Teaser Tenth Excerpt

I'm a little late posting this.  TeaserTenth is a monthly meme for writers to showcase their published works and WIPs.  You can click on the image to the right and check out other participating authors! I'm busy writing Ricochet at the moment, and just released Soul Enslaved on December 5th.

For this month's Teaser Tenth, I'll be sharing a small excerpt from Soul Enslaved.  It's a little over 10 lines, but y'all know I don't know when to quit, so that's to be expected, I suppose.


Gavin kept his back turned. “Sabelle, I’m going to need you to do something for me tonight.”

“Clean up the horrendous mess you’re making?” She belted out a laugh in hopes of reviving their playful banter. “You’re a good cook but kind of a crappy housekeeper. Just sayin’.” Alcohol had definitely kicked in.

A quick glance over his shoulder revealed a grin. “No.” He cleared his throat. “I’m going to need you to chain me to the bed.”

Sabelle blinked, trying to comprehend what the hell he’d just said. “Come again?”





What's New For 2015

Wow!  I can’t believe this is the last day of 2014!  The year FLEW for me.  This time last year, I was visiting my bestie in Texas, which to me, feels like only a month ago. A few things will be coming up in 2015 and I thought I’d take a moment to answer some questions and let everyone know whazzzz going on, since I’ll be hitting the writing pretty hard in the upcoming months, and cutting back on social media a little.

I also have some amazing people to thank for making 2014 such a great year, but I shall get to them in a moment.

First, I’m not sure if you’ve heard the buzz, but it seems FB will be FURTHER reducing the number of posts you see from the pages you’ve liked.  Apparently, they’re under the impression that you want to see more of the Suggested Posts in your newsfeed, like credit card companies, department stores, and less of what you chose to follow.  <<insert eye roll>>

To keep up with the newest releases, cover model contests and giveaways, your best bet is going to be to sign up for my newsletter.  In fact, some of you have asked about a future book for Xander and Karinna, and well, I’m thinking I might just offer that as a free download to my newsletter subscribers, once its written.  I’m also going to do a monthly drawing for newsletter subscribers, beginning in January.

If you’ve already signed up, thank you bunches!  You’ll be hearing from me soon.  If not, and you'd like to get in on that, here is the link >>>>  VIP EMAIL LIST

And no worries, I will NOT flood your inbox with daily spewage – I hate when I sign up for something and get shit sent to me EVERY damn day after.  Something I like to call Sign Up Remorse.  Nope, you’ll hear from me once a month, maybe 2-3 times, if there’s a new release or some mancandy to show off.

I'm also on TSU, though I have yet to figure out this site.  Seems to be very similar to an early version of FB, though, and posts actually get seen.  If you're on TSU, connect with me!

In case you missed it, SOUL ENSLAVED released on December 5th and the reviews have been absolutely humbling.  My greatest fear is failing my readers and I wasn’t sure what y’all would think of Gavin and Sabelle together.  It’s GAVIN, ya know?  If you haven’t picked up a copy, one click below!

SOUL AVENGED is still on sale for 99 cents!  Grab a copy before the sale ends.

So what’s next????

I’m stepping outside of paranormal and into the human realm for a while, to tackle my first romantic suspense, titled RICOCHET.  Writing has commenced!  This book will not be as long as my PNR books, but it’ll definitely have that gritty, edgy feel you’ve come to expect—some dark elements, but not as dark as The Fallen.

I’ve had a few bloggers email me about a blog tour.  I’m actually going to have more of a book blast for this one, but if you’re a blogger and interested in participating, sign up here:   RICOCHET SIGN UP

Add RICOCHET to your Goodreads shelf!

After Ricochet, I’ll jump back into the Sons of Wrath world to write Calix’s book, titled SOUL REDEEMED.  Things aren’t looking good for Ava … if you thought her brother, Ryke, was sick and twisted—sit tight, her nightmares have only just begun.

I want to thank ALL of you for making 2014 such a wonderful year!  Looking forward to a productive 2015 full of writing.

Also, I just want to take a minute to thank some amazing people who’ve been a wonderful source of support throughout the year:

Julie Belfield  ❤ Terri Rochenski ❤ Krista Walsh ❤   KL Schwengel ❤ Colin F. Barnes  ❤ Naomi L. ❤ Sammy @ Smitten With Book Heroes ❤ Kimberly B. ❤ Anne C. ❤ Angela C @ Under the Covers Book Blog ❤ Lana @ Dirty Girl Romance  ❤ FranJessca @ Book Lovin Mamas ❤ Alexis @ Reality Bites  ❤ Carmel @ Rabid Reads ❤ Braine @ Talk Supe Blog  ❤ Texxie @ PRUFReads Blog  ❤ Meli Mel ❤  David @ Wagner LA Photography

Wishing all of you a safe, healthy and prosperous new year!!  Have fun tonight!


One-Click The Series!








The book blast for SOUL ENSLAVED is over and the winners for the prize packs have been chosen by the Rafflecopter gods! First, I just want to say thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers and readers who helped me out and who've stuck with this series from the very beginning.  You're my rockstars! ❤❤❤

Okay, on to the winners ...

Congratulations to:



I’ve also tallied up the votes for the Sons of Wrath Casting Contest.

Congratulations to:

RABID READS who won a $50 Amazon gift card for sexiest mancandy!!

Thank you to all the bloggers who participated.  NO WAY IN HELL I'd have been able to choose a winner out of this droolworthy collection of hotties.

As promised, I mentioned that I would post MY picks for the brothers.  And I'll just add, since the first book, one man has remained the handsome inspiration for Gavin's character.  Zayne too.  Le sigh.

So here they are … my picks for the Sons of Wrath Cast:

(click to enlarge - easier to lick the abs that way)

*zones out*  I could totally live in the Château de Wrath for a while.  I'd be their oil girl ... you know, whenever they need ... oil ... rubbed on their bodies, or something.  *clears throat*

Thank you all so much for your help spreading the word about my new release!  SOUL ENSLAVED is getting some fantastic reviews and has been called the "... sexiest book yet"!

Check them out:


Lovin’ all the Gavin love!!

You can STILL grab a copy of SOUL AVENGED (Sons of Wrath, #1) for 99 cents!  If you're curious and want to try the series, now’s a great time to grab the books!

One-Click The Series!

And remember, a percent of sales will be donated to two organizations that help keep kids off the streets in Detroit!  If you already have the books, gift them to the book lovers on your list and support a great cause!

Stop by tomorrow for a Christmas Scavenger Hunt that kicks off with MORE prizes!


And as a special thank you to all of my lovely readers, I'm releasing SOUL ENSLAVED for a very limited time at just 99 cents!  You've all been so patient as I work to get this story right and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.  Check out the book then scroll down and enter the Rafflecopter for some awesome prizes :)  You can also vote for your favorite dream cast in the Sons of Wrath Casting Contest for MORE prizes (link is below)!!

Additionally, a percent of sales will be donated to two organizations that keep kids off the streets in Detroit and the metro area.  Michigan winters can be harsh and it breaks my heart to know there are homeless kids braving the elements.  Just like last time, I'll make a donation in the name of Keri Lake's Caring Readers.


The first two books in the series are ALSO 99 cents for


This sale ends Monday, Dec. 8th! Grab a copy of Soul Enslaved and support a great cause!

If you have already read the first two books, you can gift the entire series - the perfect holiday treat for the booklovers on your list!

SOUL ENSLAVED (Sons of Wrath, #3)

By: Keri Lake

Release Date: December 5, 2014

Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-0-9848517-7-5


Imprisonment in Obsidius. Enslavement to a soul-sucking succubus. A reproductive cycle that’d send a sex fiend running into the arms of celibacy.

Given the choice, most demons would opt for death.

Gavin, eldest son of Wrath, has been sentenced to all three.

When the succubus decides its time to collect, though, he fears his nightmares have only just begun.

And Sabelle’s timing couldn’t be worse.

With a bad case of uncontrollable lust, thanks to his Savidon, the last thing Gavin wants is a vengeful succubus stoking his darkest desires, but debts must be paid—he just didn’t bank on enjoying his punishment so much.

Because the swinging bachelor may have found his perfect mate in the sexy seductress.

However, just as things seem to be looking up, past sins resurface, plunging the two into a deadly game of power and deception. As their worst fears merge into one unexpected threat, Gavin is determined to protect Sabelle and win her freedom.

At any cost.


One-Click The Series!


Enter the Rafflecopter!

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The SOUL ENSLAVED Swag Pack #2 is up for grabs!  Check out the hotties and vote for your favorite!

My Mother, Troubled Youth And How I Came To Write Badass Characters

As you know, SOUL ENSLAVED releases on December 5th and because it’s smack in the middle of the holidays, I decided to donate a percent of sales to charity. Sabelle happens to be one of my favorite characters in this book.  She’s a feisty succubus who works so hard to get by and tries to be a good mom. Her personality was inspired by my own mother, who worked 40 hours a week, AND put herself through a Master’s program in Social Work, all while raising 4 kids.

So I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my mom, why she’s the most amazing woman I know, and why I decided to let her choose where I make the donation this year.

My mother has spent a good part of her life working as a therapist with what most would label the ‘troubled youth’.  Neglected, abandoned, abused or ignored, every one of them come with heartbreaking stories of hopelessness.  The world has written them off as useless and many kids arrive at my mom's door desperate, leery and many times, resistant to getting help from anyone.  They're hardened.  Sometimes unreachable.  And in some cases, downright belligerent.

I’ve always admired my mother's patience and willingness to dig beyond the behaviors of kids, who were unknowingly desperate for someone to just give a damn.

She’s dedicated her career to providing some measure of hope to those deemed a lost cause—kids caught between living on the streets and in unstable homes.  She’s fought for parents who try to do the right thing but don’t know how. And there have been times when I’ve watched my mom sit at the kitchen table in tears when she found herself battling stereotypes and politics.

My mom is a firm believer in resiliency and while some look at a child who’s suffered horrific circumstances as ‘ruined’, she would call them survivors--‘fixable,’ if given the environment they need to repair and grow into thriving adults.  They say it takes a village to raise a child.  My mom has always said, when faced with the path of right and wrong, it only takes ONE person who gives a damn to make a difference in a child’s life and guide him/her toward success.

She’s worked in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Detroit, and faced a whole lot of opposition, all in the effort of making things better when she leaves.  And one thing I’ve grown up knowing about my mom – she doesn’t do anything half-ass.

It’s no surprise that I tend to write badass females in my stories.  I grew up with one.

I’ve always wanted to do something meaningful like that in my life, but I’m not exactly a role model and I’d surely screw up the first kid I tried to help, which is why I respect therapists and counselors—unsung heroes who’ve dedicated their lives to nurturing healthy minds.

I suppose it might seem natural that, as a writer, the most influential people in my life are other writers.  Yes, they do provide a source of inspiration and I certainly look up to them.  But no one has ever fostered an environment of chasing happiness, believing in myself and pursuing my dreams quite like my mom.  This is what she gives to others—kids who are NEVER told they have potential to be anything they want, anything more than the mistakes they've made—she helps them believe that they CAN and she gives them the tools to do it.

My mother is one of my biggest, most supportive fans.  Yes, she proudly reads my smut and has never judged me for what I choose to write.  However dark and twisted, she’s read every one of my stories and will always be a much better saleswoman when it comes to promoting my work.  So I’d like to give back by promoting her work.  I’m dedicating SOUL ENSLAVED to her and a percent of sales during its first month of release will be donated to two recognized programs that help outreach workers and therapists like her, who are trying to make a difference and guiding kids on the path toward success.

The first is Covenant House.

I recently donated a percent of sales from my Sons of Wrath series to Covenant House in Detroit on behalf of Keri Lake’s Caring Readers.  Here’s the letter I received from the Director of the program:


I want to thank you for your contribution in helping to provide the tools these kids need to turn their lives around.  It means so much to me.  The people working for this organization are absolute angels.  Check out this short video of the outreach workers who scour the streets in search of homeless kids:

For me, this was the most frightening fact presented in the video:

A young person who is on the street for more than 24 hours is 80% more likely to become a victim of human trafficking.

I’m so grateful for those who work every single day to keep these kids in a safe and nurturing environment.

The second program is The Connection.

My mother works with the lovely lady who runs this organization.  Funded by state and federal grants, The Connection helps teens and families in crisis by providing safe emergency housing, counseling, support groups, and community outreach programs.

How Can You Help?

I’m asking you to help me spread the word on release day.  For a limited time only, Soul Enslaved will be 99 cents.  Buy a copy and help kids living on the streets of Detroit.  You can also gift a copy of the book—the perfect holiday treat for the booklovers on your list!

Soul Enslaved releases DECEMBER 5TH, so mark your calendars!

Thank you so much for all you do and for your continued interest in my writing ❤

Gavin Is Coming!!

Gavin is coming!! …well, I mean his book is coming.  The date is set!

Mark your calendars for DECEMBER 5TH!!

Which is in like ... 3 weeks.

I'm kinda freaking out but no worries! I'll be fine.

Newsletter subscribers will be the first to know!

I’m just adding some finishing touches to the manuscript and then … and then … it goes off to formatting this week!!

I've been obsessing over this thing long enough.  It's time to unleash the beast.

I’ll try to get some early ARCs out around the 24th – possibly earlier, so bloggers, I will be in touch soon!

Speaking of bloggers, in case you missed my previous post, I’m running a contest JUST FOR YOU!

All you have to do is look through some sexy eye candy, cast the Sons and you could win a $50 Amazon gift card!

READERS are going to vote on their favorite collection of hotness.

What do you have to lose??

There will also be an awesome prize pack with some Soul Enslaved themed goodies up for grabs for all who stop by to vote!  I had fun picking out these prizes – all of which, are relevant to the book.  That’s all I’mma gonna say about that.

Some of the picks coming in have served as an effective distraction for me that past week – holy shit.  I gotta say one of my favorites is Nick Bateman.  Le sigh.

WARNING:  The images you are about to see are total panty drenchers.  Proceed with caution.

That was just a warm up ...

Getting hotter...

No words.


What was I saying?

Oh yeah, my book.

If you'd rather participate in the book blast and opt out of the contest, that's okay too!  Just fill out your name, email and let me know if you'd like an advanced copy prior to release!

CLICK HERE to sign up!

Some early reviews are coming in!!

Check out this one from Naomi (lots of book quotes included!)


Ah, I LOVE the gifs!

And here’s another from the lovely Terri Rochenski:


Don’t forget to add the book to your Goodreads shelf while you’re there!

Huge thanks to my editor, the very kickass Julie Belfield, for whipping mah boys into shape.  I don’t know what I’d do with her.  Also, THANK YOU so much to the lovely ladies - Sammy, Naomi and Anne - who've been a huge support these past few weeks ❤


Sons Of Wrath Contest!!

I mentioned a while back that for the release of Soul Enslaved, I’m not planning to do a major blog tour. This time, I’ve got something else in mind.   Something I hope will be a whole lotta fun!!

I WILL be doing a book blast with a rafflecopter giveaway and I’d LOVE your help spreading the word for a couple reasons:

  1. Soul Enslaved will be 99 cents for a VERY VERY limited time.  I mean like … just a couple of days, limited.

BUT!  That brings me to reason #2:

  1. I’m donating a percent of sales for Soul Enslaved to TWO charities that help neglected or abused kids stay off the streets of Detroit and the metro area.

I’ll tell you more about this in a future post.  But the more you help me spread the word, the greater the donation I can make!

In addition to the book blast …

When I first wrote Soul Avenged, aside from friends and family who'd read the book, I didn't have much of a following at all.  No one knew the Sons of Wrath and I found that, not only was I limited to a handful of PNR blogs to help me get the book out there, but of those, only a few were willing to read a book as thick as Soul Avenged.  Oh man, I thought I'd screwed up royally by writing such a long story.  But then, something REALLY unexpected happened.  Bloggers started signing up to join the tour.  Even though they had NO IDEA who I was as an author or who my characters were, they took a chance and read the book.

Then Soul Resurrected was written and more bloggers joined the tour.  Through (and including) them, I met some pretty amazing readers.

All of you have been instrumental in helping me get my books out there.  You take the time to read my books, post your reviews, shout about my crazy stories – you took a chance on me and I want to give back.

So I’m going to run a little contest during the book blast …

Every writer dreams of seeing a book hit the big screen.  I’ve always wondered how others see my characters. Therefore, I’m asking bloggers to cast the Sons of Wrath and I’m going to have YOU vote for the best collection of sexy mancandy!

The winning blog will get $50 Amazon gift card!  Readers get to enter the rafflecopter for a chance to win some awesome prizes!

Win win win!

The blogger picks are coming in and I L.O.V.E. the sexy faces they’re matching with each of these guys.

Damn they’re HAWT.  Think it's time to update my Eye Candy Pinterest board.

If you know of a blogger who loves PNR and might wanna get in on this, please don’t hesitate to share this post!

If you ARE a blogger and wanna get in on this, email me keri (at) kerilake.com.

In the meantime, I’ve been getting feedback from betas for Soul Enslaved and it’s been humbling.  I’ve said before, I have good days and bad days when it comes to my writing.  The responses have definitely kept me in a very positive and upbeat state of mind and I cannot wait to share this story with you!

Here are just a few of the beta comments:

"Your storytelling wraps me up & I forget to THINK beyond enjoyment."

