NaNoWriMo Wrap Up

It’s December 1st, which means the NaNo craziness is over.  Writers are climbing out of dark and cramped caves to participate in the real world again.

So how did I do?

Well … my final word count as of last night was about 63,382.  Yes, this is beyond the 50K word challenge, but I’d honestly hoped to write more than that.  I decided to use the sequel to Soul Avenged as my NaNo project.

The storyline has been incredibly easy to write!  I don’t know what it is about this series.  It’s addicting—being immersed in this dark place--like I’ve taken all the favorite parts of my head and thrown them together in a world as familiar to me as real life.  I adore every one of the sexy characters in this book.  They’re very distinct in my mind, which makes channeling their voices so easy.

What kept me from writing more?

Well, November itself is a crazy month.  Not only is it the month of my hubby’s birthday (though thankfully we celebrated his big 40th bash in October—a surprise party to throw him off), it’s also my daughter’s birthday month, my best friend’s, my mother’s and my grandmother’s.  Let’s not forget Thanksgiving was thrown into the mix as well.  And … I’ve been crazy busy with the cover of Soul Avenged—specifically, the nasty blurb that I’ve had to shrink from about 350 words down to 150.

Ugh.  Not easy.  My brain has been a little bit scattered.

But I should be finishing the first draft of SoW2 by the second week of December!!  Yahoo!

This story is even darker than Soul Avenged—creepier, steamier.  More supes.  And a whole lot more of the Wrath brothers.  Yum.

Just check out my Pinterest boards:

Hot dayum

What’s going on with the sequel to Somnium?

After having gone back and forth for a while, I finally made the decision to publish Soul Avenged before Requiem (Halos, #2).

Requiem is still coming, but its publication will be a bit delayed. 

In the meantime, I’ll soon be announcing the release date for the Witch Hunt anthology in addition to Soul Avenged.

AND!  Cover reveal for Soul Avenged is next week!!

Stay tuned!

Soul Avenged #snippet

Between editing Soul Avenged, working on Requiem and writing for an anthology, my blog posts have been suffering!  At least I'll have something to show for it soon.  In the meantime, I decided to post just a short snippet from Soul Avenged.  Once my plate clears a little (there's a light at the end of the tunnel!), I'll go back to writing some flash stories.  I have yet to write Logan and Zeke's from Soul Avenged. Speaking of Zeke...

(I promise I'll get to the snippet) I found a couple of things I love this week that I want to share.  First, while perusing Amelia James' (Trashywriter) Pinterest board titled 'Man Candy', I came across something that made my coffee taste a little sweeter.

When it comes to a guy's hair, I'm typically a short-crop kinda girl.  However, in Soul Avenged, I gave Zeke a little bit longer hair.  I've seen very few guys who can pull off this style, so I had to go with a LOT of my own imagination.  Zeke looks like a god in the book - he's big and brawny and beautiful.

Although I don't like to put existing faces to my characters while I'm writing them, I'd say this guy's probably the closest I've gotten to what I had in mind for Zeke...just need to photoshop a few tats on him ;)


So, can ANYONE tell me who the hell the guy is in this photo?  Because I think he is just about the best looking long-haired hottie I've seen yet.

The second thing I came across is a couple of bands whose music I've been listening to non-stop.  Blood Red Shoes is one worth checking out.  Bonus points for the lady rockin' the guitar.  My favorite song so far is Cold  <<must listen to this one!

I've always been a fan of The XX, and I'm so looking forward to the new album, Coexist, coming out September because I have absolutely fallen in love with their sneaky peek song, Angels .  I'll just come clean and admit that it's played a couple of times while writing Requiem (Halos #2).

Another favorite from The XX is Shelter.  This one I've listened to a few times while writing Soul Avenged.  Birdy did a nice version of it too...but I remain a fan of the original:

OK!  OK!  Now on to the snippet:

In this scene, Kane wakes up from a nightmare to find Ayden standing over him...

A raging storm emanated from the woman’s gunmetal eyes, almost palpable, as she held him captive with no more than the weapon in her hand.

So beautiful

In spite of the blade at his throat, his breathing slowed, heart calmed.  He fell back against his pillow as she held tight to the hilt.

Her hands were steady, unmoved by him - a relief after the nightmare he’d had.  She didn’t speak a word as she lowered her weapon and retreated to the chaise beside him.

He wanted to watch her for longer.  Wanted to study the lines of impassiveness in her face.

Sleep dragged her from his view.


Wishing all of you a great week!