fit, between the ages of 21-35—have him send a head and torso shot to .  Indicate ‘Model Search’ in the subject line and be sure to include contact information.

If he’s got the look, he might just land himself on the cover of the book!  <<hey, I’m a poet and didn’t know it, check that out!

Rope ... *zones out*

And if you know of a gym that’s just teeming with these drool-worthy Adonis types, shoot me an email and I’ll see about having flyers set out there.  Just think, the guy who catches your eye and makes your pulse rate fly could be sitting snug in your palms.  Just sayin!  Don’t be shy…  <<I'm on a roll here, people!


Anyone you refer who makes it to the final round is going to earn YOU a sweet little prize ...

*long stare*  you see?  I get WAY too distracted.  I need your help to choose!!

Whataya say?  Are you up for the task?

Now go back and read this blog post again because I'm certain you have no idea what I said ... hell, I don't even remember what I said so I'll surely be re-reading this.  Again.  And again.  And again.


First of Her Kind by K.L. Schwengel

Happy Monday morning!  *inserts coffee IV*  Today it's my pleasure to introduce my co-author for the Witch Hunt: Of the Blood Anthology, K.L. Schwengel!  She just released First of Her Kind, book one of Darkness and Light. Having collaborated with her, I can tell you she is one talented wordsmith.  I love her writing and this novel has already won top spot on my TBR list! She's here today to talk about why she does what she does.  But before I get to her guest post, let's take a look at the cover and blurb for First of Her Kind:

It seems everyone wants to dictate what Ciara does with her life:  Serve the Goddess, destroy the Goddess, do as you promised your aunt -- all Ciara really wants is to keep the two magics she possesses from ripping her apart.

And that's not going to be easy.

Not only is her earth magic in complete opposition to her other power, blood ties pull her in divergent directions as well.  And then there's Bolin, the man sworn to protect her.  There's no denying the growing attraction between them, but is it Ciara he wants, or her power?

None of which will matter if Ciara can't overcome her fear and learn how to use her gifts.  No one knows the depths of the ancient power she possesses, or what will happen if it manages to escape her control.  Will she lose herself entirely?  Or be forever caught between darkness and light?

Guest Post

Why Do I Do What I Do?

One question a lot of creative types get is, "Why do you _________." Fill in the blank with paint, draw, dance, act, write . . . or anything that is a passion.

In terms of writing, my quick answer has always been, "For the same reason I breathe." It sounds rather flippant and so very grandiose, but it hits pretty close to the truth. Obviously if I stop breathing there's going to be a mad scramble to find a suitable boat and some flaming arrows for my Viking Funeral

and some of you will be getting three days funeral leave.

If I stop writing – and, for the record, I did try once – the only Viking funeral will be for that bit of my psyche that needs to put words down on paper, regardless of whether or not anyone will ever read them. I have always had muses pestering me. Always felt that drive, the need, the desire to create the images in my head. They've manifested themselves in drawing, painting, photography, and writing. Way too many muses for one person but, well, who am I to argue.

It's something I can't not do.

Which takes us back to that line above where I admit I did try to stop. Why? Partly, life interfered. Partly, self-doubt. That pesky, niggling, black-hearted little beast that likes to sit on our shoulders and tell us we suck and shouldn't be wasting our time on such a fruitless pursuit. But even during that period, my muses would not back off. I have file folders full of handwritten notes, scenes, character descriptions, and other assorted snippets that I had to get out of my head.

Yes, we writers have whole worlds buzzing around in our heads. The need to get them out of there is what drives us to spend hours in seclusion, neglecting our friends and families for sake of our sanity.

Stop laughing. I am too, sane. Well, sort of.

And no, writing is not easy. Not for this author, anyhow. Stories don't come to me fully formed. Often they come as a single character in a situation, or the vague hint of an idea that flitters by like a will-o-wisp on the wind. My current book First of Her Kind  came to me in the line, "There was nothing for it, in another turn of the glass, Meriol would be dead." Yeah. Thanks, muse. You want me to do what with that? Let's not forget how characters take on lives of their own. They fight the direction I want them to go. They argue. They do things I didn't expect. Sometimes they abandon me and I sit, staring at the page feeling lost and unsure. Sometimes, as in my current WIP, a minor character demands more of a role. Yep, goes out, gets himself some big shot musely agent, next thing I know he's got more page time and his own point of view!

Of course, I have a way of dealing with those types. Mwahahahahahaaha!


So, there you have it. I write because I have to. Plain and simple. And heck, it's sometimes even fun. When that scene finally comes together, when a reader tells you how much they enjoyed your book – yeah, take that self-doubt.

Author Bio

K. L. Schwengel lives in southeast Wisconsin on a small farm with her husband, more than a handful of Australian Shepherds, Her Royal Highness Princess Fiona (the cat) and assorted livestock. Growing up as the youngest daughter of a librarian, she spent more time between stacks of books and secluded away in the dusty archives than was even remotely normal. With so many characters and ideas spinning in her head, she had to get them out onto paper or risk what little sanity she possessed. (Try being the youngest of nine children and see how sane you stay.) When not sitting in front of a keyboard, or scribbling furiously in a notebook, K. L. spends her time training and trialing her dogs, finding ways to avoid housework by doing anything else, spending quality time with friends and family, and sorting out arguments between various creative muses. Though she has published a few poems and non-fiction articles, her real passion is fantasy and urban fantasy.


Want to know where you can find out more about this wonderful writer?





SOUL AVENGED LAUNCH DAY!! #SoulAvenged #LaunchDay

It’s Launch Day!!

I’m so damn excited today!  First, my niece was born yesterday afternoon--Baby Jillian ❤  And second, I finally get to share the story and the tough-as-nails protagonist I’ve had chained and locked up for over a year now.  Yep, Soul Avenged is NOW AVAILABLE in both ebook and paperback!

Grab a copy here:

Amazon (Kindle)Amazon (Print)  |  Barnes & Noble (Nook)


Add it to your Goodreads shelf  HERE.


Launch Day also means the official Kickoff of the Soul Avenged Blog Tour!!

In addition to some fun guest blogs, interviews and Sons of Wrath snippets, I’ve got some fantastic prizes to give away.  Check it out:

Grand Prize:

1-Kindle Fire HD (approximate value $199) OR $199 Paypal Cash

1-Sephora Bath & Body X’s and O’s Gift Set

1-Signed Paperback Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1)

1-Sons of Wrath t-shirt

1-Sons of Wrath coffee mug

1-Soul Avenged Notebook

1st Runner-Up:

1-$25 iTunes giftcard

1-Signed Paperback Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1)

1-Sons of Wrath t-shirt

1-Soul Avenged coffee mug

1-Sons of Wrath notebook

2nd Runner-Up:

1-Signed Paperback Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1)

1-Sons of Wrath t-shirt

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It's Coming... One Week Until Soul Avenged Releases!

I can’t believe the release of Soul Avenged is just a week away … A year ago I was throwing out word counts on this thing and now it’s going to be in the hands of readers.

To celebrate, I’ve organized a blog tour for its release.  Before I go into the details of that, I want to say THANK YOU to the kickass bloggers who’ve signed up to participate.  You guys are all kinds of awesome.

The tour will run February 6th – March 6th

You can check out the tour schedule here and scroll down to the links at the bottom that will take you directly to the sites.

Not only am I giving away some pretty cool prizes, but I’ve also prepared some fun posts for the tour.  In addition to interviews and guest posts, I’ve also written little snippets--snapshots of the Wrath Brothers’ lives.  One contestant will also win my playlist that I’ll be posting on one of the stops.

So be sure to check out the blogs and leave comments!  You never know when or where I’ll be lurking around and randomly give something away for free.  MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Reviews are coming in!  Check them out here on GOODREADS .

I’m so excited about this new series and hoping all of my readers enjoy the book.  Book 2 of the Sons of Wrath is already written, currently in the warzone of edits at the moment but will be prepping that for release once its nice and shiny.  I’ll begin writing book 3 sometime late summer.

Halos #2 will be out this year too.  Lots of words coming your way, so stay tuned.

Looking forward to seeing you on the tour!!

Let the countdown begin …

Born of Hatred by Steve McHugh

Have you met Nathan Garrett? Well, let me tell you, you're missing out!  I had the pleasure of reading the first book in the Hellequin Chronicles, titled Crimes Against Magic, and author Steve McHugh is back with the sequel to his best-selling novel!














There was a time when Nathan Garrett was feared. When the mention of his name was enough to stop his enemies in their tracks. That time has long since passed.

When Nathan’s friend asks for help investigating a pattern of horrific crimes, he reluctantly agrees. But his investigation leads to a serial killer who is something more, or less, than human, a creature of pure malevolence and hatred.

There are some things that even a 1600-year-old sorcerer hesitates to challenge. But when evil targets those Nathan cares about, his enemies will discover exactly who Nathan used to be. And why they will learn to fear him once more.

Born of Hatred is an action-packed, Urban Fantasy set in modern-day England with historical flashbacks to late nineteenth century Montana. It’s the second book of the Hellequin Chronicles, following the widely praised Crimes Against Magic, which introduced sorcerer Nathan Garrett.

You can pick up a copy of Born of Hatred on Amazon and Amazon UK.

Steve McHugh is the author of the popular Urban Fantasy series, Hellequin Chronicles. The first book of which, Crimes Against Magic, was published in April 2012 and followed by the sequel, Born of Hatred in December 2012.

To learn more about Steve and his work, you can find him lurking around Twitter and Facebook.

Caged by J.A. Belfield - Sexy Cover Reveal! #Caged

Oh have I got a treat for you today ... For many series out there, I can be a bit of a fickle whore, jumping from one male lead in the story to the next.  Hey, if he's sexy, has some personality and the author leads me to cheer for him along the way, I'm usually sold.  Yeah, I have my favorites, but they can be easily outshined by another character.

There is, however, one fictional man that I remain devoted to and when the author of this series asked me to be part of her cover reveal, well, let's just say she didn't have to ask me twice ... or wait long for my response, for that matter.  And when I finally received the email with attached cover for the book?  Sa-woon!!  No really, a fixed stare, gape mouthed moment of drooling.  But don't take my word for it.  Check it out yourself:

Le sigh.


A Holloway Pack Story (#3)

by J.A. Belfield

Release Date: August 5, 2013

Target Reader: Adult

Keywords: RomanticUrban FantasyWerewolf

Book Blurb:

If the meek can become deadly, the strongest can be weak.

For Ethan Holloway, his mission to find a missing werewolf should be simple. Crack a few heads, bust a few chops and the solution always reveals itself. Always.

Not this time.

Ethan’s reputation precedes him, and because it does, someone is ready. Waiting. Unbeknownst to Ethan, he’s about to go down. Hard. Against a foe he never suspected and in a world he never imagined could be real.

What awaits Ethan is a fight not only for his reputation, but also his pack, his female, and his life. If he survives, damage control will become priority number one.

If he survives.

Because even Ethan’s not sure he’s strong enough to take on an entire race all by himself.

Especially one hell bent on exposing who and what he is in the name of sport.

Le double sigh.  You see why I adore this man?  He's tough.  He's protective.  And dayum, he has one fine looking back ... scars and all.

Unfortunately, this baby won't be ready to roll until August.  In the meantime, catch up on the series:

Other Novels in this series include: Darkness & Light (#1) Blue Moon (#2)

In-between release novellas include: Instinct (#0) Eternal (#.5) Resonance (#2.5)

If you want to know more about this amazing author, you can find J.A. Belfield lurking around Twitter and Facebook.

And feel free to come back and drool anytime.  I'll be here too.

Just Breathe by Kendall Grey - Blog Tour: Musical Inspiration

A couple months ago I asked to be a part of the amazing Kendall Grey’s Just Breath Blog Tour.  For the post, I wanted to do something fun, so I asked Kendall if she could prepare a vlog about music—specifically how music inspires her writing.  For me, this is such an exciting topic because music is a HUGE part of my writing routine.  I cannot type a single word without getting in the zone first, and getting in the zone requires some musical inspiration.

Characters, scenes, entire novels have blossomed from a single song.  And I often wonder if other writers experience the same.  So I’m gonna zip my virtual mouth and let Kendall talk about what role music plays in her writing:

Haha!  I'm so with you on the pop music ... yeah uh, not my thing either.  I need something to get my adrenaline pumped when I sit down to write.  Loved the responses Kendall!  So glad to have you on the blog today.

The Just Breathe trilogy is getting great reviews on Amazon & Goodreads, ranked in the top 100 for urban fantasy and romance, and Kendall has built quite a following for her unique and kickass characters (Elementals).  Want to pick up a copy?  Of course you do!  Not only are you supporting a great author, you're supporting a great cause because Kendall has generously donated proceeds from the sales of her trilogy to whale education.

In case you missed it, check out my earlier blog post where you'll find more information about her new release.

You can purchase Just Breathe on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Be sure to leave a review!  Readers are essential to an author's career and every opinion counts!

That's not all!!  Kendall has a pretty awesome giveaway going on right now for a Kindle Fire HD or $199 in cash!  Fill out the rafflecopter form via link below for your chance to win:

The Daemon Whisperer ~ Candice Bundy #TheDaemonWhisperer

I'm super excited for this post today.  I get to showcase a book that I've been DYING to read, as it's getting some great reviews on Goodreads and happens to include two of my favorite things - demons and vengeance.  As if that isn't enough of a draw, it's also written by one of my favorite authors and friend, Candice Bundy.   As a special treat, Candice has given me the okay to post an excerpt from the book.  I'll just tell you, ONE chapter has me hooked on Azimuth.  And I adore a badass female protag, so Meri and I are going to get along just fine.  As for the two in the story?  I can already sense the banter between them is entertaining enough to suck me right into this world.


Before we get in to all of that though, let's take a look at this gorgeous cover:

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Dark Urban Fantasy Publisher: Lusios Publishing, LLC

ISBN-10: 0985418508 ISBN-13: 978-0985418502

ASIN: B009JV1NJI Number of pages: 366 Word Count: 105,000 Cover Artist: Amber Shah

Official Book Blurb:

Meriwether Storm discovered the grisly remains of her parents on their living room floor when she was only fourteen, the result of a failed daemon summoning. Meri immediately swore vengeance on the daemon who'd killed her parents, but there was only one problem--she had no idea which one had committed the atrocity.

Before their untimely deaths her parents had trained her intensively in the arts, and Meri used her skills to follow in their footsteps, ever seeking the daemon's name. Now, despite her years of searching, she's no closer to the truth and her time is running out.

A captivating daemon mysteriously offers her a dangerous job in exchange for information about her parent's murderer. Will she accept a deal from the daemon if it means finally learning the truth? Is it her instincts, her unusual attraction, or her desperation for answer, pushing her to trust the very creature she normally despises?

When retribution is the only thing that drives you, how much are you willing to sacrifice before you lose yourself to the cause?

Danger, demons, vengeance, attraction, sacrifice--I can totally see myself skipping meals and ignoring laundry for this one.

Here is the book trailer:

And as promised, an excerpt from the book:

In the park across the street Meri watched children play, couples strolling, and a pair of old men playing chess. If her life had gone another path, she could have lived like them, but it hadn't, and she'd never be like them. Not now. Not ever.

She envied their lives' simplicity. Even if she wanted to stop summoning, she couldn't. Her adversaries wouldn't go away, and neither would the steady clientele. Besides, she had no other job skills. She did one thing, very well and it was very, very dangerous.

Her earliest memories were of her parents drilling her through lessons about what daemons were ruled by and invoked by what. She remembered her mamma's proud eyes and standing with her shoulders set firm when she'd summoned an impressive glamour daemon when she was just twelve. The daemon had required toenail clippings, skin shavings, and a bit of blood too, all so that Meri could appear to be a normal child with no daemon markings for summer camp for a month with the normal kids. It had worked, but in the end it wasn't real. She'd spent the entire time scared to death the spell would wear off early. Now she was left with a permanent, iridescent mark on the instep on her left foot.

Stupid sparklies.

Not exactly something you can put on a resume.

The hair on the back of her neck raised and the ink under her skin prickled, and she looked around for the source, knowing only a daemon would get her ink reactive. Just at that moment, her newest prospective client walked out from among a copse of trees in the park and headed her way. She couldn't help smiling at the trick — teleporting boldly in broad daylight — yet none in the crowded park noticed. Damned if he didn't look just as appealing in the daylight as he did last night. This time he wore a tailored black jacket over a white shirt, black leather pants, and boots. Usually daemons didn't bother to mix up their wardrobes. Why did this one make the effort?

"May I join you?" asked Azimuth, pointing at a chair.

