Halos Somnium Book Trailer!

I think it's pretty safe to say that a book trailer is one of the thrilling moments of publishing a book.  You condense everything you've written into one enticing little preview. It's a moment, aside from actually holding a copy in your hands, when the book becomes more than just an idea that you've written on paper.  It becomes a vision of so many other things.  A visual representation of something you've created.  Like a movie that's been playing out in your head the last few months (years) on display for everyone else to see.

So for this project, I teamed up with my brother (who is also the designer of my site) and asked for a bit of help.  I directed.  He designed.  I provided details and elements from the book and my brother so brilliantly projected them into a 60 second trailer.

I recommend making it full screen by clicking on the 4 arrows at the bottom right of the video (click play first and hover over bottom right of image).

Check this baby out and tell me what you think: