Cover Model Contest Teaser #2!!

Ever get in one of those really wicked moods?  The kind that insists you stir up a little trouble? Yeah, I’m feeling that right now … so I decided to channel this mischievous energy and torment all of you with another teaser for my Cover Model Contest.  haha!

I’m telling you, somewhere deep inside of me is a dark and deranged scientist just itching to escape and raise some hell…

After all, it takes a twisted mind to morph a perfectly good photo of a muscled body into a maddeningly blurred version of the original.

Who does that?!

Only a crazy person.

But in my defense--again--can’t show off these tasty mancandy treats until the day of the contest, so you’ll just have to salivate over what little bits and pieces I can offer until then.

I promise you’ll not be disappointed when it comes time to vote.  I’ve been toiling away, hand-selecting the finalists from over 100 entries that I’ve received over the last couple of weeks.  And they keep trickling in!  Remember, this contest runs until June, people!


Say what you will, its NOT easy picking through images of half-naked men whose pecs and abs look like they were chiseled to perfection by an old master.

Anyway, I know you didn’t come here today to read my ramblings, so I’ll just cut it short and show you the goods.

Go ahead … brush your fingers across the screen.

It’s okay to touch.  *snicker*

Imagine these abs cloaked behind the white button-down shirt and tie, sitting across from you at the next Board meeting.

Le purrr ...

That visual ought to make even the most painful three-hour meeting a little more tolerable (if not downright exciting).  Just make sure the object of your ogling doesn’t catch you sitting there biting your lip the whole time.

Although, maybe that's not such a bad thing, come to think of it.

*raises coffee cup*  Cheers!

The Cover Model Contest runs until June 7th, after which, I'll be narrowing down the contestants and YOU will vote on the final guy for the cover.  Book two is Logan's story.  Want to know more about him?

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