"You may have a seat at this table." She smiled, unwilling to commit to 'joining' the daemon in his plans by a mistaken word choice.

Azimuth sat down, relaxing into the patio chair. Meri could barely take her eyes off him. She picked up her coffee cup, deliberately toying with the empty sugar packet. "I'm not trying to trick you into anything, Meri."

"No one ever is. You're here to offer me a job?"

"Once you're ready to go to a somewhat more discreet location, I can divulge more details," Azimuth replied. A wide-eyed waitress came to take the daemon's order, but he waved her off. His eyes lingered on Meri. "But it can wait. I don't want to interrupt your coffee."

What, a gentleman? She couldn't believe it. A pro negotiator was more like it. She shifted uncomfortably under his powerful gaze. Was he trying to make her squirm?

"You're not used to company?"

"My habits are not up for discussion," she said and took a sip of her coffee.

Azimuth frowned. "That would be a 'no,' then. I imagine a life, such as yours, would be isolated."

Meri took another sip of her strong brew. Just how much research had his boss done on her? "Just the opposite. I have powerful allies, more clients than I can count, and I'm well recognized. You could say ... many around town know my name."

"So that's a 'yes' on the isolation."

Meri grimaced. Did daemons feel emotions too? She knew they hungered after their baser natures. Her summoner-trained curiosity wanted to know what made Azimuth tick. "Does it matter? I've bound every daemon I've faced, more than I've bothered to count, or we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Which would be why your boss wants to hire me for my binding skills, yes?"

Azimuth's lip curled in a mocking smile. "You don't even know how many of us you've bound to you?"

Meri drained her cup, stood, and left a twenty on the table, tipping graciously as always. She knew how poorly the wait staff were paid, and the money meant relatively little to her."I do, but I'm not fool enough to divulge such information to a daemon. Let's go."

Azimuth fell into step beside her. They walked a block and he turned into the nearest alley and went through a small, private gate of old, beaten up iron fencing. They walked midway down the alley before he turned to face her. The corridor was empty, the far end blocked by bricked-off buildings. The way they'd come in was the only entrance. A row of dumpsters lined the alleyway, affording them a surprising amount of privacy.

"Well? Where's your boss?" Meri asked. Pinpricks of fear traveled down her back. They were alone here, and as a daemon, he was much stronger than she was. She'd trusted him about the job offer, but what if it was a ruse? Did she have enough tricks up her pockets?

"I need to know one additional piece of information before I take you to him." Azimuth stepped closer, his expression cool and dispassionate. "Show me your ink. I need to see who you've bound previously."

She licked her lips. The prospect of disrobing, even partially, for this daemon in an alley was absurd. Although he worded it professionally, his eyes held shadows and a curiosity Meri didn't trust. "Kiss and tell? Not with a daemon, I won't. Your boss, sure thing. But not you."

Azimuth gripped his chin between his thumb and forefinger and raised his right eyebrow. "He won't see you unless I secure certain information first."

"Give me another option." One that didn't involve being naked in an alley with a totally hot daemon. Of course she wasn't attracted to him. Even if she was, she'd never give him the satisfaction of knowing he'd gotten under her skin. Never.

The iris' of Azimuth eyes flashed to white, and then back to sky blue. Her heart skipped a beat, curiosity over his quirks quickly becoming her newest obsession. After a few moments, he conceded. "I can sense falsehoods, if you will allow my contact."

Useful skill. "Wait a moment, daemon. Explain the terms of this engagement first."

"You're unusually cautious, summoner."

"I've lived a long time. I intend to live a while longer."


Oh yeah, call me crazy but I'm already crushing on Az ...

Want to know more about the book and the author? Check out the following links:

Candice Bundy Website




Buy The Daemon Whisperer:

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Paperback

Urban Exploration: Packard Plant

When I began writing Soul Avenged, I wasn’t quite sure where to set this cast of characters.  For a long time, I’d wanted to write about Detroit.  But let’s face it, Detroit isn’t a romantic town boasting a brighter shade of overcast, surrounded by lush greenery with half naked Native Americans and their bulging chests running around, fighting a coven of sparkly vampires—er, unless one of the homeless guys managed to score a good, strong liquor.  It’s a multiple personality disorder without meds:  culture, art, decay, pride, history, scandal, rebirth.  Not to mention it’s ranked in the top ten most dangerous cities in the U.S.

It’s also where I was born though.

I grew up going to concerts with my parents in Hart Plaza, musicals at the Fox Theater, the Auto Show at Cobo, boating on the Detroit River, St. Andrews Hall with friends, my beloved Detroit Science Center and those small hole-in-the-wall (literally) restaurants in the heart of the city that you'd never think to set foot inside.  In high school, I participated in a research internship at the Mott Medical Center on the campus of Wayne State--my very first experience working in a real lab.  And so began my love for science...  My prom was held at the Atheneum in Greek town and I had dinner with my date on the top floor, The Summit, of the RenCen.  Up until I left for college, I lived in the same house about two or so blocks from the 8 mile (no, I've never met Eminem).

So why wouldn’t I set this dark urban fantasy in a location that's been an integral part of my life?

The opening scene of Soul Avenged takes place in the Packard Plant.  I’ve always been somewhat fascinated by the ruins of Detroit, particularly when I’ve had the opportunity to stumble across pictures taken decades ago while the city was booming with business.  So odd to see fancy storefronts in a time long since passed transformed into boarded up broken glass, sprayed with graffiti.

My sister Lisa and her man, Glenn, are both photographers.  So when I was scouring inspiration to write this scene, I really didn’t have to go far.  Lisa, Glenn and their fellow photographer friends have done some urban exploration in the city’s most shattered landmarks.  I asked her to give her perspective—to write how she sees what some might call an unsalvageable wreck--through the eyes of an artist.

There are those who come to Detroit from all over the world to photograph these buildings as if they're walking through cemeteries, mourning the dead.  My sister is one who, like me, has lived here all her life.  She sees beyond the exterior, into the soul of what once was and what could someday be again.

 The Soul Within

One of my favorite places to shoot is The Packard Plant, East Side Detroit.  The hustle and bustle of the city can be heard from outside the walls, while inside, an eerie silence lingers amidst the ruins and debris.  It’s a modern day ghost town.  With 3.5 million square feet sprawled across thirty-five acres, the Packard Plant is the largest abandoned factory in the world.

It is surreal, to say the least.

I’m fascinated by it’s destruction.  Twisted metal swings from the ceiling like a contemporary sculpture.  The cracks and crumbles of deteriorating concrete seem to draw a picture. And the infinite angles to shoot beckon a return trip.

Perhaps you’re thinking … what’s so intriguing about that?

If you’ve ever looked into a grandmother’s eyes and witnessed the beauty of her soul—how her past paints a masterpiece of what once was—the same can be said for urban decay.  As I walk around, I see the plant as a hub of production and prosperity; the assembly of thousands of cars, and workers sitting in the cafeteria eating their lunches.   Like the scene from Titanic that morphs a rotting ship at the bottom of the sea into a breathtaking vessel ready for a voyage.   A story reads in my head with the passing of each corridor.  I see the soul of the building through the decay … and to me, it’s beautiful.  -Lisa

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph. “– Matt Hardy


The Next Big Thing Blog Tag

I was recently tagged by the very lovely Krista Walsh to participate in this fun blog hop.  It’s cool because I get to talk about my next big project, and since so many developments toward getting it published have occurred in the last couple of weeks, I’m pretty damn excited.  Before you jump into my responses though, be sure to have a look at Krista’s too—looks like she has a very interesting book in the works! What is the working title of your book?  

Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1)

Where did the idea come from for the book?  

I’m not exactly sure.  The main character, Ayden, has been rattling the cages for a while now and back in January, I finally sat down to find out what all the noise was about.

What genre does your book fall under? 

Paranormal romance but probably a bit more on the side of urban fantasy.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? 

Oh man, I have no clue.  Maybe once it’s released, my readers will tell me who fits the characters.  Ha!

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? 

After being brutally attacked by Lycans, a female teams up with a brood of Wrath demons for revenge.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?


How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?  

A little over six weeks

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? 

JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld.

Who or What inspired you to write this book? 

Just the unrelenting draw of the characters in the story.  As they became more distinct, I needed to know more about their world.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? 

The story is set in gothic Detroit.  Even though many parts of Detroit are abandoned and run-down, it has its little diamonds embedded within the city.  In fact, I’ll be blogging about Detroit coming up. 

This book also falls a little outside of my usual writing – it’s very dark, much more violent and the sex scenes have a bit more steam.

Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath #1)


For step two of the blog hop, it’s my turn to nominate 5 amazing writers.  I’m dying to know what they're cooking up in their secret labs!  Be sure to check out what they’re working on next:

Candice Bundy

Narcisse Navarre

J.A. Belfield

James Garcia

Terri Rochenski

Just A Little Update...

Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged...anything!  I thought, since I've gotten a few questions in real life, asking 'When's book 2 coming?', that I should provide a little update; letcha know what's going on in this head of mine. First, my nephew was born a week ago today.  Man, time flies!  He's such a little cutsie pie!  Check this out:

I am one happy auntie...

Second, I just sent off my newest WiP, with a working title of Soul Avenged, to my beta readers.  This is book 1 of the Sons of Wrath series...clearly a distraction for me, but one that I couldn't let slip past without writing it down.  Here's what happens:  I'm this walking, open vessel for ideas.  It's a curse, really.  I can't get over how many silly things manage to inspire a story.  I hear a song...BOOM, a story pops in my head.  I rifle through pictures of a recent trip...BOOM, a story pops in my head.  I read someone's brilliant poetic words...BOOM, a story pops in my head.  I don't even know where Soul Avenged came from, what of the million little inspirational gems I've been exposed to since last October, might've given rise to these voices and scenes.  But they did and I went with the flow.  In the end, I wrote a 100K novel that I'm hoping is being torn to shreds by my betas at this very minute.

So my nephew is distraction is sated (sort of)...what happens next?

I've already begun the prequel novella to Halos.  You want answers and I'm going to start giving you some.  But I think you know me well enough by now, to realize you're not getting everything...hehe.  Well, because I like to torment.  That's just how I roll.  So I'll sneak a few answers in to hold you over until book 2 comes out.

When is the prequel expected to arrive?

Because it's just a novella, I am going to shoot for completion at the end of summer.  It will go through the same process - beta readers, editor, cover reveal etc.  AND BOOK 2?!  You ask, with your hands on your hips and that unyielding expression on your face.  Book 2 will be out shortly after the prequel.  So hold tight...but don't worry.  Distractions are a natural part of my genetic make up.  They don't mean I've off and left y'all hangin' like a dangling chunk of tuna bait over shark infested waters.  Uh...sharks being your overwhelming curiosity...

I'm hoping to give you more to devour.  Soon.

Just want to tell you how much I love your continued interest in the trilogy.  The emails, the comments on my FB pages, the conversations in person...all so humbling.  Thank you for being such awesome readers.

In the meantime, check back this Friday...I'll be posting another flash story based on some characters from Soul Avenged!

Interview With Steve McHugh

Today I’m interviewing a wonderful author friend of mine, Steve J. McHugh, whose debut release, Crimes Against Magic, released April 30th.  Before I pull out my list of probing questions, let’s first take a look at the cover and blurb:

It’s been almost ten years since Nathan Garrett woke on a cold warehouse floor with nothing but a gun, a sword, and no idea of who he was or how he got there. His only clue … a piece of paper with his name on it. Since then, he’s discovered he’s a powerful sorcerer and has used his abilities to work as a thief for hire. But he’s never stopped hunting for his true identity, but those who erased his memory have never stopped hunting for him. When the barrier holding his past captive begins to crumble, Nathan swears to protect a young girl who is key to his enemy’s plans. But with his enemies closing in, and everyone he cares about becoming a target for their wrath, Nathan is forced to choose between the life he’s built for himself and the one buried deep inside him.

Crimes Against Magic is an Urban Fantasy set in modern day London with Historical flashbacks to early fifteenth century France. It’s the first in a series of books called the Hellequin Chronicles, which shows the life of sorcerer Nathan (Nate) Garrett.


I was lucky enough to beta read the manuscript months ago.  It kept me turning the page.  Loved the MC, his leading lady and the kickass story overall. 

Just some background on you, Steve.  Tell us something about yourself.  Where you live and what you do when not writing?

I’m thirty-two and was born in Mexbrough, South Yorkshire. We moved down to Southampton when I was six, so I lost my Yorkshire accent long ago. I’ve been married for six and a half years and have two beautiful daughters and a third on the way.