“Do you have any idea how fucking awesome you are?”

Good Gawd, woman! Done. And...and...and...Argh! What have you done to me? Again.”

You are messing with my mind in all the best ways.”

I know this book will be tidied up and I'm a bit sad to hear that because I enjoyed so many scenes (particularly in the latter quarter of the book).”

I’ll be giving another update soon so stay tuned!!

Updates & Announcements!

I have a couple of announcements and then some quick updates regarding Soul Enslaved and Ricochet. First, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I must regrettably cancel my appearance at the signing in San Francisco.  I’m incredibly disappointed as I’d hoped to meet some of you, as well as some of the amazing authors and of course, Nadine—the very gracious host for this event.

Second, for those who may have missed it earlier in the week, I announced on my FB page that I will be pushing the release of Soul Enslaved back a couple of weeks as I work through some changes that have affected the entire storyline.

The original release date was scheduled for November 6th and given the length of this book, simply wouldn’t allow enough time to address the pieces of the story affected by this minor change.

So when is the release date for Soul Enslaved?

I’m looking at Friday, December 5th.  I'll post again soon, confirming the date.

My apologies for having to prolong the wait, but I cannot publish something that I’m not completely satisfied with.  These edits have strengthened the story and I have to say, my goal for each book is to write a better story than the last—Soul Enslaved is, by far, my favorite in the series.

I mentioned in an earlier post, that there will NOT be a blog tour for the release of Soul Enslaved.  With the holidays coming up and the number of projects I currently have going, I’d like to channel my energy into the writing.


I am doing a book blast on release day and could use your help spreading the word!  Not just bloggers – readers too!  For a VERY limited time, Soul Enslaved is going to be 99 cents.  A percent of sales will be donated to two organizations that help kids stay off the streets.

To join in on the blast, just click on the link below, fill out the form and I’ll contact you two days before the book’s release!


Additionally, there WILL be a rafflecopter with some awesome prizes that I’ll be giving away, including a limited edition print, signed by sexy cover model, Daniel Sobieray!

Soul Enslaved is with the editor right now, and I'll be handing this baby off to some beta readers very soon--like, next week, soon.

With Soul Enslaved written and out of my hands, I'll be shifting gears and working to get Ricochet out to readers as quickly as I can!  I've gotten a number of emails asking who that gorgeous face is on the cover.  That chiseled perfection belongs to British model, Chris Williamson.

Go add the book to your Goodreads shelf!

Updates for Soul Enslaved and Ricochet!

Quick update … Gotta make this short and sweet, because this is my LAST day to finish my read through of Gavin’s book!

Soul Enslaved gets shipped off for its VERY first beta read tomorrow!  Holy hell, I’m excited and sick to my stomach at the same time.  Thought this one would be much smaller than the others, but is anyone opposed to 500 pages of Gavin???


There will NOT be the usual month-long blog tour for the release of Soul Enslaved!  I’ve got something much more fun planned PLUS some cool prizes to give away too!  Stay tuned for more details.  The release date is slated for November 6th, so mark your calendars!!  As I mentioned on my FB page, a percent of sales from my books will be donated to local Detroit charities during the release.

Sign up to my VIP Email list and you could win an ARC of Soul Enslaved BEFORE it releases!

What else is going on this week …

The cover design for Ricochet will soon be underway!  I’m so excited to show off the sexy face of my next project, which will also be set in Detroit.  I’ve been patiently waiting to start this baby and tomorrow I’ll begin writing it.  As I mentioned before, this is NOT paranormal romance.  It’s a standalone with HEA.  It’ll have that same dark, edgy tone but with humans instead of demons.  Lol

I’ve put together an inspiration board for the story on Pinterest, in case you’re curious.  Check it out here:  http://www.pinterest.com/kerilake/ricochet/

The playlist is growing too!

You can also add it to your Goodreads shelf:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22046049-ricochet

Okay, that’s all for now.  More news coming soon!


It’s here.  I’ve waited WAY too long to share this cover and it’s finally here!! I know you didn’t pop in to listen to my blabbering so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet by first saying THANK YOU to all my readers who stopped in to vote for your favorite model during the Cover Model Contest.  Once again, you made this such a fun event for me!

Thank you to Daniel Sobieray and all his lip-biting, muscly sexiness.  He makes one smokin' hot Wrath demon.  Le sigh.  By the way, ladies, in case you had any doubts while perusing his profile, those abs are the real deal.  I’ve got over 500 raw images to prove it.

The background image is Woodward Avenue in Detroit, taken by the amazingly talented Curtis McGuire.  One of my favorites and I saved it for Gavin ❤

And enormous thanks to my designer, David Wagner, who is so much fun to work with!  I've had a baaaaaaaad case of coverlust going for the last few weeks.  There may have been excessive staring and drooling and it's all thanks to David's brilliance.  Can’t wait to start the next cover for Soul Redeemed!

Finally, lots of love for the kickass bloggers who helped me spread this purdy little thang all over the net

So without further delay, here is YOUR cover, the one YOU helped design:

SOUL ENSLAVED (Sons of Wrath, #3)

By: Keri Lake

Website:  http://www.KeriLake.com

Release Date:  TO BE ANNOUNCED

Genre:  Adult Paranormal Romance

Cover Designer:  David Wagner of Wagner LA Photography

Here is the full wrap:



Imprisonment in Obsidius.  Enslavement to a soul-sucking succubus.  A reproductive cycle that’d send a sex fiend running into the arms of celibacy.  Given the choice, most demons would opt for death.

Gavin, eldest son of Wrath, has been sentenced to all three.

When the succubus decides its time collect, though, he fears his nightmares have only just begun.

And Sabelle’s timing couldn’t be worse.

With a bad case of uncontrollable lust, thanks to his Savidon, the last thing Gavin wants is a vengeful succubus stoking his darkest desires, but debts must be paidhe just didn’t bank on enjoying his punishment so much.

Because the swinging bachelor may have found his perfect mate in the sexy seductress.

However, just as things seem to be looking up, past sins resurface, plunging the two into a deadly game of power and deception. As their worst fears merge into one unexpected threat, Gavin is determined to protect Sabelle and win her freedom.

At any cost.



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Amazon (Kindle) Amazon (Print) Barnes & Noble (Nook)




Sons of Wrath FAQ and updates!!

I’ve had questions come up after some have read The Fallen and I thought, since they seem to be similar, I’d just answer them here instead of private messages. Will there be more of Xander and Karinna (THE FALLEN)?

Originally I hadn’t planned to write much more—I was simply providing a character’s backstory.  As I’ve said before, I wrote this book at the request of a reader, after the Sons of Wrath books 1 and 2 were already out there.  This book tells the story of how Xander came to be Fallen. However, it seems readers have come to love Xander and Karinna more than I had anticipated!  Therefore, you will definitely see more of these two.

Even though I’m a cruel mistress and I LOVE to put my alphas through some hell, I think they all deserve a happy ending and Xander will get his … eventually.

Will this darker tone carry over to Soul Enslaved?

The Fallen is certainly not the darkest book out there, but it is the darkest thing I’ve ever written.  It deals with very disturbing themes of torture and rape—had me cringing as I wrote it so I’m certain readers had moments of wanting to scrub their eyeballs with bleach.  I’m always trying to push my writing to places that force me outside of my comfort zone.  It keeps it new and fresh for me.  Keeps me from getting bored. This book was an exploration into a very dark and twisted character that I introduced in Soul Resurrected (Xander).  I don’t think I’ll ever lose the darkness in my writing, but where horrific scenes were shown in The Fallen, I try to leave them up to the reader’s imagination in my other books (they tend to be implied).

Soul Enslaved will return to the usual banter and brotherhood that you’ve come to know in the series.  Gavin certainly likes his kink and you can expect to see lots of it in this book, but he’s not a sadist, so no mindfuckery or pain in this one.

When is the cover reveal for Soul Enslaved?

The cover is designed and is GORGEOUS.  I’m just finalizing the blurb at the moment.  Its never easy condensing an enormous book into 150-175 words, and this happens to be giving me hell.  I’ll plan the cover reveal for Tuesday, May 20th. 

Mark your calendars!!


If you’d like to participate in the cover reveal, please sign up here:

ALSO … I’ll have limited edition prints, signed by the very sexy Daniel Sobieray to give away for the release of the book!

How is Soul Enslaved coming along?

Very well, actually!  I’m taking my time with this because this installment gives more insight into the overarching story that’s building in the background.  I’m widening the scope a bit and want to make sure there are no glaring plot holes as the main story continues to progress.  Each brother’s story plays a role in moving it along and the further into the series I go, the more obsessed I become with double-checking my world-building.

As for the love story in the thick of all this chaos … I’ll say this, it doesn’t happen often, but I’ve had a couple tearful moments while writing it.  Some scenes were harder to write than others.

I find when I write, there’s a particular song for each book, that, no matter what I’m doing just before I hit the keys, pulls me into the story immediately.  Sort of like a theme song that allows me to slip into the world.  For Soul Enslaved, it’s Always by Killswitch Engage.  The song came on the radio while I was driving the other day and reminded me of the heart-wrenching scene I have to write and my mind immediately went into daydream mode, imagining it as I battled 5 o’clock traffic.

I will continue to post updates on the story and let you know of a release date as it gets closer.

What is the deal with this new book, Ricochet?  It’s not a paranormal romance?

This will be its own separate post, so I won’t go into too much detail.

A while back, I had an idea for a contemporary romance, but never really pulled the trigger on writing it.  Well, it turns out, my head hasn’t forgotten about it, because a couple weeks ago I was slammed with the opening scene while driving an hour to a meeting.  It’s dark.  It’s gritty, but not as graphic as The Fallen and has NO paranormal elements in it.  So think of the Sons of Wrath world through the eyes of humans and you’ve got Ricochet.  This will be a standalone romance.

I’ll have more info about this one at a later date, but writing begins this summer, after I’ve handed off Soul Enslaved.

In the meantime, you can check out my inspiration board on Pinterest or add it to your Goodreads shelf!

Hey what’s going on with the Audiobook for Soul Avenged?

I actually listened to a few chapters this morning and it’s coming along!  I can’t yet say when it will be available but the first 14 chapters have been uploaded and they sound fantastic!  Jarman does such a nice job keeping all the voices with multiple characters distinct enough to keep track of who’s talking – it’s crazy!!  And I love his voice for Wade…wait til you hear it.  Haha!

Will let you know as it gets closer to completion.  Maybe I can post a little teaser at some point!

Lots of stuff coming your way so stay tuned for updates!




Okay I’ll just start out by saying this contest was hella crazy. Why?

Last Cover Model Contest, I received about 500 votes, spread out over a two-week period.

This time?

Three times as many!!!  And that was in just 4 days of voting!!  Holy hell, ladies and gents, you were all over these guys!  Ha!  Votes continued to come in up until midnight.

Before I get to the winner (don’t peek!), I want to say thank you to some folks who helped out with this contest and made it a success.

First, to David Wagner, for weeding through all the portfolios submitted for the contest, and narrowing down some smokin’ hot guys.  Damn, they were sexy and I’d have never stumbled upon them without David’s help.  Authors, seriously, check out David’s cover work.  He’s so easygoing, fun to collaborate with AND he has connections to some truly stunning men!

Second, to the four gorgeous candidates – Mickael, Rafael, Daniel and Jason.  Thanks so much for possessing superior genetics and making this contest an absolute blast!  If I could’ve squeezed all four of you onto the cover, I would have!

Third, to my pimps … all the kickass bloggers who helped me spread the word, enormous thanks to each and every one of you!!

And finally, to my readers, thank you for helping me choose the model for Gavin’s book!  I love the fact that you all play a role in my stories – a huge role, since a story’s cover is what draws a reader.  Thanks to you, Gavin now has a (very) handsome face—one I shall drool over, I mean, muse over as I finish writing his book.  If you opted in for it, your name will be included in a Special Contributors page of Soul Enslaved just for stopping in to vote!

Okay, now for the WINNERS of the Rafflecopter giveaway!!!

The TWO winners of a $50 Amazon giftcard, Sons of Wrath Property of Gavin t-shirt and swag are:



The FIVE winners chosen to receive an eARC of The Fallen (publishing in April) are:






I’ll be emailing all winners with the details!!

Now that we have all that sorted … are you ready to see which drool-worthy candidate YOU chose??

I’m so very excited ….

Very very excited ….

Thrilled to announce that the incredibly sexy


will represent the face of Gavin for Soul Enslaved!!!

Le swoon!  That wicked smile!  Those beautiful eyes!  That chiseled physique!  Daniel will make one fine-looking Wrath demon … very happy to have him on the cover!

And I had the pleasure of chatting with David this afternoon, brainstorming ideas to make this cover hot hot hot!!  So you’re in for a treat, ladies … as you know, Gavin has his own style and it’ll surely come through in the design we’re planning.

If your guy didn’t happen to win this particular cover—and I’m asking that all voters please be respectful to all candidates in the contest—you still played an enormous role by getting to know the character, spreading the word and taking the time to cast your vote.  And for that, I’m incredibly grateful!  There will more opportunities throughout this series for all of you to own a part of my stories.

So when is Soul Enslaved coming??

I’m working on Gavin’s story as we speak.  I will keep you updated as it gets closer to publication!

In the meantime, I’ll be publishing a FREE short erotic novel, titled The Fallen.  That will come out sometime in April and is the story of Xander, the fallen angel in the Sons of Wrath series.  This book is a standalone and NOT part of overarching story that spans the series.  Keep an eye out for that!

Thanks so much for reading <3


The votes have been tallied and we're down to TWO smokin' hot finalists for the Cover Model Contest!! Thanks so much to all my email subscribers who came by to vote!!  I know it wasn't an easy choice.  All four these guys were dayum sexy.  Thanks to you, the rest of the world can bite their nails over half as many.

So ...

Wanna know who the finalists are??

Hop on over to the Voting Booth and check them out!  This round is open to EVERYONE.  Tag friends on FB for extra points in the Rafflecopter!!

Hurry ... you only have until March 9th to get your votes in!  Voting booth will close at midnight.  Vote more than once!

GO, GO, GO!!!!!!!


Voting Has Begun!!

First round voting is under way!!

Yesterday kicked off the Cover Model Contest for SOUL ENSLAVED (Gavin’s book).

I’m letting readers select the best candidate from the four smokin’ hotties I’ve narrowed down by some miracle of the gods.

Phew!  Votes are pouring in and I must say, this is getting pretty.  damn.  exciting!!

It’s a good mix at this point, though I refuse to TOUCH these until it’s time to determine the winner.

Email subscribers will get to choose the TWO finalists that everyone will have a chance to vote on (beginning MARCH 6TH-9TH, 2014).

Wanna see all FOUR sexy candidates and choose YOUR favorites before the first round voting ends on March 2nd???

Head on over to THE VOTING BOOTH!

Not signed up for the VIP Email list?  No problem!  Sign up here then get ready to join the fun!!

Contest & Signed Paperbacks

Hello lovelies! The date is getting closer and closer!! This week, I've been busy cranking out some Wrath brother snippets and other fun posts for the upcoming Soul Resurrected blog tour. I'm also prepping the questions for the big scavenger hunt. So excited!! Man, October, I must say, is probably one of my favorite months. So that brings me to the actual release of Soul Resurrected ...

First, since it releases on Halloween and I'm feeling fun and festive, I'm going to hold a little contest.

Are you an artist? Do you have some mad carving skills?

Well I wanna see it!!

So for anyone willing to carve the Sons of Wrath skull logo into their Halloween pumpkin this year, I'm going to be giving away a nice little prize! I'll be enlisting the help of my brother, who happens to be ridiculously talented when it comes to carving, for my own pumpkin here at home. Winner will be announced on Halloween so get your sharp picks ready ...

Once you've carved your masterpiece, send me the photo! You can upload it here OR simply send it as an attachment via keri@kerilake.com.

[gravityform id=8 name=PumpkinCarving Contest]

Here is just one of the prizes included in this lovely little pack (click on image to enlarge):

A Sons of Wrath inspired bracelet, designed by BookGeek Boutique!

So go, go, go!  Gets to carvin!

Secondly, for anyone who'd like to purchase a signed paperback copy of my books, I now have a virtual signing page that you can check out here:


Pre-orders for Soul Resurrected will be shipped AFTER the release date.  And please be specific about how you'd like your book signed!  This is open internationally - shipping rates apply.

NaNoWriMo is coming up next month and I will be participating!  I'll be working on both Soul Enslaved (Gavin's story) and a lil' novella I've had tucked away in the back of my mind for a while now, based on one of the Wrath brothers.  I feel like my books get darker and steamier with each installment and SE is no exception.

By the way, if you haven't yet added Soul Enslaved to your Goodreads shelf, by all means, do so!  ADD SOUL ENSLAVED  And while you're there on Goodreads, be sure to enter to win a signed paperback of Soul Resurrected that I'm giving away!

Finally ... I'll have an upcoming announcement about how I'll be conducting the Cover Model Contest next time.  You'll want to check that out.  And you might just wanna sign up on my little side-bar thingy >>>>  where you see Newsletter sign up.  Note:  be sure to enter your email in the NEWSLETTER sign up.  My cover designer, David, who happens to photograph some very drool-worthy men, (seriously, you must follow him) has sent over a couple of possible candidates and um ... *picks up jaw* holy shit.  That's all I'm gonna say for now.