Sons of Wrath FAQ and updates!!

I’ve had questions come up after some have read The Fallen and I thought, since they seem to be similar, I’d just answer them here instead of private messages. Will there be more of Xander and Karinna (THE FALLEN)?

Originally I hadn’t planned to write much more—I was simply providing a character’s backstory.  As I’ve said before, I wrote this book at the request of a reader, after the Sons of Wrath books 1 and 2 were already out there.  This book tells the story of how Xander came to be Fallen. However, it seems readers have come to love Xander and Karinna more than I had anticipated!  Therefore, you will definitely see more of these two.

Even though I’m a cruel mistress and I LOVE to put my alphas through some hell, I think they all deserve a happy ending and Xander will get his … eventually.

Will this darker tone carry over to Soul Enslaved?

The Fallen is certainly not the darkest book out there, but it is the darkest thing I’ve ever written.  It deals with very disturbing themes of torture and rape—had me cringing as I wrote it so I’m certain readers had moments of wanting to scrub their eyeballs with bleach.  I’m always trying to push my writing to places that force me outside of my comfort zone.  It keeps it new and fresh for me.  Keeps me from getting bored. This book was an exploration into a very dark and twisted character that I introduced in Soul Resurrected (Xander).  I don’t think I’ll ever lose the darkness in my writing, but where horrific scenes were shown in The Fallen, I try to leave them up to the reader’s imagination in my other books (they tend to be implied).

Soul Enslaved will return to the usual banter and brotherhood that you’ve come to know in the series.  Gavin certainly likes his kink and you can expect to see lots of it in this book, but he’s not a sadist, so no mindfuckery or pain in this one.

When is the cover reveal for Soul Enslaved?

The cover is designed and is GORGEOUS.  I’m just finalizing the blurb at the moment.  Its never easy condensing an enormous book into 150-175 words, and this happens to be giving me hell.  I’ll plan the cover reveal for Tuesday, May 20th. 

Mark your calendars!!


If you’d like to participate in the cover reveal, please sign up here:

ALSO … I’ll have limited edition prints, signed by the very sexy Daniel Sobieray to give away for the release of the book!

How is Soul Enslaved coming along?

Very well, actually!  I’m taking my time with this because this installment gives more insight into the overarching story that’s building in the background.  I’m widening the scope a bit and want to make sure there are no glaring plot holes as the main story continues to progress.  Each brother’s story plays a role in moving it along and the further into the series I go, the more obsessed I become with double-checking my world-building.

As for the love story in the thick of all this chaos … I’ll say this, it doesn’t happen often, but I’ve had a couple tearful moments while writing it.  Some scenes were harder to write than others.

I find when I write, there’s a particular song for each book, that, no matter what I’m doing just before I hit the keys, pulls me into the story immediately.  Sort of like a theme song that allows me to slip into the world.  For Soul Enslaved, it’s Always by Killswitch Engage.  The song came on the radio while I was driving the other day and reminded me of the heart-wrenching scene I have to write and my mind immediately went into daydream mode, imagining it as I battled 5 o’clock traffic.

I will continue to post updates on the story and let you know of a release date as it gets closer.

What is the deal with this new book, Ricochet?  It’s not a paranormal romance?

This will be its own separate post, so I won’t go into too much detail.

A while back, I had an idea for a contemporary romance, but never really pulled the trigger on writing it.  Well, it turns out, my head hasn’t forgotten about it, because a couple weeks ago I was slammed with the opening scene while driving an hour to a meeting.  It’s dark.  It’s gritty, but not as graphic as The Fallen and has NO paranormal elements in it.  So think of the Sons of Wrath world through the eyes of humans and you’ve got Ricochet.  This will be a standalone romance.

I’ll have more info about this one at a later date, but writing begins this summer, after I’ve handed off Soul Enslaved.

In the meantime, you can check out my inspiration board on Pinterest or add it to your Goodreads shelf!

Hey what’s going on with the Audiobook for Soul Avenged?

I actually listened to a few chapters this morning and it’s coming along!  I can’t yet say when it will be available but the first 14 chapters have been uploaded and they sound fantastic!  Jarman does such a nice job keeping all the voices with multiple characters distinct enough to keep track of who’s talking – it’s crazy!!  And I love his voice for Wade…wait til you hear it.  Haha!

Will let you know as it gets closer to completion.  Maybe I can post a little teaser at some point!

Lots of stuff coming your way so stay tuned for updates!