Updates, Cowboys & Stuff ...

First, before I get into this blog post, here are some upcoming events I want to pass along:

  • TODAY I’m visiting Romancing the Dark Side for a Blogaversary celebration!  I’ll be giving away a signed copy of Soul Avenged PLUS I haz provided the lovely Lori with a deleted scene from Sons of Wrath #2!   All I’ll say is, there’s a mechanical bull and some cowboys.  So be sure to stop by and check it out …
  • Mark your calendars, ladies!!  Beginning June 10th – 14th I will begin spotlighting the contestants for the Cover Model Contest!!  You’ll get to see their handsome faces, learn a little bit about them and check out additional pics of those sexy bods.

I’ve had a number of bloggers sign up to help spread the word about the contest and I hope you’ll do the same!  I mean, how often do you get to choose the cover model for a book???  Tell your friends, family, hairdresser, grocery store clerk, coffee barista … anyone you can drag in off the street!

And if staring at muscled bods and voting for your favorite hottie isn’t fun enough, I’ll also have a sweet little giveaway for the occasion.  So go, go!  Spread the word!

  • Voting begins on June 14th and runs through June 28th.   Get your trigger finger warmed up and ready to rock.
  • Finally, for anyone who might be interested in some Sons of Wrath merchandise (t-shirts, pajamas, underwear, mugs, iPhone cases, etc) I’ll be opening the Official Sons of Wrath store right here on my website this summer.

Now, on to the rest of my update:

Oh man, it’s been a long time since I’ve been ‘under the weather’, but it’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve been knocked the hell out by a bout of what I’m convinced is just a simple cold that got out of control.  The upside?  I’ve had some good sleep after taking Sudafed the last couple of days.  Even awake, I remained kinda half asleep.

The downside?  I didn’t get as many words down on the page as I’d hoped this weekend.  Boo.  This is why I hate getting sick.

I did tighten up a few spots though, which means when I do another editing pass, I’ll have less to edit.  It absolutely baffles me the way some writers can crank out anywhere from six to ten books a year.  Sure I can write a shell of the book in about a month, but its nothing more than dialogue for the most part.  I’ll then sweep over it a number of times adding layers.  I like to make sure all the details are tight and since I’m world building here, it has to be logical too.  There’d be so many holes in the story if I didn’t take the time needed to fill them.

I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say that I’m very excited about Sons of Wrath two for a number of reasons—one of which—this is the first time that I’ve actually designed my very own viral-like organism.  All those years of science, finally put to good use.  Ha!

Now don’t worry, this book isn’t going to go all sci-fi or anything.  It’s paranormal romance (maybe even a little romantica this time) and I promise there won’t be any big technical terms like you’ve just opened up a microbiology textbook.  I let the outward progression of disease do more explanation than what happens at the cellular level.  This was not in the first couple drafts of the story, so I’ve had to weave it throughout.

Book two is going to have a lot more steam than Soul Avenged and a lot more sexual tension between the characters.  Hehe.  It’s Logan’s book, after all—broody, I–need-a-woman–like-I-need-a-knife-through-my-heart, Logan.  So ya know, with me being the cruel master that I am, he’s just begging for a whole lot of sexy female time.

Awww, poor baby!

I gotta say, I listened to this song for Soul Avenged, but it's WAY more fitting for this book.  In fact, I'm officially calling this my 'Sexy Logan' song since I have to play this while writing the love scenes between my tortured brooder and his leading lady.

As I mentioned throughout the Soul Avenged blog tour, the future books will be all about the brothers.  I’ll be giving you more insight into each character.

And … you’ll get to meet some new characters too!!  Whoohoo!  I’m pretty excited about that!

So once I am finished tightening up those details, making sure it all sounds logical, I’m going to go back and do editing sweeps.  I’ve designated a few ENTIRE days of nothing more than editing.  –bring on the coffee and candy- I’ll then pass this off to my beta readers.

If timed right, this will all come together right around the same time that the cover is finished and ready for reveal.  Which means?  Book two will be here soon.  Very.  Soon.

I couldn’t be happier because last week I wrote the opening scene for book three and I’ve been champing at the bit to get started!  Man, it’s torture not being allowed to jump right into the next one.  I’ll keep it in check though—I want Book 2 finished and in your hands ASAP.

Stay tuned!  Lots coming up!

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