Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday - HALOS: Somnium

Okay, for those who have not seen this before, I've decided to give you some snippets each week.  ONLY six sentences at a time!  I'll have you know...this isn't easy.  When I decided to sign up, my mind instantly boggled.  Which six sentences do I choose?  Ugh.  Like my little sister in a shoe store.  We could be here a while...but, I've picked my six for the week.  So here we go! In this scene, Allie arrives in Kittery and decides to pull off for gas at one of those strange, outdated stations.  While paying inside (because the pumps don't have one of those fancy convenience pay thingamajigs), she is greeted by two creepy locals.  A missing persons poster plastered to the wall grabs her attention:


She looks to be about my age with sandy brown hair and brown eyes, radiantly smiling back at me. Her expression, so vibrant and happy, is haunting. How long has she been missing? My stare must be obvious when the clerk hands me my change with his grease-stained fingers, then glances back at the flyer himself. He turns back toward me; his turbulent eyes meet mine. “Watch yaself.”


Oh man, that's it!  Be sure to stop back next week for another Six Sentence Sunday.