What do I do when I’m not writing? Usually I’m with my girls keeping them busy so they don’t destroy my house. Other than that, I’m a big videogame and comic book fan, and love my anime too. Basically, I’m a geek. And I’m okay with that.

Geek pride baby!  You've got some busy days up ahead!  Best wishes to you and your growing family.  This book really delivers on the mythology and history, which is what I enjoyed most about it.  What is it that inspired this story?

I’ve always loved history and mythology and wanted to combine them into something.

So I took the pieces of both that I wanted and ran with it. All of the books about Nate will have flashbacks in them, and all of them will have some mythological characters or creatures from various cultures.

You added some creative pieces along the way.  One of the things I loved was transporting from the fifteenth century to the present.  Did you find this difficult to transition between the two time periods while writing it?

It wasn’t difficult, but the flashbacks took more research to get right. I wanted the language to be as close to right as I could get it (although I do use a few words that they probably didn’t). And I needed to make sure that the geography of the time was right.

Well, I didn't come across mention of a microwave or cellphone in the flashbacks.  You did a nice job of transitioning.  Is your protagonist, Nathan Garrett, based on anyone you know personally?

No. He’s got my smart-assness and my height. That’s about it from me, and the rest just came naturally over the time I wrote about him.

Haha!  He was quite the smartass...You made the decision to self-publish this book.  What have you learned in the early stages of this process that you’d like to pass along to other authors who may be considering this route?

Get a good cover. Seriously, it’s so important that your cover is good. The number of people who have said that the cover was great and they wanted to know more about the book is incredible. Get something that jumps out at people and will attract the eye.

Also, you can never have too many people beta-read your book. They will find problems you never will by yourself.

I couldn't agree more.  The cover is what draws the eyes.  And betas are a writer's little gems.  What has been the biggest challenge in writing and working toward publication?

Sticking to my own timetable was hard work, because it would have been so easy to just give myself an extra few weeks so I didn’t have to work so hard.

Yep.  Once it's in motion, it needs to stay in motion.  What is your writing routine?  Do you listen to music while writing?  If so, what kind of music to do you like?

I can tune out most things once I get started, so don’t usually bother with music too often. But if I do put music on, it’s usually things like: Foo Fighters, Black Stone Cherry, AC/DC, soundgarden, stuff like that.

Is Crimes Against Magic part of a series or a stand-alone novel?

It’s the first in a series called the Hellequin Chronicles, which charts the life of Nathan Garrett. I’ve got about a dozen plotted out and notes for quite a few more, so that should keep me busy.

Hey, busy is good!  Who are your literary influences?

Terry Pratchett, Jim Butcher, Richard Morgan, Lee Child, Kelley Armstrong, Grant Morrison, Scott Snyder, Dan Slott, Peter David and far too many more to list. But they’re a mixture of novel and comic book writers.

Can you give us a little snippet of your favorite scene in Crimes Against Magic?

I couldn’t think of one that wouldn’t spoil anything, so I picked something that occurs quite early in the book:

"If I answer, will you let me go?"

I shook my head. "You will die here, today. The only question is how. Thomas there is a good man. Your death will be quick and painless." The werewolf looked up at the rage-filled Englishman. I motioned for Thomas to walk off as I made my way to the crippled werewolf. "I am not a good man," I whispered into his ear when we were alone. "I will strip the flesh from your bones and scatter your ashes to the wind. I will ensure that for the next thousand years, the merest mention of what I did to you in this city will evoke fear into anyone foolish enough to think they can cross a sorcerer."

Ho ho!  I love that scene...Nathan rocks.  You have some very well-written fight scenes throughout the novel.  What research went into them?  

I did used to take Kung-Fu and Kickboxing, but that was a long time ago. My research was basically watching Asian action movies. They’re superb and picking up ideas for fights. And Anime is excellent for magic. So yeah, my research was watching really violent movies.

BONUS QUESTION:  If you had amnesia for a day and were crazy enough to be just about anyone you wanted, who would you want to be and why?

That’s really hard. I’d be the Hulk. Yeah, I’d get arrested, and yeah I’d be thought of as a crazy person, but damn, there are some people who would get such a smash first.

Hahaha!  Um.  Wait.  Not me, right?  RIGHT?!

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Thanks so much Steve.   Good luck with the book!