Wanna (Finally!) See Sean Holloway? #HollowayPack

I'm going to keep my intro to this brief because somewhere in this post is some mancandy, and I know you hate when I ramble on before introducing the goods.  This month J.A. Belfield released RESONANCE, Holloway Pack #2.5 (that's right ladies, be patient ... Ethan Holloway is right around the corner!).  And to celebrate, I asked her to prepare a guest post for my blog.  Not just any guest post. Something fun.  Something sexy.  Something exclusive.

I'll admit, I'm one of the nags who's asked her time and again, 'So what exactly does Sean look like through your eyes?'

Just goes to show ya ... ask a million times and ye shall receive!

Now I am a HUGE fan of this author's work and so to finally get to meet one of the hotties I've been reading about for a while is well ...

So I'm going to pass this post on to Ms. J, because the sooner I shut my mouth, the sooner we'll all FINALLY get to see Sean Holloway!!

Oh yeah!!

Wanna (FINALLY) See Sean Holloway?

Putting a face to a name is a toughie for me. Even more so when I’ve been asked since Darkness & Light was published, ‘How do you picture Sean?’ or, ‘If you had to cast him, which actor would you choose?’

I get asked this a lot in interviews, too. And I’m always stumped. Always!

Because when I write a character, I know who they are, but other than a list of physical attributes, I often have no diggety dang idea what they actually look like as a complete package. I’m more about the presence and personality of a character. But then, I’m like that when I’m reading, too. Ask me what a character is like at the end of reading a book, and I can easily list a few quirks and ‘ways’ of theirs. Ask me what they looked like, however, and I’m hard pressed to do so.

So, for that reason, I’ve never (BEFORE) been able to give you guys a visual on this main Holloway Pack male.

But that is all about to change.


You see, a couple months ago, I, by happenstance, stumbled across an image of a somewhat hunky male on the Internet, whereupon I literally threw up my hands and muttered, “My God, that’s Sean Holloway!”


I’ve found him!

And now I’m going to share him with you.

*nods head*

PLUS, to help you along, I’ve even included some Random Resonance One-Liners aaaaaaalll his own.

Here you go:

So ... whatcha think? He anything like you’d think he would be?

(Hot dude’s name is Aaron O’Connell, btw. Here’s his Twitter Handle. You’re welcome.)

*wipes drool* I'm sorry ... did you ask me something J?  *adds Twitter handle onto Tweeps to Stalk list*  And there you have him, folks! The sexy Sean Holloway ... *~*~showering*~*~

Pick up a copy of Resonance:


And while you're out stalking Aaron, add J.A. Belfield: